BNY Mellon Calls BTC Stock-to-Flow Model Worth Understanding

After reaching $60,000 in the previous month, Bitcoin now seems stagnant. The last bullish market that Bitcoin undertook added close to 500% to its value. Currently, recent reports have emerged that link BNY Mellon to be adopting a much significant look at Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model. Last week BNY Mellon analysts expressed that even though the … Read more

Coin Bureau Says CHZ Is One Of The Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies Right Now

Coin Bureau, a well-known cryptocurrency influencer, spoke about what he believes could be one of the most interesting and ‘hot’ cryptos in the entire industry right now. He is referring to the fintech platform Chiliz and its native token CHZ. Chiliz is essentially a fintech platform meant primarily for the sports and entertainment industry. It … Read more

Glassnode Data Shows Bitcoin Miners Add Another 8874 BTC

Glassnode, an on-chain market intelligence, has issued a new report recently mentioning that Bitcoin (BTC) miners are trying their level best in expanding the Bitcoin (BTC) volume as the data shows that miners have recently mined and added 8,874 newly Bitcoins (BTC). It is observed that minors are more interested in storing the newly mined … Read more

Russian Regulators To Closely Monitor Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat Proceeds As It Strengthens BTC Regulations

A number of financial regulators in Russia have begun considering the introduction of various additional measures regarding the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat via the involvement of banks. This decision was motivated primarily by the desire of German Neglyad, the deputy head of Rosfinmonitoring (Russia’s main service for monitoring financial transactions), to discover and eliminate … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading: Understanding Basic Concepts

Cryptocurrency trading has become a common talk amongst people. The more that people face success due to cryptocurrency trading, the more fame that this field gets. But many people are still not fully aware of cryptocurrency trading fully. They have only heard about it on a surface level. But to truly understand and be a … Read more

Scarcity Will Boost the Bitcoin (BTC) Price Value Says Ark Investment CEO

It is a common observation that the abundance of anything in the market leads to devaluation, but in the case of cryptocurrency, there is scarcity. Scantiness will raise the value as well as the prices of Bitcoin tremendously. Cathie Wood, the CIO, Founder, and CEO of the ARK, discussed Bitcoin (BTC) at large in a … Read more

Famous Trader AltCoin Psycho Discloses Massive Investment In BSC Token

Altcoin Psycho, a well-known figure in the crypto world, tweeted in which he showed his interest in investing in less renowned cryptocurrency, which escalated the market in a couple of hours. As the tweet states on social media that the trader is going to heavily invest in little or less-known currency that is built on … Read more Partnership Was Inspired by Security Concerns

In a press release, the crypto exchange announced its plans to partner with the blockchain analyst, Chainalysis. This alliance aims to aid the incorporation of CRO, the native token of, with a network of the same exchange. However, they noted that at the heart of this alliance is the pressing security issues. Based … Read more