Tesla’s Model Y Gets Tax Credits, Boosting Stock Value and Driving Demand

Tesla Gets Model Y Tax Credits Tesla Inc. stocks have seen a significant increase in value, with shares rising 77% since January 2023. This growth can be attributed to the recent announcement that most Tesla Model Y electric vehicles will now fully qualify for tax credits. Investors have welcomed the news following the economic downturn … Read more

January Market Performance: ASOS Emerges as Top Performer, Airlines & Clean Energy Companies Thrive in Challenging Market

FTSE 350 Market Watch ASOS, the popular online fashion retailer, emerged as the best-performing asset in January despite facing a severe market storm. As a result, the company’s stock has surged 71% and continues to gain, rising 0.4% on Tuesday. Although the recent growth is impressive, ASOS’ stock is still below its levels from 2021. … Read more

Crude Oil Market Faces Uncertainty Amid Surplus, Drone Attack, and Recession Fears

Crude Oil Watch The oil market is already facing challenges with the surplus of crude oil from Russia, and the drone attack in Iran has added to the uncertainty. Moreover, the situation in the Middle East has escalated further with the attribution of the attack to Israel by a US official, causing high tensions in … Read more

Upcoming Rate Hikes by the FED and BoE: Impact on Financial Market & Economic Indicators to Watch

The upcoming week promises to be a tumultuous seven days for the financial market because the Fed Reserve and the Bank of England are to make important announcements regarding interest rate hikes. Analysts expect the Fed to slow the rate increases with a quarter-point rate hike, while other analysts predict the Bank of England to … Read more

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Faces Bankruptcy After JP Morgan Notice – Company Owes Over $1B

The big household retailer is reportedly nearing bankruptcy after receiving a notice from JPMorgan. The company is said to owe the bank over $1 billion, and according to a statement released by the company, they lack the monetary means to pay off the debt. This news surprises many, as Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. has … Read more

Should You Invest in Household Building Shares? Understanding the 2022 Market Decline & 2023 Opportunities

The stock market has been a rollercoaster ride in 2022, with household building shares taking a colossal hit. These shares have been the poorest performers in 2022, dropping by over 30%. This number raises the question: is this an opportune time to buy shares in the household building industry, or is it a risk? As … Read more

Gold Prices Soar as Investors Seek Safe Haven Amid Economic Uncertainty & Rate Hike Speculation

Gold prices continue to surge, with the fifth consecutive week of gains reaching the highest level since April 2022. Experts attribute this upward trend to market uncertainty as investors await the Federal Reserve’s decision on potential rate hikes and growing concerns of a possible recession. The precious metal is often seen as a haven during … Read more

2023 Growth Stocks to Watch: Maximize Your Returns with H&T Group and Midwich Group

Get ahead of the game in 2023 by investing in growth stocks. These high-performing assets have the potential to bring huge returns, making them a top pick for savvy investors looking to maximize their gains. From tech giants to upcoming disruptors, experts expect these companies to have explosive growth in the coming year. Let us … Read more

Stock Market Continues to Perform Well Despite Dip in CPI: Evaluating Latest Data & Factors

US stocks continued to perform well for the second week despite a dip in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI fell by 0.1% during the week, but prices are still higher than last year by over 6.3%. Analysts attribute the stock market’s continued strength to several factors, including positive economic data and strong corporate … Read more

FTSE 100 and 250 Rise to New Highs: Positive Economic Indicators and Strong Corporate Earnings Fuel Optimism

The FTSE The FTSE 100, London’s colossal index, finished Saturday above 7790, rising by 0.7% for one of their best closing days in history. In addition, the FTSE 250 also saw a 0.6% upturn rising by 111 points to 19947.67. When stock market indices like the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 rise, the overall value … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Stocks Soar Amid Crypto Market Rebound

The top five BTC mining companies have seen double-digit gains. Cryptocurrency mining stocks remain well down from their highs. Coinbase and MicroStrategy also saw a massive trading week. Cryptocurrency prices aren’t the only ones witnessing upside actions this week. BTC mining stocks record uptrends amidst revived market momentum. In addition, this week has seen share … Read more

Euro Touches New Highs as the Dollar Wanes Ahead of US Inflation Data

Wednesday sessions saw the euro slightly hitting its highest mark against the United States dollar in about seven months. That comes as the dollar deteriorates ahead of the up-and-coming US inflation stats. The euro climbed to explore its highest region since 31 May, near $1,0766, as market participants forecast that the Federal wouldn’t have to … Read more