Unveils Free USD Spot Trading

Having services at absolutely no cost is probably the only this more superior to having the same services at low costs. It is the absolute delight of the users of such services.

More Incentives for Traders

The crypto exchange,, has said it will now offer free transactions on the trading of US Dollar spot pairs. This move will make a leading crypto exchange among its competitors. But over 50 USD spot pairs which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some others, are not part of the new payment elimination.

All the stablecoins that are pegged to the US Dollar such as PAX, TUSD, BUSD, and USDC can all be traded on US Dollar spot pairs and traders will not have a need to convert them. They will also no longer need to pay taker or maker fees. 

The regime which does not demand a fee for these transactions will now make it easier for traders to trade and make trading generally affordable. This is because stablecoins pegged to the US Dollar have become the most popularly traded crypto asset class and stablecoins in the crypto market. has said that the zero cost of transacting spot pairs on its platform will remain indefinitely. said it is making trading easy, simple, and importantly, affordable so that traders using its platform can ultimately give more attention to their individual positions in the market and also to their trading strategy. The platform said this will help them be better traders making more profit as they give less care to the rest.

Better User Experience is the crypto exchange with the highest number of crypto options among the most popular crypto exchanges. It offers over 50 US Dollar currency pairs.

After had its 9th anniversary, it began to make a lot of improvements to give users a better experience. Some of them include the elimination of trading charges in US Dollars, an update to its brand, lower fees across the board, competition among traders, as well as many other changes.

There are millions of crypto traders and users around the world who depend on to have a full and secure experience while trading. This is supported by the platform’s almost one decade of development, adjustments, and industrial expertise.

Users have access to lending, Web3, exclusive fee discounts, NFTs, bonus rewards, and copy trading while they trade over 1,500 crypto assets on over 2,500 pairs that are in the futures and spot markets.  

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