Famous Trader AltCoin Psycho Discloses Massive Investment In BSC Token

Altcoin Psycho, a well-known figure in the crypto world, tweeted in which he showed his interest in investing in less renowned cryptocurrency, which escalated the market in a couple of hours. As the tweet states on social media that the trader is going to heavily invest in little or less-known currency that is built on … Read more

Ethereum Whales Holding Tightly Have More Ether Flows Into Decentralized Finance

In the past four weeks, it is quite hard to see the number of wallets holding 10k+ ETH dropped. The number of wallet addresses holding over ten thousand ETH has not changed since the digital asset hits its new ATH (All-time High) of $2,050 on February 20. Considering the data released on Santiment, the number … Read more

Selling of Bitcoin Persists Before the All-Important Meeting Of FOMC

Many shareholders are now Profit-taking as the value of bitcoin continues to drop for three consecutive days. On Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin dropped by 4.33%, ultimately leading to a daily minimum of $53,221. This decline came because of a correction going on, which started on Saturday after Bitcoin’s record high of $61,778. When the … Read more

Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum Drop Double Digits in Huge Cryptocurrency Sell-off

Bitcoin is struggling but cryptocurrencies known as “alt-coins” were faring much worse on Tuesday. XRP and Ethereum both dropped by more than 12 percent and the entire cryptocurrency market lost $19 billion in 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.com. “The crypto market seems to have hit panic mode,” says Matthew Newton, analyst at global investment platform … Read more