Tech Stocks, Cryptos Defenseless as US Fed Ends Liquidity Splurge

Cryptocurrencies and technology stocks remain vulnerable as the Fed Reserve decreases its nearly $9 trillion balance sheet. Leading banks from Europe to Canada plan to test global markets as they adopt a hawkish stance by US regulators on a mission to loosen the epidemic bond-purchasing passion. According to popular comments by 687 participants on the … Read more

India Will Launch Its CBDC in Stages: RBI Report

The RBI is currently determining whether launching a CBDC is workable. Or if it is possible at the halfway point of 2022. India Plans to Implement CBDC in Stages RBI advocated a 3-step method for bringing out CBDC. Mostly with minimal interruption to the old monetary sector. Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed the plans … Read more

BSN Makes Tempting Promises For Their Next Release in Summer

CNBC says that China’s BSN will start its first foreign initiative in August. They will not be using cryptocurrency to power the Spartan Network. Users would rather pay in USD for activities and fees. Not surprising, given Beijing’s anti-cryptocurrency view. In other words, it seems that a primary goal is to increase the BSN’s appeal. … Read more

Russia Will Legalize Cryptocurrency Soon – Trade Minister Says

Following months of discussion to ban digital currencies, Russia has made a u-turn to incorporate the asset class into its monetary system. Trade Minister Denis Manturov revealed that the government is working on implementing some policies to support the use of virtual currencies in the nation. When asked about paying for goods and services in … Read more

Binance Reportedly Seeks to Set up German Branch

Binance, one of the most prominent digital assets exchanges worldwide, has never stopped in its tracks to break new grounds and explore new nations. The company’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, announced at an event in Germany that his organization is currently holding talks with regulatory agencies in Germany concerning establishing a branch there. Additionally, the digital … Read more

India’s Central Bank Warns against Dollarization of Local Economy by Digital Assets

India Warns against a Crypto Dollarized Financial Sector The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said that digital asset would impair the ability of the country to supervise its economic system and establish financial policies. The supervising bank’s officials issued warnings one more time over the utility of digital assets. The RBI’s officials alleged that adopting … Read more