Stocks And Bitcoin Edged Higher On Fed Pivot Speculation

Bitcoin rebounded swiftly after a sharp decline to $18,700. The asset was last seen trading at $19,121. Stocks equally trailed upward, recording gains of 1.5 percent, despite opening low at 0.3 percent.  Why Are Assets On The Rise? Nick Timiraos, dubbed Fed’s mouthpiece by ZeroHedge, shared his opinion on the possible reason behind the market’s … Read more

The NCC Has Classified Obelisk as A Multiplication Scheme

Investors of Obelisk have claimed that its promoters had taken advantage of them financially. Before this, the National Consumer Commission (NCC) received consumer complaints.  In a public declaration on Friday, the complainants said close friends and family members enlisted them. The complainants said that Obelisk convinced them to buy a “bitcoin mining machine.”  The Scam … Read more

Walmart Reveals Crypto Plans As Retail Giant Forecast Disruption To Payment System

Payment adoption involving cryptocurrency among large enterprises is gaining traction as more businesses seek to leverage the popularity of digital assets to attract more customers. Walmart Hints at the Future with Crypto The U.S.-based retail behemoth, Walmart, is considering a future with cryptocurrency. According to its Global Chief Technology Officer, Suresh Kumar, cryptocurrency is set … Read more

ECB Intensifies Hawkish Stance Amid Crypto Market Decline

The crypto market is currently in a bearish trend due to the woeful performance of the broader industry, with the global macroeconomic environment appearing grim. ECB Mulls Interest Rate Hike The United States Federal Reserve has taken aggressive action against soaring inflation. The Fed has continuously raised interest rates to more than 50 basis points, … Read more

Hackers Steal $8.4M From Moola, Returns 93% Of Stolen Funds

On October 18th, hackers attacked Moola Market, a Celo protocol, and stole over $8.4 million. The platform immediately stopped operations following the attack. Moola advised users to stop all activities on the protocol. How The Attack Happened  According to reports, the exploit occurred on October 18th. The hackers reportedly manipulated the protocol and stole $8.4 … Read more

EU Official Calls On U.S. Lawmakers To Speed Up Its Crypto Regulation Drive

The European Union (EU) recently approved the Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations. It is now urging its counterpart in the United States to hurry up and keep pace with its guidelines. Crypto Regulations are Now Global The EU financial services commissioner, D.C., Mairead McGuinness, revealed that crypto regulations would now take a global dimension. … Read more

Bank Of Jamaica To Team Up With Government To Boost CBDC Adoption

The Bank of Jamaica is set to expand the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), JamDex, in collaboration with the government to boost its adoption rate. JamDex Expansion on the Horizon According to a recent report, the country’s CBDC drive began in 2022 in partnership with Lynk, a mobile wallet services provider. Since September, the … Read more

Russia Records Surge In Stablecoin Usage Following Renewed Conflict

The latest report from the blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis shows that Russia is experiencing a spike in stablecoin adoption after its latest military offensive against Ukraine as the country groans under international sanctions. A Rise in Stablecoin Transactions The Chainalysis report revealed that the transaction volume of stablecoins in Russia jumped to 67% in March … Read more

MasterCard Hints At 5 Key Areas Of Focus To Increase Crypto Utility

The world’s leading card payment provider, MasterCard, has revealed that it is currently working on ensuring that cryptocurrency becomes an “everyday way to pay” asset as the company envisions an increase in adoption. The 5 Areas of Focus The payment giant has made five areas its main point of concentration to turn crypto into an … Read more

Valkyrie Plans To Liquidate Its Bitcoin ETF Following Low Demand

The U.S.-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuer has announced that it would liquidate one of its several ETFs invested in firms exposed to Bitcoin. Low Customer Demands Forces Liquidity According to Valkyrie Funds LLC, its Valkyrie Balance Sheet Opportunities Fund (Nasdaq: VBB) will be delisted from the trading platform. The Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin-based digital asset has been … Read more

Dapper Labs Sidelines Russian Accounts Following EU Ban

After the European Union (EU) activated its eight-package sanctions on Russia by barring its citizens from holding and transacting cryptocurrencies, it seems other platforms are about to follow suit. Dapper Labs Barred Russian Accounts The developers of the Flow Blockchain, Dapper Labs, have canceled crypto accounts belonging to Russian citizens. The decision by Dapper Labs … Read more

MiCA: EU Approves Landmark Crypto Regulation Bill

In a move signifying its intent, the European Union has finally signed off on the Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations to provide comprehensive guidelines for crypto services providers. EU Endorses Industry-Wide Regulations On October 5, the European Union Council endorsed and released the official text of the long-awaited Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law. … Read more