Gucci Opens A Modern Fashion Hub on Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci has opened a store in the Sandbox Metaverse, bringing games and Vintage fashion. Gucci is among the newest prominent brands that embraced Web 3.0 technology worldwide.

What You Should Know About the Hub

Gucci Vault Land will be open from October 27 to November 9, 2022. The well-known fashion company bought its initial metaverse land on sandbox on February 14. GVL will educate its game players, and they will have a chance to compete with others. Winners will have a chance to buy crypto collectibles.

The company’s metaverse store will be home to Gucci NFTs, curated NFTs, and Vintage fashion through Web3 efforts. GVL NFT holders will be awarded exclusive Vault Aura NFT costumes, which will be stored in the Sandbox Metaverse. 

Gucci is now the Sandbox Metaverse’s first well-known fashion brand to host its own Web 3.0 experience. The company’s test-bed virtual world and Gucci Vault land(GVL) will be in the sandbox. Through NFTs and games, GVL will lead other users and brands on an artistic tour.

This is a landmark achievement in the history and tradition of a well-known fashion firm. Gucci Vault land is a 3D virtual environment called the metaverse where people can interact. This is possible by playing games, exchanging goods, and participating in other virtual activities. 

How Gucci Began its Metaverse Journey

Gucci was the first well-known designer that utilized the uniqueness of the recent Web 3.0 technology. The company used Metaverse as a means of expressing its influence in the digital world of Fashion. The Company’s name and the brand were adequately registered on Web3 space through this act.

The company was the first fashion brand that launches an NFT collection and an online game. This was achievable because the company collaborated with Roblox, an online game vendor. Gucci’s NFT collection has over 204 million active users every month, according to reports from ActivePlayer.

The collaboration was a massive development for The Sandbox’s Supreme Season 3. This revealed Sandbox‘s quest to bring endless moments to Metaverse.

As a major fashion hub, Gucci desired to become a major actor in the Web 3.0 technology Fashion revolution. This will be achieved through numerous experiences, collections, and education. However, the GVL will be a useful tool to educate people about Gucci and metaverse benefits. 

Gucci planned to expand the company’s technology adoption by inviting non-indigene users to experience the metaverse. This will be achieved by organizing various events showcasing digital creations. Also, trending fashions will be revealed during the events.

Competitors like Tiffany, Versace, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana have also identified with Web3 technology. However, they have not included metaverse in their project. Nike has the strongest revenue through NFT creations. 

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