Here’s Why the BOJ Won’t Interfere to Stop Yen’s Fall

Briefly- The yen touched a 24-year low. The Bank of Japan is unlikely to arbitrate as inflation remains subdued. Wage inflation pressures stay low. The Japanese yen (JPY) sees extended declines as it touched new 24-year lows against the United States dollar. Yesterday’s trading sessions saw it plunging towards the 136.70 low – an area … Read more

Should You Buy JPY Following Plummets toward 24-Year Lows?

The Japanese Yen remains caught within a vicious circle. Weakness will likely persist. BOJ eases amidst soaring global yields. Thursday remains the European Central Bank day as ECB announces its statement. However, the euro isn’t the focus as far as 2022 currency market movements are concerned, regardless of the Russia-Ukraine battle. The yen is. Bloomberg … Read more

AUD/USD Price Prediction Following Surprise Rate Hike by RBA

Briefly- RBA exceeded expectations in rate hikes. Traders saw AUD/USD moving higher. US interest rates remain higher. One of the central banks expected to announce financial policy this week surprised market players with higher than expected rates. The Reserve Bank of Australia hiked rates by 50 basis points, whereas investors anticipated a 25 basis point … Read more