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Attackers Exploit DeFi Platform Vee Finance For $35M

Vee Finance (a platform for decentralized finance) seems to have turned out to be the latest prey to DeFi exploit this year. There is not much detail provided about the subject; however, an alert has been tweeted by Vee Finance that mentioned the exploitation of the protocol on 20th September. They stated that the respective

Media Reports Claim That Afghanistan’s Locals Are Turning To Cryptocurrencies

As the Taliban are constantly strengthening their control over Afghanistan, the financial aspect of the country undergoes a grand crisis. Cryptocurrency is generally described as a regular means for tackling the rising economic turmoil, and a recent instance is Venezuela seeing a dynamic effect of this method. Although reports suggest that Afghan locals are progressively

deVere Group CEO Expects Ethereum To Outshine BTC In Next Five Years

The CEO of deVere Group, one of the largest independent financial advisory firms in the world, Nigel Green is one among the few investors in the crypto space that are bullish on Ethereum over BTC. He, however, share similar optimistic sentiments with other Ether enthusiasts on the ETH takeover. Ether enthusiasts believe that the new

Chinese E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Is Going To Launch A New NFT Auction

Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant, is initiating an exclusive NFT (non-fungible token) portion in its auction services in an effort to accept blockchain technology. Bit Universe (a section at Tree Graph Blockchain Research Institute) has started an NFT service known as Guang Jian, which is allocated to assist in the NFT bidding and display requirements