Payback LTD Review – Is It A Reliable Recovery Firm?

Payback LTD Review The cryptocurrency market has shown impressive trends over the past decade, with dramatic ups and downs. Moreover, we witnessed online scammers entering the digital asset sector. That triggered the emergence of chargeback companies like Payback LTD. These are firms that help fraudulent victims recover money lost to internet scammers. Payback LTD’s knowledgeable … Read more

Crypto Market Under Downside Pressure, Risking Massive Sell-Offs

The cryptocurrency industry is under pressure yet again ahead of Wednesday’s Taiwan visit by Nancy Pelosi of the United States, escalating tensions between Chain and the US. Moreover, the $200 million Nomad exploit and the SEC charging eleven for the $300M Forsage Ponzi scheme added some downside pressure on the marketplace, triggering price plunges. The … Read more

LCX Exchange Hacked, $6.8 Million Deposited in the Hackers’ Wallet

As we approach 2022, cryptocurrency breaches persist, with Peckshield reporting losses of $6.8 million in ETH-based tokens via Liechtenstein-based LCX AG. One of LCX AG’s hot wallets has been hacked due to a security issue. They announced the news on Twitter, assuring clients that they had taken safety precautions to safeguard other wallets and valuables. … Read more Review – Why Is A Recommended Fund Recovery Service

Money-back Review Money-back is a company that works in the cryptocurrency community to assist traders who have lost money as a result of a scam or fraud. In this Money-back review, we’ll investigate the company and see if it delivers on its promises or not. If we talk about successful traders, they never get afraid … Read more

I-Trade 24 Review 2019 – This Broker Does Not Like to Talk Much About the Important Things

I-Trade 24 Review by Free Forex Robot

I-Trade 24 Review It is a blessing for traders in the modern age that they have hundreds of online brokers to choose from. Not only can they trade from the comfort of their homes, but they can pick the broker that they think will best match their requirements. If you look at the whole thing … Read more

Scammed by a Regulated Broker


By Ernest Nesbitt I did my homework. I wouldn’t fall for the investment scams that seemed to blanket the internet a couple years ago. I read the headlines, I saw the fallout, and I cheered as one fraudulent binary options broker after another got raided and shut down in 2017. It seemed to me that … Read more