Whales Liquidate As Solana’s Price Falls By 24 percent

Solana is experiencing difficulties as a result of this week’s FTX catastrophe. The system is once more exhibiting signs of instability, and the SOL value is also deteriorating. Over the last 24 hours, the Solana native coin SOL has lost about 24 percent of its worth. Not as terrible as FTT, which dropped by 75 … Read more

BOJ Considers Future Effects Of Waiving Dovish Policy

According to a survey conducted on Tuesday, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) is beginning to assess the impacts of its long-standing ultra-low monetary policy. Likewise, it plans to analyze the possible influence transitioning from the protocol may have on Japan’s economy.  BOJ Investigates The Marks Of Relinquishing Its Monetary Policy Japan’s central bankers have recently … Read more

Binance Moves To Liquidate Company’s FTT Reserve

According to a tweet by Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, Binance will liquidate its FTT holding. This news followed an alleged leak of sensitive information from FTX. CZ said the process would take months to mitigate the market impact.  Binance To Dissolve Its FTT Holding  Changpeng Zhao tweeted on November 6 that a recent discovery will … Read more

Beeplee To Create Non-fungible Tokens In 3D On Solana

Beeple, a top-class non-fungible token creator, seeks to integrate his creations with one of the world’s leading blockchains, Solana. Ultimately, he will present users with an enthralling experience with 3D NFTs.  Beeple To Bring In 3D NFTs  Stephen Hess, a founding partner and CEO of Metaplex Studios, announced Beeple’s innovation at the Solana breakpoint conference … Read more

Google Cloud Secures Entry into the World of Blockchain Nodes

Developers can build and initiate new projects on blockchain-based platforms. The service is a completely managed software in charge of hosting nodes for Web3 development across the globe. Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine would be a Revolution in Web3  The organization revealed that “nodes on a blockchain consist of a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Continually it … Read more

Gucci Opens A Modern Fashion Hub on Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci has opened a store in the Sandbox Metaverse, bringing games and Vintage fashion. Gucci is among the newest prominent brands that embraced Web 3.0 technology worldwide. What You Should Know About the Hub Gucci Vault Land will be open from October 27 to November 9, 2022. The well-known fashion company bought its initial metaverse … Read more

Vietnam Government Declares Urgent Need for Crypto Regulations

The Prime Minister said he has been communicating with Vietnam’s money laundering legal agency VnExpress reported. The country’s local newspaper revealed that Chinh made this new move in a discussion group. The Needs for Crypto Regulation Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on October 24 expressed his concern over crypto regulation. The vast risks and … Read more

LBank Exchange To List VNX Gold On October 25

The digital asset trading platform, Lbank Exchange, plans to list a new token on its trading floor on October 25 to enable its users to access and trade gold-based crypto assets. LBank Exchange to Unveil VNX Gold (VNXAU) VNX Gold utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize physical Gold by combining Gold’s reliability and cryptocurrency’s flexibility. Users … Read more

Fed’s Rate Hikes Threaten Japan But Not With A Recession

According to a survey, Japan is prone to pitfalls due to Fed’s constant rate lifts. One can be noted in its currency delving drastically against the USD. However, the third leading global economy is unlikely to slide into a recession.  Federal Reserve Rate Raise Affects Japan Japan continues toiling to get the Yen thriving versus … Read more

Stocks And Bitcoin Edged Higher On Fed Pivot Speculation

Bitcoin rebounded swiftly after a sharp decline to $18,700. The asset was last seen trading at $19,121. Stocks equally trailed upward, recording gains of 1.5 percent, despite opening low at 0.3 percent.  Why Are Assets On The Rise? Nick Timiraos, dubbed Fed’s mouthpiece by ZeroHedge, shared his opinion on the possible reason behind the market’s … Read more

The NCC Has Classified Obelisk as A Multiplication Scheme

Investors of Obelisk have claimed that its promoters had taken advantage of them financially. Before this, the National Consumer Commission (NCC) received consumer complaints.  In a public declaration on Friday, the complainants said close friends and family members enlisted them. The complainants said that Obelisk convinced them to buy a “bitcoin mining machine.”  The Scam … Read more

Walmart Reveals Crypto Plans As Retail Giant Forecast Disruption To Payment System

Payment adoption involving cryptocurrency among large enterprises is gaining traction as more businesses seek to leverage the popularity of digital assets to attract more customers. Walmart Hints at the Future with Crypto The U.S.-based retail behemoth, Walmart, is considering a future with cryptocurrency. According to its Global Chief Technology Officer, Suresh Kumar, cryptocurrency is set … Read more