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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Invest 505 review for your reading pleasure.

Invest 505 Review

Invest 505 logoInvest 505 is a top trading platform that caters to traders from all over the world with different levels of expertise in online trading. If you have decided to trade in the cryptocurrency market, I must say that you have made a very good investment option.

The cryptocurrency business is being considered internationally as one of the most significant and exciting online trading platforms. It is also the industry’s youngest member, having achieved tremendous success and expansion since 2009. This Invest 505 review will cover major aspects of this broker.

The first cryptocurrency, known as ‘Bitcoin,’ was introduced in 2009. The moniker ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was used by the unknown development company that came up with the concept of launching Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin provided the groundwork for the crypto business, and the industry hasn’t turned back since.

The business began as alternatives to the standard financial structure that presently governs the whole planet. According to statistics, nearly 2 billion individuals worldwide do not have a bank account. The reasons for this include the biases and limits imposed by traditional financial sectors such as banks when assigning accounts to people.

The cryptocurrency business was created to end this once and for all, giving everyone the chance to open an account and profit from the services accessible to everyone.

When the cryptocurrency business initially began, there was just one cryptocurrency known as ‘Bitcoin.’ However, as time passed, the number of cryptocurrencies increased, and there are now over 2,000 active cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is up to traders to select one from the complete array of crypto-assets.

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Initially, the only way to obtain Bitcoin was through mining. However, with the launch of the crypto exchange in the same year, 2009, investors were able to purchase, sell, and trade bitcoin. Over time, additional cryptocurrencies joined the fray, and the diversity of crypto markets has grown enormously.

From Good to Bad Crypto-Trading Experience

Things appeared to be relatively simple and manageable for crypto-brokers at the start of the cryptocurrency sector and cryptocurrency brokers in the same year. The main explanation for this was that there were not many coins or customers to deal with in the beginning.

The bitcoin industry has begun to grow in the last two years. Because of its unique character and prospective technical advances to the financial industry, the industry has gained international attention and appeal.

However, with a rising number of traders, a vast number of cryptocurrencies, and the crypto industry becoming more complicated, the duty is now on the 500+ cryptocurrency brokers to guarantee that they can stay up with crypto-trends.

The major objective is to assure that these cryptocurrency brokers can give their customers the products, amenities, and advantages that they deserve or be promised to begin with. The cryptocurrency sector has acquired a large customer base and numbers of traders over time.

According to statistics, the cryptocurrency sector had approximately 35 million customers in 2017, but by the middle of 2022, there will be more than 150 million users. Even though it is a highly promising position for the cryptocurrency sector, it has had a detrimental influence on it in the following ways:

Orientation of Crypto-Broker

As the number of customers in the bitcoin sector has grown, so have their investments. To capitalize on this potential, several cryptocurrency brokers have shifted their focus from trader-centric to broker-centric. Rather than focusing on traders’ education and grooming in the cryptocurrency sector, these platforms have begun to provide products and services that tend to make more money from their clients.

Many bitcoin investors have voiced discontent with the crypto trading platform with which they trade. This is also linked to the direction of the broker. Because they have grown more focused on investing, brokers are less interested in obtaining data from the crypto markets.

As a result, investors are under-informed about cryptocurrencies, impending events influencing cryptocurrencies, and a variety of other variables. As a result, the majority of the judgments made by investors result in a loss.

Regardless of how many services, instruments, or helpful information are provided to investors, an expert’s opinion is always the most important. That’s why the trader should always have exposure to someone who is a specialist in investing and can guide them in the proper route.

Invest 505 Role

As a result of the above, there is a chance that the cryptocurrency sector may soon begin to lose the reputation and status that it worked so hard to gain in the first place. This is where Invest 505 have stepped in to prevent additional damage.

Invest 505, like the majority of high-profile and well-known cryptocurrency brokers, is attempting to resurrect previous trends when crypto brokers were focusing on the training and growth of investors’ profiles. The broker sought to give investors all of the material, insights, advice, assistance, and support they needed to raise and decide things in the crypto-trading sector.

So, let me take this chance to throw some insight into the offerings that Invest 505 offers its traders to excel in the bitcoin business.

Trading Accounts Provided by Invest 505

Invest 505 guarantees that you have a wide range of trading choices to select from, proving its reputation as a trader-oriented cryptocurrency broker. Each account presented by Invest 505 is the result of the experienced traders’ and analysts’ work and effort and analysis in compiling this incredible list of brokerage account.

Each of the accounts developed by Invest 505 researchers and traders is appropriate for investors with varying levels of trading experience. So, if you want to trade with Invest 505, you may go through all the list and pick which account you want to use:


  • Basic Account

All you need to do to get the services offered by Invest 505’s ‘Basic’ trading account is make an investment of at least €1,000.

After making the purchase, you will have accessibility to the most basic trading advantages and services. Access to an instructional resource, daily stock market analyses, basic price notifications, and live assistance are among the features you will get access to.

  • Bronze Account

The ‘Bronze’ trading account is the second in Invest 505’s series of trading accounts. A deposit of at least 10,000 Euros is required to obtain entrance to the Bronze brokerage account.

You receive access to an instructional center, daily market evaluations, basic price notifications, a personal, professional account manager, and live assistance after you join the Bronze trading account.

  • Silver Account

The 3rd trading account available from Invest 505 is the Silver trading account. A deposit of at least 25,000 Euros is required to gain membership of Invest 505 silver trading account.

Once you’ve made the payment and the funds have been credited to your account, you’ll be able to access a range of perks and services. An instructional center, daily market analyses, pro-level price alerts, customized analytics, and a variety of trading marketplaces are among the most important features.

You’ll also get accessibility like customized trading techniques, Islamic account choices, and unique positions. In terms of real-time help, you may obtain live support, the assistance of a personal account manager, training sessions, and professional webinars.

  • Gold Account

Invest 505’s 4th trading account is called the ‘Gold’ trading account. To obtain access to a Gold account, you must have a substantial quantity of money accessible to make a minimum deposit of 50,000 Euros.

Once you have an account, you will have access to a wide range of services such as an instructional center, daily stock market analyses, price notifications, customer insights, and a choice of trading marketplaces. You also get access to features such as customized trading strategies, Islamic account options, unique position access, and premium events.

Furthermore, for real-time help, you may rely on live support, expert webinars, a specialized account manager, and customized trading sessions.

  • Platinum Account

The ‘Platinum’ trading account is Invest 505’s 5th and second most popular trading account. A deposit of at least 100,000 Euros is required to obtain accessibility to the platinum account.

You will get access to features such as an instructional center, daily market evaluations, VIP pricing alerts, VIP customer insights, and a variety of VIP markets after you have accessibility to the platinum account. You also get access to a VIP customized trading strategy, an Islamic account unique position access, and premium events.

In terms of real-time help, you get access to live assistance, a specialized Premium account executive, VIP seminars, and Private trading sessions.

  • Black Account

This is the most advanced degree of trading that Invest 505 offers to its traders. So, if you believe yourselves to be the greatest in bitcoin trading, you may go with this option. However, to obtain accessibility to this account, you must first contact your account manager, who will walk you through the rest of the process of acquiring the ‘Black’ account.

Major Cryptocurrency Trading Assets

True, there are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies now circulating in the cryptocurrencies and supported by Invest 505, but there are a few significant cryptocurrencies where Invest 505 thrives. Some of the most well-known examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which it provides:

Invest 505 trading instruments

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Regardless of how huge the cryptocurrency market becomes, one of the major actors is Bitcoin (BTC). It was the first cryptocurrency, giving rise to the crypto-industry, and is now the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

When it comes to pricing, Bitcoin (BTC) has shown to be the real contender whose rise continues to astound the entire globe. Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to gain mainstream acceptance in recent months as a result of its integration into the PayPal forum. If you opt to trade in Bitcoin (BTC), your initial investment of a few thousand dollars might yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in the following months.

  • Ethereum (ETH) 

Ethereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency, trailing only Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization (BTC). Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum has been acknowledged by PayPal due to its efforts and potential future.

According to estimates, Ethereum’s market value will soon surpass that of Bitcoin (BTC), and with the release of Eth2.0, the digital currency is gaining even more reputation, adoption, and a price increase.

  • Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is just as intriguing as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many crypto-analysts and trade experts refer to Litecoin (LTC) as ‘White BTC.’ But it is not as profitable as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is nevertheless a currency that is rapidly gaining popularity and international usage, making investing in LTC one of the best business options.

Why Should You Trade With Invest 505?

If you want to trade with Invest 505, you should be aware that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin aren’t the only cryptocurrencies supported by the broker.

Invest 505 offers the majority of cryptocurrencies that have a position in the cryptocurrency market today, and in the fun part from cryptocurrencies, Invest 505 also offers Forex trading, with a variety of crypto/fiat pairings to select from, such as BTC-dollars, ETH-pounds, and LTC-Euros, among others.

Trading Platform

When it concerns the trading platform, the broker’s trading platform was created by the broker’s analysts and development team. This is done to guarantee that it can update all of the trading platform’s offerings, instruments, and facilities without relying on third-party suppliers.

Invest 505’s trading platform has been designed with cutting-edge trading interfaces to give you customer-friendly trading conditions. In terms of tools/services, the site offers access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, a large number of crypto-trading marketplaces, the most recent information, price notifications, trading indicators, historical reports, forthcoming events, trading graphs, and much more.

No Additional/Hidden Fees

You must be aware by now that there are always fees that are hidden in the online world. You are only made aware of these charges after you have collected the required amount, and you are then obligated to pay them. Otherwise, you will face fines or a slew of additional fees.

The best part about this broker is that you won’t have to worry about any of this. When it relates to fees and charges, the transaction is quite simple and upfront. Whether there are any fees involved, you are already aware of them; if not, simply visit Invest 505’s website. The only fee or fee you will be charged while trading with this broker will be the one you see there.

In addition to hidden expenses, the fees you pay for each transaction are smaller than those charged by the majority of cryptocurrency brokers. This is another significant benefit that Invest 505 can provide.


It is critical for every crypto entity that deals directly with investors or consumers to follow anti-money laundering and KYC regulations. These regulations are in place to guarantee that the broker is not purposefully or accidentally involved in any unlawful or state-harming activity.

KYC Regulations

You must give the essential details to authenticate your identity when it comes to KYC policy. As a result, the information sought by Invest 505 is consistent with the requirements outlined in the KYC Regulations. As a result, Invest 505 will require you to give your personal details in order to accomplish this requirement.

AML Regulations

Invest 505 adheres to the AML policy in the same way as it adheres to KYC policy. Invest 505 assures that it maintains a careful check on each trader’s crypto-trading actions in order to comply with the AML policy. If payment is suspected of coming from an unknown or suspicious source, Invest 505 performs the appropriate investigations/inquiries to guarantee it is not participating in any money-laundering operations.

Easy Payment Options

When it comes to withdrawals and deposits, Invest 505 understands how inquisitive and careful individuals get when their money is on the line. Many cryptocurrency brokers across the world provide their investors with a plethora of payment ways in order to make things easier for them.

It has been noted that many of the time, investors feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of alternatives available and become more suspicious than before. That’s why Invest 505 has made things simple and straightforward for investors:


When it relates to deposits, Invest 505 allows you to use either a bank transfer or a bank card option. Invest 505 requires a minimum deposit of €1,000 to be a customer of the broker. It makes no difference if you have credit in another currency. When you make a deposit, the funds in your account are converted into euros at the current euro/your currencies rate before being deposited.


Although Invest 505’s withdrawal process may seem a little long, it has been implemented to assist secure your assets and cash. To be qualified for the withdrawal, you must present evidence of identification, proof of address, and have your card validated through the screening procedure.

Once all of the data has been validated, you will be capable of making the withdrawal. According to the AML policy, when you request withdrawals, the request is routed to the appropriate team, whose job is to conduct all required checks to ensure the validity and origin of the request.

Customer Support

Even when it comes to customer service, Invest 505 provides top-notch customer support. If your problem or worry is not urgent and can wait a bit, you may use email support, where you can send an email and wait for a highly professional, competent support agent to respond.

If your situation is serious and requires immediate attention, you can contact Invest 505’s hotline, which is open from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (UK Time).


After reading this review, you may understand why I am recommending you this broker to you. Its multiple account options, trading assets, major cryptocurrencies offerings, top-notch security, and responsive customer support are the main reasons to join this platform. I must say Invest 505 is a versatile brokerage firm, and you all should give it a try.

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