Betterment Review 2019: Why Choose Betterment – Intelligent Investment Planning With Great Returns

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Betterment review for your reading pleasure.

Betterment Review 2019

One of the best decisions you can make in life is when you decide to invest your money rather than saving it in a current account. Investment allows your money to grow with time. On the other hand, if you are only saving your money without investing it, you will end up losing its value over the course of time. However, the next most important decision you have to make with your money is who you are going to choose for investment. You have to find the right investment partner that can provide you with the options that help you increase your money.

This is where Betterment comes in. This financial institution has been around for several years only to provide safe money investment opportunities to individuals. It acts as the financial advisor as well as the platform that the investors use to invest their money in many different financial markets. The fact is, there are many similar options available on the internet. You should ask yourself why you should specifically pick Betterment. Here are the primary reasons to do that.

The Many Features That Make Betterment the Right Choice

You Choose the Investment Style

There is no restriction on you how you want to invest your money once you choose to sign up with betterment. With many other online financial advisors, you often have to pick the way they have already specified. On the other hand, Betterment has given you all the options to pick one from.

The first option is for new investors. When you are new to investment, there are many challenges for you to face. First, you don’t really know much about investment and the right tools that you should pick for your portfolio. You can’t simply start investing your money when you are new to this field. What you need is proper education, guidance, and advice to help you start on the right foot. That’s the kind of service you receive from Betterment. The first thing you get is proper financial advice so you can decide the right path to invest your money in. You can then set off on the path of increasing your money and achieving your financial goals.

The other style of investment available with Betterment is the Hands-off style. This particular style has been designed by the advisor for those who want to invest in financial markets to increase money but don’t want the pain of taking care of everything. You can call it managed investment in which the company you sign up with takes care of your investments for you. Once you have started this type of account, you can rest assured that the best experts of the industry are working on your portfolio to gie you an impressive one.

The last but the best method is the one where you are in the driving seat. You are taking advantage of the financial instruments and technology brought to you by your broker but you stay the master of all of your investments. You are the one who will tell the company where you want to invest your money and when. Some of the most valuable services that such investors need have been included in the package by this broker without any additional costs. From rebalancing your portfolio to providing you with asset location services, the broker will serve you with all of that without charging you any extra dollars.

You can see at this point that there are no restrictions on you as an investor. You are the one who will make the decisions and decide how you want your money to be invested.

You Pay a Very Small Amount

With all the services mentioned above, you might be under the impression that the broker is going to charge you thousands of dollars. You will be wrong to think that way. It will not be a mistake to say that you get some of the best rates from Betterment for your investments. All you have to do is pay only 0.25% at the end of the year. The amazing thing is that this cost remains the same regardless of the type of investor you are and the style of investment you choose. Betterment likes to call it the transparent fee. It uses this name because there are no other charges for you to pay.

You Partner with a Safe Broker

One of the biggest issues you will face when it comes to doing financial activities online is not being able to find a safe platform. Online brokers like to call themselves and their services safe based on very minor safety measures they take. On the other hand, you have Betterment. This financial advisor is fully dedicated to providing you with safe financial services. First of all, when you let Betterment take care of your investments, you will rest assured that it is a licensed entity. In addition to that, Betterment assures you that the information you provide on its website will be secured through encryption.

You Pick the Plan

Betterment has designed its plans according to different types of investors. How much money you pay to the company depends on the plan you choose. If you go with the standard account, you have to pay the same 0.25% mentioned above. However, the fee you pay to Betterment can increase to 0.40% if you choose the premium model. However, you will enjoy some great additional benefits when you sign up with the premium account. With the standard account, you don’t need a minimum balance in your account in order to invest.

With the premium account, you have to have $100,000 in your account before the broker helps you with your portfolio. The best thing is that Betterment is willing to provide you with financial advice on any investments that you are trying to make outside of its platform when you sign up with the premium plan.

You Invest in ETFs

One of the things you will love when you open your account with Betterment is that you can invest in ETFs. Your investments will majorly go to this particular financial instrument trading no matter which account you go with. The broker has chosen this type of financial instrument for the many benefits it offers over other instruments. The first thing you will like about ETFs is that they help you diversify your investment portfolio. Investment portfolio diversification is one of the goals of any investor around the world. With ETFs, you are investing your money in many different types of securities at the same time.

When you look at their mechanics, ETFs are very similar to how you trade mutual funds. However, in the case of ETFs, your trading style resembles more to that of stock trading. ETFs give you a great chance to make a lot of money with your savings. Not to mention, the amount you pay to trade ETFs is much lower than what you would have to pay if you invested in the securities separately. With the modern trading platform that Betterment uses, you are able to know each and everything about the market before you invest your money. In addition to that, you have all the necessary tools available that will help you enter successful trades.

You Get Advisory Help

You already know at this point that the broker is not charging you anything extra for the services included in the package. You pay only 0.25% and it qualifies you to receive the best services from Betterment. The most important and beneficial service from Betterment is that of advisory. You can get help about your investments and how you can make them profitable for yourself. In addition to that, you can also find out about strategies that help you save on taxes legally. In this manner, you can save enough for your retirement to live a happy life in your later years.

You Get the Best Customer Service

In addition to the amazing features from Betterment, you also get some top notch customer support. Technically, you have the customer support available to answer your questions every day of the week. However, on the weekends, you can contact the company through email only. During the weekdays, you have the liberty to get customer support through email or phone. Regardless of the method you pick, you are helped by professionals who know how to listen to you and provide you with the best solution to your probably instantly.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your retirement planning is not to plan at all. When you start late, you don’t have enough runaway ahead of you to take off. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you start planning for your retirement at the right time. Additionally, you should join hands with the right team to increase your money lawfully and at a pace that can guarantee you enough funds by the time you reach your retirement. Betterment has undoubtedly created the right system that helps investors take an easy start and make money at a pace that they can’t with various online brokers.

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