Dogecoin (DOGE) Gains 35%; Here’s Why Overcoming This Zone Is Crucial

Dogecoin responded with a massive upside after Elon Musk emphasized his DOGE support last week. The original meme coin gained over 35% within a week, following impressive buying by enthusiasts. DOGE saw its price climbing to $0.077 from $0.051. Surprisingly, the canine-themed crypto has witnessed colossal trading volume within the past 24 hours, which triggered … Read more

Tech Stocks, Cryptos Defenseless as US Fed Ends Liquidity Splurge

Cryptocurrencies and technology stocks remain vulnerable as the Fed Reserve decreases its nearly $9 trillion balance sheet. Leading banks from Europe to Canada plan to test global markets as they adopt a hawkish stance by US regulators on a mission to loosen the epidemic bond-purchasing passion. According to popular comments by 687 participants on the … Read more

Chronoly (CRNO) To Outshine Metaverse Coins THETA and STX

Metaverse tokens such as Theta Network (THETA) and Stacks (STX) might lose their glory to Chronoly (CRNO), a new project in the space. STX and THETA witnessed massive bearishness following the latest crypto market fall. Though recoveries showcase, they aren’t strong. That had investors looking for alternatives. For that reason, we dived into the market … Read more

XRP Whales Increase Acquisition, Hit Two-Month Supply Peak

Today’s total XRP in circulation stands at 48.3M out of a 100B total supply. It’s estimated that XRP whales hoard anywhere from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 tokens. The supply has recently increased to its highest level in over two months. These active XRP whales own more than 6.12% of the entire XRP.  There has been a … Read more

India Will Launch Its CBDC in Stages: RBI Report

The RBI is currently determining whether launching a CBDC is workable. Or if it is possible at the halfway point of 2022. India Plans to Implement CBDC in Stages RBI advocated a 3-step method for bringing out CBDC. Mostly with minimal interruption to the old monetary sector. Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed the plans … Read more

JPMorgan Predicts Bitcoin Uptrend By 28%, Sees Crypto As Alternative Assets

Popular U.S-based investment bank JPMorgan has forecasted Bitcoin’s price to rise by 28% from its current price level. The investment giant believes that the flagship cryptocurrency has a significant upside in future price trends. According to the investment giant, it had a previous price prediction for Bitcoin at $38,000 and still stands by it. However, … Read more

Singapore Company Launches $100M For Web3 and Metaverse

Singapore Invests $100M on Web3 and Metaverse NGC Ventures created a new ecosystem capital only for Web3 projects. It indicates an increased investor appetite for firms helping build a decentralized network. Huobi Ventures, Babel Finance, and Nexo Ventures are the NGC Metaverse Ventures investors.  High-potential projects in the Web3 economy may receive funding, says Roger … Read more

BSN Makes Tempting Promises For Their Next Release in Summer

CNBC says that China’s BSN will start its first foreign initiative in August. They will not be using cryptocurrency to power the Spartan Network. Users would rather pay in USD for activities and fees. Not surprising, given Beijing’s anti-cryptocurrency view. In other words, it seems that a primary goal is to increase the BSN’s appeal. … Read more

Energy Companies Might Stir the Next BTC Bull Phase

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has re-entered the $28.K support line. The token had crossed the $30k threshold at press time, following a 3% increase in the past 24-hours. However, there is room for more. Bitcoin may rally if it breaks through the $30.6K barrier zone. What Motivates Bitcoin’s Bull Trend Right Now CryptoQuant CEO … Read more