Stock Gives Concern as US Treasury Gains Yield Rebounds

Mixed feelings continued to trail the stock market today despite recent gains in the US stock futures. This is a result of impending US monetary policies, geopolitical tensions, and wrangling over stimulus packages.  Note that the mark US ten-year Treasury yield rose by 1.85% to gain 2.5 bps after it dwindled from a 2-year height … Read more

British Pound (GBP): A Dangerous Mixture of Heavyweight Data and Politics

With a slew of major economic reports and announcements expected to be released, cable traders will likely see a pick-up in activity after a sluggish beginning to the week with the United States commemorating Martin Luther King Day. On Tuesday, the recent jobs and income data (November) will be released. The December inflation figures will … Read more

Gold Price Maintain $1,800 as US Dollar Aims for Strong Yields

Recent Run Gold prices remained relatively high at the Asian session maintaining $1,800 in trade value. The metal had a slow start at the beginning of the week as it marked a Doji candlestick on Monday trade after downtime in the previous week. The upward trend indicates candlestick joins mixed feelings about the Federal Government’s … Read more

Regulations Needed to Stabilize Stablecoins- OCC Chief

Michael J. Hsu, US Acting Controller of the Currency, has mentioned the benefits of putting regulations in place in the cryptocurrency sphere, especially on stablecoins. He said regulating the space will give the first benefit of “peace of mind and security” to people using them. While being a speaker at the British-American Business Transatlantic Finance … Read more

US Dollar Continues To Dip As Foreign Currencies Outperform USD Leveraged Indexes

The US dollar is now fielding a continual decline amid inflation concerns despite the increase in Treasury yield as foreign currencies begin to outperform the S&0 500 and Nasdaq-100 US Dollar leveraged indexes. The US dollar continues to dip as investors and traders are happily betting against the green paperback. The ironic decline scenario despite … Read more

US Economy Fields Pessimistic Outlook As Investors Turn Bearish

In the wake of the new omicron covid-19 variant, pessimism about the United States’ economy near-term outlook has risen to an 18-months all-time high as inflation rates continue to hit new all-time highs. The IBD/TIPP latest poll report has revealed a major paradigm shift in investors’ perception that has seen most of the group showcase … Read more

FTC Sensitizes Americans About Crypto ATM Scams As Crypto Fraud Increases

The United States Federal Trade Commission has warned the general public of the presence of a new playbook that is now being invoked by scammers that range from impersonation to theft using crypto ATMs. The global growth of the crypto industry post-Covid-19 has made the industry a hotspot for nefarious individuals and bad players. The … Read more

LCX Exchange Hacked, $6.8 Million Deposited in the Hackers’ Wallet

As we approach 2022, cryptocurrency breaches persist, with Peckshield reporting losses of $6.8 million in ETH-based tokens via Liechtenstein-based LCX AG. One of LCX AG’s hot wallets has been hacked due to a security issue. They announced the news on Twitter, assuring clients that they had taken safety precautions to safeguard other wallets and valuables. … Read more

LCX Suffers a $6.8 Million Loss Due to a Hot Wallet Hack on the ETH Network

Ethereum is a platform for digital currency, international transactions, and apps. The network has created a thriving digital market, as well as innovative novel approaches for producers to make money online. It’s accessible to anybody, anywhere in the globe – everything that you’d be requiting is an internet connection. LCX is dedicated to assisting both … Read more