U.S CPI Briefing; Dollar Index Still South of 200d SMA

It was a calm session for the United States dollar yesterday, recording a minor upside against top peers (according to the USD Index). Meanwhile, the recent technical report by the research team stated that sellers keeping the state south of the 200d Simple Moving Average would likely mean dominant sellers. That could see short-term and … Read more

Bitcoin Surges 20% In Just Two Session As Crypto Becomes A Safe Haven

Since the initial market scare at the beginning of the military offensives between Russia and Ukraine, the cryptocurrency market has recovered in leaps and bound with each passing day as Bitcoin lead the pack. Bitcoin has continued to be the focal point in the positive market performances that the crypto industry has been experiencing for … Read more

DMALINK To Integrate Axyon AI’s Deep Learning Technology

On Wednesday, DMALINK revealed a collaboration plan with Axyon AI to integrate its Deep learning artificial intelligence into its trading platform for dynamic liquidity management. News from the company revealed that the integration would help in detecting anomalies in order and the market at large. The technology will eventually create a smarter algorithm for executing … Read more

Betterment Review 2019: Why Choose Betterment – Intelligent Investment Planning With Great Returns

Betterment Review 2019 by Free Forex Robot

Betterment Review 2019 One of the best decisions you can make in life is when you decide to invest your money rather than saving it in a current account. Investment allows your money to grow with time. On the other hand, if you are only saving your money without investing it, you will end up … Read more