Recent Crypto Proposal Endangers Bitcoin – Cardano Creator

According to reports, Charles Hoskinson said the suggestions might cause the complete prohibition of Bitcoin while being critical about the proposals of the recent White House Office of Science and Technology statements. This proposal involves carrying along the United States DoE (Department of Energy) and the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to develop proof-driven … Read more

Japanese Government Rewarded 7 Mayors With NFT Prizes

The Japanese government awards seven mayors with NFTs, following their effort and service to humanity towards easing people’s living in various jurisdictions.  The current Japanese administration is one of the first governments to pioneer the use of NFT as a medium to offer supplementary acknowledgments to appreciate the excellent performance of the local authorities. This … Read more

Top Economic Events to Consider This Week

Soaring energy prices threaten European businesses as winter approaches Higher inflation triggered reduced consumer confidence The common currency sees pressure as rate hikes did little to nothing The primary economic event for summer passed, with the Jackson Hole Symposium ending yesterday. Meanwhile, the focus remained on Powell’s Friday remarks. Therefore, the markets didn’t fluctuate much … Read more