The Crypto Is Here To Stay – Deciphering

Brazilian Central Bank Embraces Crypto Tax Payments Metaverse Effect on Social Media Platforms EU Banks Prepare for Strict Crypto Regulations Circle Sounds the Alarm on Binance’s Token Brazilian Central Bank Embraces Crypto Tax Payments In the middle of the wide use of cryptocurrencies, the Brazilian Central Bank has utilized the opportunity to collect taxes through … Read more

Gucci Opens A Modern Fashion Hub on Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci has opened a store in the Sandbox Metaverse, bringing games and Vintage fashion. Gucci is among the newest prominent brands that embraced Web 3.0 technology worldwide. What You Should Know About the Hub Gucci Vault Land will be open from October 27 to November 9, 2022. The well-known fashion company bought its initial metaverse … Read more

Walmart Reveals Crypto Plans As Retail Giant Forecast Disruption To Payment System

Payment adoption involving cryptocurrency among large enterprises is gaining traction as more businesses seek to leverage the popularity of digital assets to attract more customers. Walmart Hints at the Future with Crypto The U.S.-based retail behemoth, Walmart, is considering a future with cryptocurrency. According to its Global Chief Technology Officer, Suresh Kumar, cryptocurrency is set … Read more

MasterCard Hints At 5 Key Areas Of Focus To Increase Crypto Utility

The world’s leading card payment provider, MasterCard, has revealed that it is currently working on ensuring that cryptocurrency becomes an “everyday way to pay” asset as the company envisions an increase in adoption. The 5 Areas of Focus The payment giant has made five areas its main point of concentration to turn crypto into an … Read more

Cardalonia is Almost Ready To Become The Sandbox Of Cardona Blockchain

Metaverse’s new project, Cardalonia on the Cardano blockchain, is almost ready to join the league of prominent crypto projects SAND (Sandbox) and MANA (Decentraland) as one of the most wanted projects Metaverse has ever created. According to reports, Cardalonia, a 3-dimensional VR experience built on the Cardano blockchain, has confirmed the launch of the listing … Read more

Chronoly (CRNO) To Outshine Metaverse Coins THETA and STX

Metaverse tokens such as Theta Network (THETA) and Stacks (STX) might lose their glory to Chronoly (CRNO), a new project in the space. STX and THETA witnessed massive bearishness following the latest crypto market fall. Though recoveries showcase, they aren’t strong. That had investors looking for alternatives. For that reason, we dived into the market … Read more