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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Calls For A Quick Action On Stablecoins

According to Janet, authorities must respond to the rapid rise of stablecoins. The United States Secretary, Yellen, met with the President’s Task Force on Monetary Policy to examine stablecoins. Yellen Issued a Warning to Regulators Regarding Stablecoins Yellen believes that authorities must act quickly to answer to the rise of stablecoins. To examine the dangers

Ethereum Co-Founder Di Iorio Decides To Leave The Crypto Industry

Co-Founder at Ethereum, Anthony Di Lorio, gives up on Crypto, saying that society doesn’t need Digital Assets. As reported by Bloomberg on Friday 17th July, the Co-Founder has decided to leave the crypto industry, fearing his own safety in the crypto space. Anthony has also decided to sell his Digital Asset company named Decentral in

TikTok Has Banned Ads Related To Cryptocurrencies

This week, TikTok has incorporated some new updates into its policy about the branded content, and it is placing a block on the crypto influencers. The implications of the policy include the developers whose content revolves around the broader financial spaces such as cryptocurrency. The policy update Although there are some exceptions, the latest prohibited

Is Bitcoin (BTC) Bullish Run Over?

The continuous fluctuation in the Bitcoin market has forced many analysts to frequently change their viewpoint with the bullish to bearish trend and vice versa. In this type of situation, different market indicators, analyses, and metrics predict the different types of upcoming situations, which as a result, intensify the fear, doubt, and uncertainty among traders.

DeFi Protocol Element Officially Deploys To The Ethereum Mainnet

Element Finance revealed, in its announcement of 20th June, stating that it has been formally incorporated into the Mainnet of Ethereum, following the research as well as the development of one year. It has been targeted by the protocol to deliver huge yields of consistent rates to DeFi in an attempt to expand capital efficiency.