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BTC to Surpass Nasdaq 100 – Bloomberg

BTC is on the verge of becoming a worldwide asset. Mike McGlone, a Bloomberg analyst, has frequently stated. He has stated that BTC’s inexorable upsurge is due to its continued momentum during market-moving occurrences. Nasdaq 100 Vs. BTC: Diverging Power Earlier this month, Bloomberg Intelligence looked at how BTC is doing on its way to

eBay To Start Accepting Bitcoin Payment In March

One of the leading e-commerce companies globally, eBay, has revealed its plan to integrate a payment system that could see the e-commerce company accepting payment in Bitcoin. In an interview with THESTREET, the CEO of eBay, Jamie Lannone, said the company is already discussing the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies for some time now. But in

Euro Declines After Three-week High as Italian Yields Move to Zero

A Little Slide The Euro shed some weight on Tuesday following comments by the European Central Bank’s President, Christine Lagarde when she attempted to control the high expectations trailing a rise in interest rates which boosted the regional currency up a three-week high on Thursday. The European Central Bank’s hawkish drift last week was a

European Central Bank Preview: Impact of Inflation on Tightening Policy

An Import Euro Background Following the latest economic statistics gathered throughout the European Union, the dominant demand for a hawkish monetary policy has kept on putting pressure on European Central Bank top officials. Wednesday’s Eurozone Consumer Price Index surpassed widely celebrated previous releases from member countries in addition to their previous growths and unemployment figures

Global Stocks Recovering after a Hectic Month

Waking Up to Reality Global stocks edged higher at the start of the new week when investors came to terms with the US Treasury’s economists’ view that the pressure of inflation should reduce in 2022 as a result of reduced demand on goods which will ease supply gridlocks and recede the COVID pandemic. Alongside an

US Dollar Slides in Central Banks’ Big Week

The US dollar started the new dip, making it lower on the index. The dollar dropped to almost a year and a half low against the Euro as more pro-high interest rate comments pervaded in the course of the weekend by Federal Reserve officials. The hawkish statements brought the US yield curve to its flattest

Banks Jostle to Change Federal Reserve’s Rate Call

Having Global Effects Financial strategists at leading investment banks around the world were, on Thursday, unsettled by the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy aimed at an interest rate increase in order to arrest the growing inflation and market instabilities. The American Federal Reserve had on Wednesday, after a two-day meeting to draft a monetary policy

Fed First Interest Rate Hike, A Possible March Q1 Timeline – Nomura

Nomura, a Japan-based investment giant, has pegged the first quarter of 2022 as a possible timeline for the US Federal Reserve’s first interest hike enforcement. Nomura pegged the Fed increase at a possible 50-basis point (bps) increase come March. Statements from the international bank’s spokesperson revealed that Nomura projects a subsequent three-time hike of 25

Asian Market and US Future Fall as Traders React Over Ukraine and Fed Policy

Ripple Effects Wall Street had a bit of turmoil during Tuesday’s trading session as US Futures, and Asian stocks took a nosedive as investors expressed fears over the military crisis in Easter European as the standoff between Russia and Ukraine continues, and also expressing fears over the American Federal Reserve’s expected monetary policy and its