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LCX Exchange Hacked, $6.8 Million Deposited in the Hackers’ Wallet

As we approach 2022, cryptocurrency breaches persist, with Peckshield reporting losses of $6.8 million in ETH-based tokens via Liechtenstein-based LCX AG. One of LCX AG’s hot wallets has been hacked due to a security issue. They announced the news on Twitter, assuring clients that they had taken safety precautions to safeguard other wallets and valuables.

Attackers Exploit DeFi Platform Vee Finance For $35M

Vee Finance (a platform for decentralized finance) seems to have turned out to be the latest prey to DeFi exploit this year. There is not much detail provided about the subject; however, an alert has been tweeted by Vee Finance that mentioned the exploitation of the protocol on 20th September. They stated that the respective

Claim Justice Review – Can Claim Justice Be Trusted?

Claim Justice Review One of the greatest issues in trading is that people join the field without grasping the knowledge. Being aware of the trading features and other information is very important. It helps a trader in their trading journey. It also helps to improve trade execution. But most importantly, when a trader has the

Action Refund Review – Top Reasons to Not use Their Services

Action Refund Scam Even though the internet has brought about a lot of good things and conveniences in our lives, it cannot be denied that a whole new set of problems have also come along with them. At one point or another, we have all come across stories of people who were defrauded or scammed

Scammed by a Regulated Broker

By Ernest Nesbitt I did my homework. I wouldn’t fall for the investment scams that seemed to blanket the internet a couple years ago. I read the headlines, I saw the fallout, and I cheered as one fraudulent binary options broker after another got raided and shut down in 2017. It seemed to me that