Greece’s First Cryptocurrency Plunged by 90%

Vangelis Tsapas, the founder of a new cryptocurrency introduced in Greece, has left Athens on suspicious grounds that his crypto is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. Cryptocurrencies are developed by insightful people, and a whole team of developers and programmers run the blockchain for that dedicated crypto and continue to update it as time passes. After the success of many other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, many countries are taking the initiative of introducing their own cryptocurrencies, and if not crypto, then definitely the CBDC coins.

A CBDC coin is an alternative to the fiat counterpart for a specific country or currency. Greece, on the other hand, took the initiative of introducing a new cryptocurrency, but there are speculative talks going on that it is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. On the other hand, the developer and creator of this crypto say that it is nothing like the rumors that are going around on the Internet, but he’s leaving Athens due to health reasons.

Ponzi Scheme Allegations

He is not running away from debtors and a crumbling crypto empire, or so he claims. HNC Revolution boss is being accused of organizing and running a Ponzi scheme and embezzling funds from tons of investors, including his basketball team. This thing is wrong on two fronts, these vicious investors and think tanks trying to develop a cryptocurrency that is going to be a Ponzi scheme, but only they know, and a few people are in on this secret.

And then there are the investors who want to buy this cryptocurrency because it is new, it is trendy, and it promises those tons of money and returns on their original investment. These people are also to blame because they don’t check whether this crypto is affiliated with a dedicated crypto exchange or some other platform; they just want to jump on this amazing opportunity presented before them. They don’t want this thing to seep away right through their fingers, they can’t have it on their conscious, but they can lose money by trusting this so-called ‘the most innovative cryptocurrency developed yet’, but they can’t check its integrity beforehand.

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