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Prestige Coins
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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Prestige Coins review for your reading pleasure.

Prestige Coins Review

Prestige Coins logoEvery trader needs a decent platform for trading. If you wish to discover a reputable broker’s name on the marketplace, let me say that this is Prestige Coins’ name. We will try to explain to you why this broker is the most suitable in this Prestige Coins review.

Isn’t it wonderful how people created technology to make their lives easier? This is why traders must engage in online trading. Brokers have introduced different approaches for traders to trade various products. Do you realize how easy it is to get into that market?

Allow me to say with certainty that you should not be required to leave your home or give up your current employment to trade online. All you need is internet access and a device. And if you do have specific financial goals in mind, start it as soon as possible because your new car, furnished house, and every other facility you are longing for is waiting for you.

Because there is so much going on in the internet commerce sector, it gets too tough to keep up with. Traders looking for an online trading solution that offers well-managed trading tools, accounts, platforms, and so on have made a big mistake.

This is because many internet trading platforms are focused on drawing and using money from customers. However, Prestige Coins delivers it all and gives clients excellent service and a system they may rely on. Prestige Coins now provides what traders want; therefore, I have included info in my Prestige Coins review for maximum convenience.

Prestige Coins website


An Advanced Trading Platform

Traders can only register for a site that provides them with access to the market. But who says you have to sacrifice the quality of service? It is totally up to you to choose which brokerage is the finest. You must begin with the most important component, which is the trading platform.

Do not misinterpret what I stated. A trading platform is software that is accessible via the trader’s device. Suppose you look into it that is the most important item a trader could ever have. Everything would be done on a trading platform, from enrolling to withdrawing commodities from the marketplace.

Whatever job you need to complete, you must do it on the trading platform. Let us use trading tools as an example. Tools may be quite useful for traders who wish to improve their trading. Countless traders have made a lot of money in this market by using such tools. Prestige Coins is a firm that provides cutting-edge technical trading solutions.

Even though such trading tools are generally designed for highly competent traders who wish to display their abilities, they can perplex new traders. However, Prestige Coins designed it so that even unskilled traders may utilize it.

This trading platform combines a variety of contemporary technology with a highly user-friendly layout that will undoubtedly assist you and play a key role in your trading expertise. When you visit the Prestige Coins trading site, you will realize that everything is incredibly convenient and easy to use.

To understand the trading platform, you wouldn’t need degree knowledge. If you’re a newbie and this is your first time trading online, you may learn more about it from this broker. It only takes a couple of weeks, and you may resume your operations.

This trading platform is also compatible with the majority of your devices. Prestige Coins trading application is compatible with cell phones, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs. The market is continuously in motion. It will not always be available to you. It is your responsibility to stay up with the market’s pace.

High odds are always shifting. You must be available almost all of the time to prevent missing out on opportunities. But remember how I said a good broker would make things simple for you? It is also featured since Prestige Coins’ trading platform allows clients to log in from wherever to trade.

Prestige Coins works with two of the most popular trading platforms. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the two of the most famous and trending these days.

MetaTrader 4 is the undisputed monarch of all online trading platforms. It has been around for a long time. Among all rivals, this trading platform is the most transaction-friendly, straightforward, and configurable.

MetaTrader 5 has by far the most efficient and sophisticated trading functions in a variety of financial marketplaces. It is an improved version of MT4 with additional trading commodity choices. Web-based trading is a popular trading strategy among traders all around the globe. When you use a web-based trading platform, you may trade from everywhere at any time.

Remote trading is ideal for those who want to trade using their portable devices. Mobile trading apps are only available for smartphones. This is the smart world, and we should never ignore the importance of our mobile phones. As these are our hand devices and we could carry them anywhere with ease.

It implies that no trading platform can compete with the ease and speed of use that mobile trading platforms give on your Smartphone.

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Prestige Coins Trading Accounts

Prestige Coins has seven distinct types of trading accounts. The Islamic account is the most popular because there is a concept of halal trading in Islam. This account is the most famous among the Muslim community out there. These accounts are intended for traders of all backgrounds, cultures, and levels of expertise.

Most significantly, all accounts give you daily trading news and reviews, keeping you informed and active with current developments.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, and VIP trade accounts are available for the traders. The accounts are rather pricey, but the features and services they provide are great and well worth the cost. However, the Islamic account pricing is not disclosed. Therefore it is best to contact the firm for additional information. We shall discuss Islamic account services in more detail below.

The Simplicity of Trading at Prestige Coins

Many traders think and believe that trading is stressful and hard to activity. They don’t know that trading is only tough for all those who make it very difficult for them by not taking help from a good and reliable broker. Prestige Coins is making things easy for traders that are passionate about trading. There are four steps involved in getting started with trading.

If you have ever imagined that trading could be so simple? For many new traders, starting to trade with just 4 phases might seem absurd, yet it is true and occurring on the Prestige Coins platform. Are you eager to learn about how Prestige Coins has made things simpler for you? Let me tell you about them one by one.

Step 1

  • Prestige Coins has several sophisticated tools and graphs that are tricky to use.
  • It’s not difficult, but you should have some training before you use it.
  • It’s not that you should obtain a formal college degree to utilize these tools; rather, you have to participate in a basic training program that will assist you in becoming acquainted with the interfaces and tools.
  • You wouldn’t even have to leave your house to obtain your training; a training plan is provided in this platform’s instructional part.
  • This program includes eBooks, seminars, and other materials to assist traders in becoming acquainted with the trading platform and progressing to the next level.

Step 2

  • A few are seasoned traders, while others are new in the marketplace and are still getting to grips.
  • One account with all of the functions is problematic for every trader, particularly when everybody has different interests.
  • To address the problem, Prestige Coins has created several trading accounts that are available on the Prestige Coins website.
  • These accounts commence with varying investment limitations; the beginning accounts have considerably lower investment restrictions than the professional accounts to meet the demands of the traders.
  • To sign up, you must select one of the available trading accounts and submit your private information.

Step 3

  • The final step is to finance your account.
  • When you’ve decided on the sort of account you want to continue your trading, you’ll need to put funds into it based on the account’s minimum investment limitation.
  • For example, if your account has a $1000 initial deposit restriction, you must deposit $1000 or more to initiate trading.
  • There are several methods for depositing funds on which to select.

Step 4

  • The final process is the one you’ve been looking forward to from the first step.
  • Traders begin depositing their funds in their favorite products in this phase.
  • With the aid of modern trading technologies, you may earn hundreds, if not thousands, and millions of dollars at once.
  • But there is a risk of loss from the beginning. Therefore, you must be very careful while trading.

Trading Tools

We well regard Prestige Coins’ trading tools because they offer great assistance in trading. You will begin utilizing the tools after registering up for an account. Once you begin trading, you will have access to the financial calendars, risk assessment tools, notifications, Trader’ manual, new market trends, marketing research films, live graphs, and assets index. This expanded set of trading tools is strongly recommended for new traders.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Prestige Coins accepts a variety of payment options. Credit and debit cards are accepted, and a bank wire transfer is also possible for traders to use. Fortunately, no extra charges are levied while making a payment. However, depending on your bank’s transactions regulations, certain additional commission costs may occur while funds transfer.

When it comes to withdrawals, the same regulations apply. You could use the same techniques as before to make deposits. However, owing to security issues, you will be required to utilize the same bank account that you are using to transfer the cash for the withdrawals.

Security Policies of Prestige Coins

A significant aspect that a competent broker must include is the trader’s security. However, you cannot protest against a poor broker for failing to offer this functionality on its website. They are unconcerned with the trader’s experience and believe that adding security elements is unnecessary.

However, Prestige Coins is a competent broker who goes to great lengths to ensure that their client has the secure and safest trading experience possible. A trader is already worried about many things like trend analysis, what the greatest assets to purchase. Where and how to trade? However, if a trader also needs to worry about protecting the assets, it becomes tough for the trader to handle.

However, having a competent broker on your back, such as Prestige Coins, can make it easier for the traders to perform the transaction and make your experience more subtle. Prestige Coins is responsible for the protection of the trader’s information and assets, which is critical.

Prestige Coins is a licensed platform, so there is nothing shady about the platform. There are financial regulatory agencies keeping a watch on internet trading systems? These agencies are responsible for ensuring that no unlawful activity occurs from both the trader and broker’s side.

These organizations have devised various policies, which the platforms have to embrace. Prestige Coins has implemented two of the key privacy rules developed by these international regulatory agencies. The first policy is known as the KYC policy, which stands for Know Your Customer.

As you can understand by its name, brokers must maintain track of who their clients are and who is joining the platform. KYC regulations require traders to confirm their certificate of origin to prevent any illegitimate registrations on the site. This demonstrates that you are a legal citizen of a certain country and must be provided to Prestige Coins.

The second policy I highlighted, which Prestige Coins has implemented, is AML or Anti Money Laundering in full form. This regulation is in charge of keeping a watch on the traders’ activities. This transactions surveillance is significant because it allows the broker supervision over any unlawful behavior, such as laundering money on the marketplaces.

These regulations are intended to limit any unlawful behavior, but what about the potential threats to traders? Prestige Coins features included SSL strong encryption technology, which also serves as a barricade between the trader’s information and any unwanted accessing.

If you’re still not sure what strong encryption is, it’s a technique that protects the trader’s information with many levels of security. These levels enhance the safety of the trader’s information and assist traders in safeguarding their data and investments. Now you should have a clear idea of how powerful Prestige Coins is. It does not put the trader’s trading expertise in danger and takes every measure to protect their security.

Customer Service at Prestige Coins

Consider the following scenario: you are trading, and you make a mistake. Who will be responsible, and whom do you contact if a broker does not provide enough customer service? This is a difficulty that many traders confront during their trading journey.

In the rush of features and functionalities, brokers have neglected that the foundation of any trading system is the customer support services. However, Prestige Coins has taken this into account and created a very comprehensive customer care service. Prestige Coins’ representatives are exceptionally well-spoken and work tirelessly to assist traders in the event of an issue.

If you encounter any errors throughout your trade’s journey, no matter if they are linked to your accounts or errors during trades, you may get assistance from Prestige Coins’ expert staff. I’ve dealt with many customer care representatives, and they have quite helped me out in my journey, but this one stands out.

They provide someone on its staff who is so well-spoken and manages their clients so well that this is incredible for me even though well. The staff considers your issue and does not give you a false sense of hope or unanticipated time frames to resolve your fault. This is why customers are extremely happy with this broker’s offerings, and the customer support service plays a major part in this broker’s image.

Prestige Coins’ great support is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to initiate a conversation personally, you can go to the FAQ area, where almost all of your concerns have already been answered. If you can’t find your solution, you may send your question to the staff, and they will respond as quickly as possible.


Overall, we believe Prestige Coins is a fantastic online trading option. The platform evolves with its customers, resulting in a very collaborative and comfortable working atmosphere. We strongly suggest the Prestige Coins platform to beginning traders since their teaching resources are excellent, and they can easily guide you to start your wonderful journey from rags to riches.

Their customer service is extremely responsible and friendly, making newbies’ first trade encounter even more thrilling and involved. Their trading conditions, tools, and platforms further distinguish them from the competition.

To summarize, we did our best in our Prestige Coins review to present you with the most accurate and timely information about the broker. However, bear in mind that internet trading and the foreign market are fraught with danger, and it is best to approach trading as a real business rather than a game of chance.

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