Chronoly (CRNO) To Outshine Metaverse Coins THETA and STX

Metaverse tokens such as Theta Network (THETA) and Stacks (STX) might lose their glory to Chronoly (CRNO), a new project in the space. STX and THETA witnessed massive bearishness following the latest crypto market fall.

Though recoveries showcase, they aren’t strong. That had investors looking for alternatives. For that reason, we dived into the market to discover a new project with attractive potential. Let us dig deeper.

Is Stacks (STX) A Lucrative Investment

Stacks is a layer1 blockchain protocol designed to support DApps and smart contracts. Moreover, users can purchase smart contracts from BTC without feature modification. Maintaining current optimism might see STX hitting $2.67 before year-end. Upcoming developments and partnerships cement such possibilities.

Stacks boasts a brighter future as far as 2022 is concerned. The current developments within the STX network and the overall crypto space might push the alt to new highs. Experts predict a surge to $2.67 in 2022. Moreover, attracting more investors would see STX rallying past this target.

Is THETA Worth Your Investment?

Theta Network is a video streaming blockchain platform. It’s a decentralized network, allowing users to share computing and bandwidth resources on a P2P approach. The network joined the space in March 2019. Meanwhile, Twitch and YouTube co-founder Justin Kan aided the project.

Bullish trends can see THETA exploring $4 this year. Stretching the optimistic wave might see that alternative token hitting $8 come 2023. However, that depends on developments within the crypto space. Nothing is a surety in this sector, and massive price fluctuations aren’t a surprise.

How Chronoly Will Outshine STC and THETA

Chronoly is a fractional watch investment blockchain network. Investors can trade watch fractions (similar to stocks), stake CRNO to earn passive money, and borrow against NFTs. Watches within the firm’s vault back every NFT mint.

Users can access CRONO tokens on presale, trading near $0.033. Many investors show optimism about the distinctive real-world utility of this project, expecting prices to hit $0.70 – $1.30 by 27 July this year. Moreover, crypto expert Benjamin Wellington believes the new crypto project boasts a 100-time growth potential.

Chronoly (CRNO) plans to launch on two DEXs following the presale – PancakeSwap and Uniswap. Moreover, the crypto eyes CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap listing. That means increased reach within the cryptocurrency community, aiding the brand’s expansion.

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