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Energy Companies Might Stir the Next BTC Bull Phase

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has re-entered the $28.K support line. The token had crossed the $30k threshold at press time, following a 3% increase in the past 24-hours. However, there is room for more. Bitcoin may rally if it breaks through the $30.6K barrier zone. What Motivates Bitcoin’s Bull Trend Right Now CryptoQuant CEO

Russia Will Legalize Cryptocurrency Soon – Trade Minister Says

Following months of discussion to ban digital currencies, Russia has made a u-turn to incorporate the asset class into its monetary system. Trade Minister Denis Manturov revealed that the government is working on implementing some policies to support the use of virtual currencies in the nation. When asked about paying for goods and services in

Southeast Korea Strengthens Probe Into Cause of LUNA Crisis

The Republic of South Korea is strengthening its probe of the cause of the TERRA (LUNA) crisis. The plunge in the asset price allegedly threatens to incite widespread investor withdrawals from the blockchain-powered gaming company. The country has received reports on the crisis that hit the digital assets market and led to LUNA’s de-pegging. The

Popular Crypto Trader Gives Gloomy Forecast For BTC and ETH

According to a popular cryptocurrency trader, BTC, and ETH, the two most valuable cryptocurrencies by market value, are expected to fall farther into the red. Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast by Top Crypto Trader According to pseudonymous cryptocurrency expert Capo, BTC is in a slump, who cautions his 265,300 Twitter followers that purchasing BTC whenever

Private Businesses Purchasing the Dip to Help the Cryptocurrency Market

Although the markets are faltering, the cryptocurrency business gets significant funding from private funds raised this year. There have been at least 36 crypto-related fund rounds totaling more than $100M this year, despite 2022’s bleak financial performance. According to Arcane Research’s latest weekly analysis, there will be the ten largest cryptocurrency capital fundraisers this year.

Central Bank Of Cuba Announces Its Crypto Legal FrameWork

On Tuesday, the Central Bank of Cuba announced a regulation framework that would serve as guidelines for crypto usage within the boundaries of the country. The rule requires every crypto investor to be licensed before any operation. The Central Bank Cuba Legalized Crypto Few days ago, the Cuban official gazette published a paper containing the

Difficulties in BTC Mining Hit a New ATH After a 5.56% Rise

Since April 27th, the difficulty modification for BTC mining has increased by 5.56% on average. It has driven Bitcoin’s complexity to a new ATH, indicating that miners and investors are keen to engage in the mining sector. When BTC’s difficulty changes, it’s among the most crucial things about the BTC network. BTC Mining Difficulty Hits

BTC and Cryptos Maintain Stability in the Face of Future Uncertainty

BTC and other cryptos have remained relatively constant recently as the marketplace continues to be concerned for the years ahead. Central banks are raising interest rates despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and historically low rates. BTC and other cryptocurrencies are exhibiting relative stability, which is a healthy sign for the entire cryptocurrency industry. BTC