Cardalonia is Almost Ready To Become The Sandbox Of Cardona Blockchain

Metaverse’s new project, Cardalonia on the Cardano blockchain, is almost ready to join the league of prominent crypto projects SAND (Sandbox) and MANA (Decentraland) as one of the most wanted projects Metaverse has ever created. According to reports, Cardalonia, a 3-dimensional VR experience built on the Cardano blockchain, has confirmed the launch of the listing … Read more

Evaluating Crypto Market’s ‘Good & Bad Signs: BTC, ETH, ETC, MATIC

July has proven a lucrative month for the crypto after 2022’s first six months dragged most digital coins to abysmal depths. July 18 saw the world’s leading crypto, Bitcoin, breaking past $22,500 before stretching higher during intraday sessions. That triggered massive leg-ups in the alt market, with Ethereum climbing beyond $1,600 to explore price levels … Read more

Chronoly (CRNO) To Outshine Metaverse Coins THETA and STX

Metaverse tokens such as Theta Network (THETA) and Stacks (STX) might lose their glory to Chronoly (CRNO), a new project in the space. STX and THETA witnessed massive bearishness following the latest crypto market fall. Though recoveries showcase, they aren’t strong. That had investors looking for alternatives. For that reason, we dived into the market … Read more