US Stocks Sink This Week After Hitting Rock Bottom In June

The US stocks market plummeted this week, recording the work drop since the market hit bottom in June. This is mainly due to mounting anxiety over excessive Fed interest-rate rises and FedEx Corp.’s alert. Major Selloff In US Stock Market  The S&P 500 declined for three consecutive days this week, falling to about 5%. However, … Read more

Increased Rates Could Lead To Global Recession – World Bank

The World Bank has given a warning to central banks recently. The financial body stated that the present trend of interest rate increases might not be adequate to prevent a worldwide recession next year.  World Bank Warns Of Impending Recession  Recently, the organization conducted an analysis. The result revealed that if supply shortages and labor … Read more

Goldman Sachs Warns of a Long Time of a Slow Economic Growth

One of the world’s leading consulting firms, Goldman Sachs, through its Chief Economist, has asked people to get ready for a long time of experiencing slow economic growth. Jan Hatzius, the firm’s Chief Economist, shared the view in a discussion with Yahoo Finance during the Communacopia and Tech Conference organized by Goldman Sachs. He said … Read more

Huobi Signs MoU With Busan For Blockchain Development

Crypto firm Huobi Global and its South Korean subsidiary, Huobi Korea, have penned an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the government’s assistance. Huobi will help the city to develop its blockchain ecosystem.  Huobi To Help Develop Busan’s Blockchain Infrastructure  On Wednesday, Huobi Global announced that it had entered a partnership with Busan in South Korea. … Read more

How ETH Mining Pool Operators Are Faring Ahead of the Merge

 ETH miners continue to traverse challenging path days leading to the much-awaited Ethereum Merge. Here’s how recognized miners are progressing amidst the countdown.  To-Do List Outlook  The PoS (proof-of-stake) validators would soon replace Ethereum miners, a move aimed at reducing the Ethereum network’s consumption by 99%. Moreover, the migration will affect the respective miner revenue. … Read more

Inflation Rises Beyond Expectations, Stocks Tumble

Stocks in the US experienced huge selling pressure on Tuesday following the publication of the awaited inflation figures for August. The report revealed that prices were stronger than expected last month. Stocks Began to Fall Almost immediately after the inflation report was released, Nasdaq shares dropped by about 1.8% while S&P 500 lost 1.2%, and … Read more

Ethereum May See Large Institutional Funds After Merge

According to a trusted and renowned cryptocurrency expert, there is a likelihood that Ethereum institutional interest (ETH) may increase if the crypto giant adopts the PoS (Proof of Stake), its new system for validating crypto transactions. While the crypto analyst with over 400 000 followers on YouTube explained why he is still holding the coin, … Read more

Recent Crypto Proposal Endangers Bitcoin – Cardano Creator

According to reports, Charles Hoskinson said the suggestions might cause the complete prohibition of Bitcoin while being critical about the proposals of the recent White House Office of Science and Technology statements. This proposal involves carrying along the United States DoE (Department of Energy) and the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to develop proof-driven … Read more