Billionaire Investor Charlie Munger Praises China for Banning Crypto

Charlie Munger made a startling comment on cryptocurrencies at a recent conference as he praised China for banning crypto for good. The ultimate investor Charlie Munger says that cryptocurrency is nothing but a joke and a vehicle that is destined to crash, and those who will be chartering this vehicle would also meet the same … Read more

SHIB Token Gains Momentum as Kraken Announces to List Shiba Inu

A new development for the SHIB token has managed to add momentum to the meme coin during the last 24 hours. The regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, Kraken, has officially listed the meme coin on its platform. The announcement for the event was made a month in advance. However, after making the announcement, … Read more

Black Swan Author Slams Bitcoin Investors Who Consider Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Inflation

The price of Bitcoin has crashed after the news about the COVID-19 variant has hit the market. The investors who have placed their bets in Bitcoin are not sure how to deal with their claims that Bitcoin is the perfect hedge against inflation. One of the biggest critics of Bitcoin has taken this chance to … Read more

Ripple CEO Criticizes Dogecoin as Meme Coins are not Good for the Crypto Market

The meme coin mania has created havoc on the cryptocurrency market this year. According to the market experts, many new investors find it easier to put their money into options like Dogecoin due to their lesser per unit cost. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrency projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum are out of reach from the small investors … Read more

Japan to Launch First-Ever Digital Currency ‘Digital Yen’

Most centralized governments have been debating on the matter of CBDC or a Central Bank Digital Currency project. However, the association of the private banking sector in Japan is ready to launch the new digital yen before the end of the current year. The group of banking units that include names like Mizuho, MUFG, SMBC, … Read more

Greece’s First Cryptocurrency Plunged by 90%

Vangelis Tsapas, the founder of a new cryptocurrency introduced in Greece, has left Athens on suspicious grounds that his crypto is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. Cryptocurrencies are developed by insightful people, and a whole team of developers and programmers run the blockchain for that dedicated crypto and continue to update it as time passes. … Read more

Crypto Fund Managers Continue to Show Interest in Bitcoin-Related Products

At present, the Bitcoin price has crashed down to $49K. Under these circumstances, the direct cryptocurrency holders and investors seem too worried about the current transition, and some even claim that the Bitcoin market can fall to 4K levels. On the other hand, the crypto hedge fund managers and institutional managers seem to remain calm … Read more

Barcelona, Manchester City Suspend Crypto Partnerships

Manchester City announced going into a partnership with a dedicated crypto firm, and the initiative was to go live as soon as possible, but due to some speculations that did arise, questioning the legitimacy of the crypto firm Manchester City has backed down on this partnership. Many football enthusiasts and people who care deeply about … Read more

US Treasury Executive Says Digital Assets won’t Impact US Sanctions

There have been talks going on that as many countries approach the CBDC element and are trying to create their own digital currencies based on their fiat counterparts, this could disturb the US sanctions. But according to the treasury executives, no digital currency could impact U.S. sanctions in any way because the global economy as … Read more

Crypto Community is not Happy as New Infrastructure Bill has Imposed Strict Crypto Regulations

President Joe Biden recently passed the Infrastructure bill in the presence of media, lawyers, and senate members. However, the entire cryptocurrency market and community members are not happy about the legal implications of the bill under question. Recently, a group of 10 US Congress members has decided to register their boycott of the bill. As … Read more