Silvergate’s Future – Is It Promising?

Crypto’s favorite bank, Silvergate, may be about to surprise the Cryptocurrency market with a comeback after rumors of a possible bailout promising to secure Silvergate’s future. The bank, which has been on its deathbed for the last couple of months, had few chances of surviving, with its share prices continuously dropping. In a filing done … Read more

Thousands of Ukrainians Enroll for Free Crypto Courses

Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced that Ukraine’s Digital Education portal had begun its first class with tens of thousands of Ukrainians enrolling; these classes are intended to initiate crypto literacy among Ukrainians. Minister Mykhailo Fedorov further announced that the crypto course is yet to become the biggest virtual asset development project in … Read more

Binance Secretly Transfers $1B of User Funds

Following on what happened to one of the leading crypto service providers, FTX, and the factors that led to its collapse, it is reported that the leading virtual asset exchange is alleged to have committed something similar to that of FTX. The crypto exchange firm allegedly secretly transferred consumer funds valued at around two billion … Read more

BlockFi Entangled in Bankruptcy Scandals Over User Accounts

While consumers last accessed their wallets in November of the previous year, BlockFi, the collapsed virtual asset lender, is locked in a bankruptcy lawsuit struggle. The battle is playing out on a court docket, with the struggle over user accounts becoming so tight that the company debtors have urged the creditors in the lawsuit to … Read more

Future of Digital Currency: Evaluating Bank of Japan’s 2023 CBDC Pilot Program

Japan’s XRP Popularity Skyrockets The Proposed Cryptocurrency Licensing Regulation in Hong Kong Uchida Shinichi, Japan’s central bank executive director, announced in a Liason and Coordination Committee meeting that the bank intends to introduce a central bank digital currency. The release is set to be on April 2023, after a prosperous proof of concept (PoC). A … Read more

The Crypto Is Here To Stay – Deciphering

Brazilian Central Bank Embraces Crypto Tax Payments Metaverse Effect on Social Media Platforms EU Banks Prepare for Strict Crypto Regulations Circle Sounds the Alarm on Binance’s Token Brazilian Central Bank Embraces Crypto Tax Payments In the middle of the wide use of cryptocurrencies, the Brazilian Central Bank has utilized the opportunity to collect taxes through … Read more

Big Boost to the Crypto World: Countries Receive Crypto-Related Privileges

Visa’s Partnerships With Wirex Strengthens Does Web3 Need Regulations? Visa’s Partnerships with Wirex Strengthens operates. A diverse American corporation, Visa partnered with Wirex, a crypto alternative banking service provider designed for Web3. Wirex and Visa made a significant footprint by opening new opportunities in the Asian region, USA and Europe at large, thus providing Wirex … Read more

Payback LTD Review – Is It A Reliable Recovery Firm?

Payback LTD Review The cryptocurrency market has shown impressive trends over the past decade, with dramatic ups and downs. Moreover, we witnessed online scammers entering the digital asset sector. That triggered the emergence of chargeback companies like Payback LTD. These are firms that help fraudulent victims recover money lost to internet scammers. Payback LTD’s knowledgeable … Read more

Crypto Market Primed for Selloffs – Here’s Why

BTC’s 30d MVRV has touched early 2021 bullish market regions, leading to unrealized profits for most investors. On-chain indexes show miners are selling, increasing challenges to the current rally. Developments such as United States banks suspending deals with cryptocurrency exchanges begin to pile up. Bitcoin has highly contributed to the latest uptrends in the cryptocurrency … Read more

Maker (MKR): Clearing This Hurdle Will Trigger Potential Upsides to $800

MKR seemed ready for surges toward the $800 mark. Unlike longer-term holders, Maker’s near-term investors saw gains. Maker (MKR) enticed its enthusiast within the previous few weeks following a more than 45% surge that propelled the alt to $746 from $504. Nevertheless, MKR could only reach a crucial selling momentum area. While writing these lines, … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Stocks Soar Amid Crypto Market Rebound

The top five BTC mining companies have seen double-digit gains. Cryptocurrency mining stocks remain well down from their highs. Coinbase and MicroStrategy also saw a massive trading week. Cryptocurrency prices aren’t the only ones witnessing upside actions this week. BTC mining stocks record uptrends amidst revived market momentum. In addition, this week has seen share … Read more