Cardalonia is Almost Ready To Become The Sandbox Of Cardona Blockchain

Metaverse’s new project, Cardalonia on the Cardano blockchain, is almost ready to join the league of prominent crypto projects SAND (Sandbox) and MANA (Decentraland) as one of the most wanted projects Metaverse has ever created.

According to reports, Cardalonia, a 3-dimensional VR experience built on the Cardano blockchain, has confirmed the launch of the listing of its utility token $LONIA on a crypto Exchange and one among the top 100 exchanges by volume of trade located in Estonia, P2PB2B.

The collaboration between the P2PB2B crypto exchange group and the $LONIA token may help the transaction of $LONIA tokens, which serve as the utility token used in the Cardalonia ecosystem.

Why Hold $LONIA Token

Lonia is currently available for transactions on the official website of the P2PB2B crypto exchange, with the trading pair name LONIA/USDT.

The Cardalonia project is not the only listing planned to occur. There are still multiple listings scheduled to happen that may help increase the usage and reach of project Cardalonia.

$LONIA is the utility token that the Metaverse Cardalonia uses. Holders of this token may access different services and tokens, including holding multiple utilities like staking rewards and the enablement to cast their vote on governance proposals, among other benefits.

$LONIA Token Utility

Holder of the $LONIA token will also be given access to the whitelist and passes to private Cardalonia Avatar Clan drops and some other drops related to NFT that will be accessible to the Cardalonia Ecosystem.

Users who hold the $LONIA token can stake it on LONIA tokens. This may allow them to benefit from 20% APY. This APY earning percentage can further be boosted to up to 25% with Cardalonia Land NFTs.

Furthermore, holders with up to 7000 LONIA active stakes in the staking vault stand a chance to be whitelisted for the approaching Presale of Cardalonia Land.

What Is Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a VR (Virtual Reality) world where players are allowed to build, possess and modify their experience on the Cardano Blockchain. This virtual world also allows creators to earn, interact, create, develop, transact, trade, and do much more. The Cardano ecosystem is widely recognized for its privacy assurance.

Cardalonia is believed to develop into a vast, decentralized, massively multiplayer, and multi-chain ecosystem with several connected worlds. Players may effortlessly teleport between their preferred planets at any moment, thanks to each world having several in-game gateways to other realms.

It is also believed that each planet in the future will have its own gaming mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn tournaments, social gathering places, and much more.

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