Sustainable Bitcoin Mining: Merkle Standard In Partnership With Bitmain to Build Mining Center

The drive to reduce the carbon footprint impact of the crypto industry by paying more attention to renewable energy sources is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency space as digital mining firm Merkel Standard reaches an agreement with Bitmain, a maker of Bitcoin mining infrastructure to build a green mining facility.

Previous reports can recall that various environmental preservation groups have raised concerns about the adverse effects of cryptocurrency mining on the environment and are pushing for more eco-friendly mining from the industry.

The sustainable Bitcoin mining center project came at the right time following numerous complaints by activists opposed to cryptocurrency mining and targeting the industry for its supposed role in altering the environment’s ecosystem.

The deal saw Merkle Standard as the first and only US Bitmain client to receive more than 4,000 of the latest ASIC mining rig models from Bitmain. The infrastructure will be delivered and installed at the facility later in the year. The ASIC is an application-specific integrated circuit designed for Bitcoin mining.

One of the ASIC rig models, the S19 Pro + Hydro, has a massive power rating of 188 TH (terahashes), two times more than the power capacity of the previous model, the S19 J Pro. The latest mining rigs are fitted with hydro-cooling technologies that will increase the thermal capacity of each unit.

What Does the Partnership Entail?

In the partnership, Merkel Standard and Bitmain will build a 500-megawatt data center to house over 150,000 crypto mining infrastructures belonging to Bitmain. The proposed Bitcoin mining facility is seen as an environmentally friendly project located in Idaho, Eastern Washington.

The joint venture further strengthens the strategic partnership between the two parties by leveraging their combined resources to improve the most critical assets in the industry. The carbon-neutral plan of Bitmain makes it a strategic partner to grow the sustainable mining infrastructure.

Merkel Standard’s role is to manage the facility’s running and development as the majority holder of the partnership. Bitmain, on its part, is to see to the engineering and development of the site’s data resources and supply them to the other facility’s mining parts.

According to Bitmain’s Mining Division Chief, Du Shisheng, it will work with only Bitmain’s equipment once the infrastructure is developed. The data needs of the facility will be provided by the latest tool developed for it.

The new mining rigs developed by Bitmain are to be assisted by the existing infrastructural models in places like the S19J Pro and S19 XP. However, the partners have set their sights on more expansion for additional facilities in the United States after completing their current project in the second quarter of 2022.

The Environmental Impact Of The Project

The sustainable mining facility will address the concerns mentioned above by the activists. It is the perfect alternative to cryptocurrency mining, focusing on renewable energy use and clean energy production. There is no better way to silence the critics than with this project.

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