DMALINK To Integrate Axyon AI’s Deep Learning Technology

On Wednesday, DMALINK revealed a collaboration plan with Axyon AI to integrate its Deep learning artificial intelligence into its trading platform for dynamic liquidity management. News from the company revealed that the integration would help in detecting anomalies in order and the market at large. The technology will eventually create a smarter algorithm for executing trades.

DMALINK will be using the deep learning technology of Axyon AI in its ECN infrastructure. The news release from the firm shows that the integration will allow the firms interested in buying to experience order fills improvement while those selling will get more assurance of a promising yield curve.

The CEO of DMALINK, Manu Choudhary, said: “Despite the pace of innovation that the e-FX space has experienced, anomaly detection, liquidity management, and algos has not been taken care of in the budding deep learning artificial intelligence technology.”

“The capability of the deep learning technology developed by Axyon AI to leverage on insights in a short time the human equivalent will use provides more opportunities for analysis and procurement of unique data to manage liquidity, trade execution and risk dynamically for the first time.”

Integrating AI Into FX Trading

Axyon AI, a fintech based in Europe, is making Deep Learning and AI available for trading space and asset management. The fintech concentrated its attention on deploying new-generation technology to increase the efficiency of some areas in the financial industry ranging from asset allocation and security selection to option pricing anomaly detection.

Daniele Grassi, the CEO of Axyon AI, commented in the announcement: “We are sure that this is just the beginning of the transformation that is yet to come from deep learning technology to the financial markets in improving the risk management and improving the efficiency. Our collaboration with DMALINK will be a foundation to the paradigm shift that will hit the FX trading industry.”

DMALINK is a firm that provides liquidity access and an independent electronic trading venue for professional FX traders who have a particular focus on budding currencies. Recently, the company integrated NetLink from Traiana to its London and New York platforms to aggregate trades. Also, the platform was onboarded by Nomura to provide customized eFX pricing to its bull participants in the Asian region.

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