GBP/USD Finds Neutral Ground Amidst Downward Trend as US Dollar Strengthens

GBP/USD Finds Neutral Ground Amidst Downward Trend At the beginning of the trading day, the pair experienced a slight increase in price which brought it up to the 1.2075 price region. However, this increase was short-lived, as the pair encountered a fresh supply, or an increase in sell orders, during the afternoon trading session. This … Read more

Beeplee To Create Non-fungible Tokens In 3D On Solana

Beeple, a top-class non-fungible token creator, seeks to integrate his creations with one of the world’s leading blockchains, Solana. Ultimately, he will present users with an enthralling experience with 3D NFTs.  Beeple To Bring In 3D NFTs  Stephen Hess, a founding partner and CEO of Metaplex Studios, announced Beeple’s innovation at the Solana breakpoint conference … Read more

CoinFund Set To Support Growing Crypto Companies With $250M

CoinFund To Invest In Startup Crypto Companies Coinfund, a United States-based investment company, revealed its intentions to offer unlicensed securities valued at $250M, raising capital for increased investments in crypto firms. This report was according to three papers the company submitted with the country’s exchange and security agency, SEC. According to details from market regulators … Read more

Gucci Opens A Modern Fashion Hub on Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci has opened a store in the Sandbox Metaverse, bringing games and Vintage fashion. Gucci is among the newest prominent brands that embraced Web 3.0 technology worldwide. What You Should Know About the Hub Gucci Vault Land will be open from October 27 to November 9, 2022. The well-known fashion company bought its initial metaverse … Read more

Walmart Reveals Crypto Plans As Retail Giant Forecast Disruption To Payment System

Payment adoption involving cryptocurrency among large enterprises is gaining traction as more businesses seek to leverage the popularity of digital assets to attract more customers. Walmart Hints at the Future with Crypto The U.S.-based retail behemoth, Walmart, is considering a future with cryptocurrency. According to its Global Chief Technology Officer, Suresh Kumar, cryptocurrency is set … Read more

MasterCard Hints At 5 Key Areas Of Focus To Increase Crypto Utility

The world’s leading card payment provider, MasterCard, has revealed that it is currently working on ensuring that cryptocurrency becomes an “everyday way to pay” asset as the company envisions an increase in adoption. The 5 Areas of Focus The payment giant has made five areas its main point of concentration to turn crypto into an … Read more

Dapper Labs Sidelines Russian Accounts Following EU Ban

After the European Union (EU) activated its eight-package sanctions on Russia by barring its citizens from holding and transacting cryptocurrencies, it seems other platforms are about to follow suit. Dapper Labs Barred Russian Accounts The developers of the Flow Blockchain, Dapper Labs, have canceled crypto accounts belonging to Russian citizens. The decision by Dapper Labs … Read more

MiCA: EU Approves Landmark Crypto Regulation Bill

In a move signifying its intent, the European Union has finally signed off on the Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations to provide comprehensive guidelines for crypto services providers. EU Endorses Industry-Wide Regulations On October 5, the European Union Council endorsed and released the official text of the long-awaited Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law. … Read more

Beeple Suffers Phishing Attack As Hackers Hijack Discord URL

Another phishing incident has again popped up in the digital asset industry as the famous NFT artist, Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, is the latest victim of scammers. Scammers Target Beeple’s Discord Server Phishing scammers have targeted Beeple’s official Discord URL. The attackers target unaware users by sending them a link to a wallet-draining channel on Discord.  … Read more

BNB chain announces the launch of zkBNB

According to Ethereum co-founder VItalik Buterin in his article ‘Endgame,’ he stated that Zero-knowledge proves the most feasible long-lasting alternative for scalability of decentralized blockchain. It is a fast-rising expanding and confidentiality innovation that uses mathematical proofs to authenticate specific details without necessarily having to reveal some information.   Hosting a total sum of above $5.4 … Read more