Action Refund Review – Top Reasons to Not use Their Services

Action Refund Scam

Even though the internet has brought about a lot of good things and conveniences in our lives, it cannot be denied that a whole new set of problems have also come along with them. At one point or another, we have all come across stories of people who were defrauded or scammed online. In fact, it has become quite common these days and you will even hear people telling each other to not trust anyone over the internet because it could be a scam. Despite that, there are full-fledged businesses that do operate online and thousands of people provide their products and services over the internet and they are all authentic.

Yes, there are legitimate entities that do exist, but it is also a fact that illegitimate and scam ones might be higher in number and they are very easy to establish. There are a lot of people out there who are only interested in making some quick money and they don’t have a problem with having to scam others out of it, as long as they get what they want. If you do some research, you can find a multitude of online scams and fraud schemes, some that you cannot even fathom. Even the smartest people have fallen for these tricks and you could also end up in the same ditch.

These cybercriminals know how to prey on the weaknesses of their target clients and it can be difficult to resist the opportunity, even if it seems too good to be true. Before you know it, you are a victim and they have made away with your money. What is your response when that happens? Obviously, everyone reacts differently, but it is extremely disheartening and stressful to have to go through that because there are a hundred different things that you could have done with that money.

But, what can you do? Unlike regular crimes, there is no such procedure in place for cybercrimes and you just don’t know where to get help and whether any assistance can even be provided in such situations. After all, it is extremely easy to be anonymous on the internet and people can hide their identities behind fake profiles or conceal their IP addresses and what not. There is a lot of advanced technology that can be used by these criminals to ensure that no one can find them easily.

In such cases, companies like Action Refund appear to be a blessing because they claim to have the resources, expertise and tools that are needed for getting your money back from the scammers. They are the hope you need because they are promising to help you get back your investment and this is all you want. But, just because someone is there to help doesn’t mean that you don’t do your homework and just trust them. This is due to the fact that in order to assist you, Action Refund is going to need some things from you. No, this doesn’t just mean details about the scam, but about yourself.

They will ask you a great deal of information about yourself, which means that you will be vulnerable to identity theft. Furthermore, it is understood that when someone is providing a service, they would charge you for it. So, you will have to pay Action Refund as well. You have already been scammed before, and you don’t want to risk it again by trusting someone like this. What you need to do is delve deep into the company to see if they really are what they claim to be. When you start doing that, it will become apparent to you that Action Refund is not who they claim to be.

Are you wondering why? Listed below are the top reasons that you should avoid their services because they are clearly not authentic and you could end up being scammed once again:

Reason 1: No information about verification

When you visit Action Refund’s website, you will come to know that in order to avail their services, you first have to provide them some information. As mentioned above, they will ask you to share some of your personal information, which includes your name, number, address and other private and sensitive details that shouldn’t be shared with anyone over the internet. Next, they will ask you to share information about how you were scammed, so they can see if you have a case. Action Refund claims that they will first verify this information.

But, what do they mean by ‘verify’? How can they verify the information? If it was possible to track the scam, wouldn’t you have done it already? How can they confirm that the scam did or did not happen? What kind of verification is required? They don’t provide answers to any such questions on their website. All you find is vague information that doesn’t really tell you anything and this is extremely worrying. Sure, lots of companies have verification procedures for one thing or another, but they are transparent about what it involves. Action Refund doesn’t give any proof that vindicates their promises, so it is best not to use their services.

Reason 2: Misleading information about consultation

Back to the company’s website, you will come to know that Action Refund claims to offer a free consultation to their clients. This often reassures people, as they think they can test the company first and then decide if they want to go ahead and pay them if they are satisfied. It would certainly be the case, were it true. Yes, Action Refund does claim that they offer a free consultation, but there are some problems with this claim. First, you will get this free consultation only after you have shared all your personal information with them.

This is concerning because they will already have a lot of your sensitive information and you haven’t even decided if you want to use their services or not or if they can help you. Shouldn’t this sharing of information happen AFTER the consultation? Yet, Action Refund is asking for it before. Secondly, even though they have claimed it to be free, it truly isn’t and you will learn about it if you go through the privacy policy they have provided. The policy clearly states that customers have to pay a commission for a consultation and they will also be charged a separate fee.

So, how does this make the consultation ‘free’? What is Action Refund’s definition of free? There are no answers to this question and you shouldn’t think about opting for a service that’s blatantly lying to its clients or trying to mislead them. Had they been upfront about it, most people wouldn’t have a problem in paying for their services, but this outright lie is a deal-breaker.

Reason 3: Lack of transparency

As mentioned above, Action Refund has already lied about the consultation and they are also vague about their verification. But, this is not where the problems stop. The company is also not transparent about their registration. It is a given that when you are thinking of using any business or service, you would want someone with experience. Especially in matters as sensitive as scam recovery, you want a company that knows what it is doing and is aware of the ins and outs of the process. If they are not aware, it can create a big issue and this is something you don’t want.

A quick look at Action Refund’s website makes it appear that the company has a lot of experience in scam recovery. All the claims and statements they have made makes it appear that they have been doing this for quite a while. But, if you check their registration date, you will come to know that the company has been established in October 2019. This means that they are relatively new in the market and don’t have a lot of experience, at least not the kind they pretend to have. Of course, there is no harm in trying a new company, as long as you know what you are getting into.

The fact that Action Refund has not disclosed this information, not even under the About Us section on their website shows a lack of transparency and this is not something you want in a company you are trusting to help you recover from a scam. Apart from that, as aforementioned, the company charges a commission and a fee for their services, but you can scan their entire website and you will not find any information about their charges. No figure has been quoted, no percentage provided or any other break down to give you an idea of what you will be expected to pay.

No one wants to be stuck with a big, fat bill at the end of the day, do they? You want to know how much you will have to pay, but Action Refund has not bothered to provide any information about this. This is also lack of transparency and another reason to avoid them altogether.

Reason 4: No details about cases

You have been scammed and that’s why you are thinking about using Action Refund’s services. So, it makes sense that you would want to know if they have dealt with the kind of scams you are a victim of. We have already established that there are hundreds of different kinds of scams that can happen and cybercriminals are very sophisticated, so you want a company that has dealt with such matters before. It is not just about experience; it is about the right kind of experience. When you visit Action Refund’s website, you will discover that they have mentioned numerous amounts that they have recovered so far for their clients.

If you take a look at the numbers, you will definitely be impressed because they are truly impressive. They are not small figures and quite hefty amounts, so it is natural for you to be curious about the kind of scams that involved such big amounts. This is where you are in for a shock because you will discover that Action Refund has provided no information about the cases. There is absolutely no mention of client names or any other details. Yes, it is possible that people may not want their names disclosed, but the cases could be mentioned without sharing their personal data. But, you will only see a bunch of dollar amounts and nothing else.

Why should you just accept the company has made these recoveries when they don’t have any evidence or case history to back it up? It is a solid reason to not believe in their claims.

Reason 5: Two domain names

Anyone who has any knowledge about the internet should be aware of the importance of domain names for businesses. In today’s competitive market, domain names are extremely crucial for businesses because they are recognized by these domains. Their branding, advertising and marketing all depend on the domain name and they are able to attract, engage and retain their clients with it. Every legitimate business in the world understands its importance and they have taken special measures to protect it.

The problem with Action Refund is that they don’t have one domain name. They have two domain names and this doesn’t seem logical because having two domain names is going to cause a great deal of confusion. How will customers know which one is the actual domain name? Finding two domain names might put people off altogether from using Action Refund’s services because they will be unable to figure out which one is right. So, logically, a business shouldn’t have two domain names and yet, they do. These are and They are a bit similar, but even a single letter can make a big difference. A genuine business would never take the risk of confusing its clients like this.

Bottom Line

These are some of the top reasons to avoid using Action Refund when you need any help with scam recovery, as it will protect you from hacking, identity theft and more scams.

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