Michael Saylor Claims BMC Will Cope with Hostile Narrative

On the 25th of May, Michael Saylor, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MicroStrategy, disclosed the facts behind the formation of Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) as he explained that the aggressive attitude about Bitcoin Mining should be confronted by ensuring the clarity of Bitcoin Mining through the formation of Bitcoin Mining Council (B.M.C). He added … Read more

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) Are Likely To Record A Trading Volume Of $40B In May

Amid the recent crash of the crypto market and COVID-19 3rd layer, just like other institutions, cryptocurrencies got also badly affected, but decentralized exchanges (DEX) maintained their reputation by setting a new All-time High (ATH) in the following month of May. It is observed that the trading volume over decentralized exchanges keeps on surging and … Read more

Elon Musk Has Explained Why He Thinks Bitcoin (BTC) Is Centralized

Elon Musk, the Space X and Tesla CEO, on Sunday, May 16, attacked BTC for being too centralized right after Peter McCormack, a seasonal podcaster, criticized him for taking sides with DOGE (Dogecoin) too much and spreading wrong information about the leading digital asset in the crypto space. As everyone knew, on Wednesday, 12th May, … Read more

Visa Teams Up With Financial Services Provider Tala For Boosting Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies

Visa announces a recent partnership with startup Tala. A fintech startup that provides finance-based services in developing markets. The main driving force of Tala is to ease the availability of digital currencies to underbanked customers. Starting with USDC, a dollar-backed stablecoin that is supervised by Consortium. The stable coin supports popular blockchains such as Algorand, … Read more

An Unsuccessful Cyberattack Leads Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange To Go Offline

On Thursday, an attempted hack on a crypto-based company in China has resulted in the company shutting down its features and services. The recent notice from the exchange’s website states the attack occurred close to 8 pm on the 29th of April. Hotbit, the crypto exchange which suffered from a cyber-attack, has more than 2 … Read more

PayPal’s Venmo Will Now Let Users Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies

PayPal’s Venmo has amazed the crypto market by announcing the newly added payment support for cryptocurrencies, which has sought the attention of more than $77 million users. With this support, the users will be able to share Bitcoin (BTC) across the globe in a more convenient and reliable way. This step will allow the crypto … Read more

Market Capitalization of Bitcoin Crosses 80% of Silver’s Market Cap

Bitcoin has taken a substantial step in terms of substituting valuable metal since its recent rise in price, causing the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization to spike, ultimately crossing the 80% of the Silver market cap. According to CompaniesMarketCap provided data, it is, implied that the market cap of Bitcoin currently is at $1.112 trillion. Similarly, the … Read more

So-Called Kimchi Premium Of South Korea Dropped Suddenly To 15% After BTC Price Fall

South Korean digital asset Kimchi flamed out after its peak shine. Kimchi premium, whose task is to measure BTC price value’s premium in the digital asset exchange market of South Korea, has collapsed. The premium collapsed from 22% to 15% in less than a couple of hours, reported on 7th of April, 2021, and it … Read more