The Radiant Group Review ( – Is TheRadiantGroup Scam or a Recommended Crypto Broker?

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a review for your reading pleasure.

The Radiant Group Review

The Radiant Group logoThe Radiant Group is a reliable trading platform that has been serving its customers for years. The broker has maintained its position in the financial market amidst the growing market competition and made a dominant position. The broker keeps the security of the assets intact and provides the best possible services to its customers.

A comprehensive TheRadiantGroup review is given below that will explain the attributes and characteristics of the broker to the customers before finalizing any trading platform.

Is The Radiant Group Regulated?

The Radiant Group is regulated by multiple higher authorities, which adds to its credibility in the financial market. The broker operates in several countries and holds the licenses issued by their governing bodies. When choosing any trading platform, looking for a reliable company is crucial. For this purpose, The Radiant Group builds customer confidence before initiating the trade process.

The Radiant Group website

Flexible Account Types

Customers can test the broker’s reliability through the demo account offered by The Radiant Group. Different types of accounts are offered for traders with different trading experiences. Moreover, The Radiant Group broker offers the traders competitive spreads and a reasonable leverage ratio, allowing them to earn maximum profit through minimal initial investment. Moreover, the traders do not need to deposit any initial amount to make the account operational.

Web Trading Software

Traders can execute trading activities anywhere worldwide through online trading software operating with TheRadiantGroup broker. One does not require downloading the software on his device; instead, it can be accessed directly through browsing. Moreover, traders do not require to pay any charges as they can use the trading software free of cost. In addition, broker helps them engage with all financial markets worldwide through its friendly interface.

Compliance Measures

The Radiant Group trading platform ensures the security of its customer funds at all costs. Therefore losing the funds is not an option for the broker. Especially for beginners with no trading experience, the broker provides several security measures to ensure they do not face a significant loss. Moreover, it ensures that the traders do not fall for any scam or cyber activity and guides them thoroughly.

Leverage Ratio

The leverage ratio offered by TheRadiantGroup trading platform depends on the geographical region of the trader. The regulatory conditions of that area decide what leverage ratio will be offered instead of the initial investment or the account type. Leveraged products help investors in earning high profits by providing them with increased exposure to the financial markets.

Promotion and Bonus Offered

Recognizing reputable higher authorities adds much to the trading profile of any firm amidst the increasing market competition. The details of the bonuses offered by the broker can be checked through the official website of trading platform. Moreover, the traders should also keep a constant check on the promotional offers of the broker as it executes several partnership programs with different companies in the financial industry.

Assets and Markets

The Radiant Group trading assets and markets

The Radiant Group allows traders to deal with millions of products such as crypto assets, forex, indices, commodities, bonds, CFDs, ETFs, energy, oil, metals, equities, etc. The broker provides all the details of the products on its website in addition to the trading costs and conditions associated with each. The broker protects the customers from market fluctuations by offering them multiple profitable trading opportunities.

Margins Required

Before stepping into crypto trade, traders need to understand the concept of margin trading thoroughly. It helps deal with market fluctuations and trains them regarding the risks involved in the crypto market. The Radiant Group demands a minimal margin that adds to its reputation.

Training and Educational Resources

The broker offers several educational resources to its customers that assist them in executing trades properly. The website of The Radiant Group has several video lectures, seminars, and books on training its customers. In addition, the broker’s trading software provides multiple tools to its customers for better analyzing market fluctuations.


The Radiant Group makes sure in every possible way to provide a secure trading environment to its traders. For this purpose, it helps them execute trading smoothly and safely through several security layers.

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