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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a CTproz review for your reading pleasure.

CTproz Review

CTproz logoIn online trading, CTproz is a platform that offers its services as a brokerage firm. In this CTproz review, we will discuss everything related to the platform and how it is different from others.

Trading online is not easy at all. It would help if you had a lot of experience to become a professional trader. But the real question is, how are you going to learn everything about trading. If you want to fulfil your dreams and earn your bread and butter, then you have an opportunity to earn some extra bucks other than your daily boring job.

You may not be a trader by profession, but that is fine. Most traders trading online are not traders by profession; instead, they belong to different professions and do trading as a side business.

Before the introduction of the internet, trading was not an easy job at all. There was a lot of struggle involved in trading, which made it difficult for many people. But with advancements in technology and the internet, trading has become accessible for everyone. If a person is a doctor, artist, or is related to any other profession, he or she can trade easily with the help of a device and internet connection.

Before moving further, let me tell you how online trading works. The main concept of online trading is the same as physical trading. Sellers sell their goods, and buyers buy them at a reasonable price. In online trading, whatever asset you are looking to trade needs to be bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price to earn profits.

There are many options available to trade online, as one of the most popular is stocks. You may have heard about the stock market and how people have multiplied their capital overnight with this market. But what you won’t hear so often is the losses that traders bear while investing in the stock market. Millions of cases are there where traders lost their money by investing in markets like stocks or any other online trading.

But what is the reason behind loss? The main reason is lack of knowledge and experience. Have you ever wondered why experienced traders earn big profits while inexperienced traders face the loss? This is because experienced traders know where to invest their capital, which helps them make a profit out of it.

But how can an inexperienced trader earn profits from this market? This is when a broker comes in handy. A brokerage firm helps you tell where to invest your money because the broker has been working in the market for years and knows what the market trends are.

With the help of his experience and prior knowledge about the market, he can give some pretty good advice to its customers. Hence it is very important to choose your broker wisely. This is exactly why I am writing this article because this article will help you make a better decision and help you choose the best broker available in the market.

If you look for brokers, you are going to find hundreds of them working in the market. It is quite confusing how every platform offers fascinating features and services and makes huge claims to attract more audiences. But as a trader, you should check the credibility of claims made by a platform. Let me explain this to you. Thousands of platforms are offering security as a key feature; they claim the latest encryption and security protocols.

But you should verify whether those claims are real or not? This can be done by reading reviews of that particular platform on various sites. There are hundreds of websites where you can read reviews regarding a particular platform, just like this article, which will help you better understand the platform. It would help if you never got manipulated by the claims that these platforms make and always look for the best platform for you.

To make it easier for you, I have researched and found out one of the best brokers named CTproz. This broker has been working in the market of online trading for years now, but still, it is not as experienced as some big names revolving around the market.

That doesn’t mean this platform is less than any other. There are a lot of features that this platform is offering that is exclusive to the CTproz only. This is why many traders are coming to this platform and preferring this platform over big names. But this statement is not enough to prove the credibility of the CTproz to you.

Here is everything that you need to know about the platform. I hope this will help you see a bigger picture of this platform and help you choose whether you should choose this platform.

CTproz online broker review

Get Help From Financial Advisors

CTproz is a professional platform that is working to provide the best services to its customers. The team of CTproz is experienced and knows exactly what traders want. This is why this platform is paying attention to everything, which is very rare among other platforms.

The first thing that CTproz offers is financial advisors. Those who don’t know about financial advisors are professionals who have been working in the market for years and know everything related to the market. These financial advisors will help you make the right decision about where to invest your money and when.

The platform of CTproz knows that not every trader is experienced. If you know the market and how it works, it won’t be a problem for you. But if you have recently joined the market and are still learning, things might be confusing and difficult for you to understand.

This is why CTproz is offering financial advisors to its customers, which will help traders who don’t have experience in the market to make some profits. There is confusion regarding financial advisors. How can they help you when the market is uncertain? For an ordinary trader, it may seem like the prices in the market are just randomly going up and down, and online trading is all about luck.

But that is not true at all. Online trading involves much more than just luck. It requires experience and the right tools to analyze the market and act accordingly. And if you don’t have that knowledge or experience, then CTproz has got you covered.

Wide Variety Of Trading Instruments

There are so many platforms which are offering different trading instruments. These platforms do not allow traders to trade multiple instruments under one platform, making it difficult for the customers. CTproz has taken a different approach towards this matter. It offers a wide variety of trading instruments to choose from, which can help every trader choose his preferred asset through the CTproz.

If we talk about traders, then there are many types of traders. Some are willing to trade forex, while others want to test the potential of commodities. At the same time, some traders are explorers and want to invest their money in different assets. If that is the case with you, then you have come to the right place because the following are the instruments that CTproz offers.

The first instrument offered by CTproz is forex trading. In this market, traders trade different currency pairs like USD/EUR and more. This market has a huge following, and it is very popular among experienced traders. For that reason, CTproz has included this instrument in the platform. The price fluctuations in the prices of different currencies help traders to earn profits.

The second instrument is commodities that CTproz offers. This market was very popular even before the introduction of the internet. Traders used to trade this instrument physically that you may have seen in real life as well. If you don’t know what commodities are, then let me tell you this is an instrument in which traders trade different types of raw materials like wheat, soybeans, cocoa, etc.

These were soft commodities, there is another category of hard commodities as well, which includes hard substances like precious metals, this includes steel, silver, iron, etc. In addition to that, you are also going to get the opportunity of trading cryptocurrencies as well. Some of the famous cryptocurrencies supported here are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and various others.

Customer Support Service

Customer support is an essential part of every platform. It is often referred to as a feature, but it is not a feature; instead, it is a must for every platform. You know the internet and computers can face many errors and bugs while dealing, but there should be good customer support added to the platform to solve any problems faced by traders.

CTproz has considered this point, and it is offering the best customer support to its customers. This support is available 24/7 and is extremely responsive and professionally handles any query that a customer might face during his experience.

No Compromise on security

As we all know, online trading is done through the internet. This innovation might have helped people to make their lives easier, but at the same time, it has compromised the privacy of its users as well. There have been hundreds of cases reported where traders got scammed by scammers, and the security of the customer was compromised but not with CTproz.

This platform is a professional platform offering the best services to its customers, and security is no different. To provide that peace of mind to the traders while trading, CTproz offers one of the best security and privacy policies to its customers.

We all know that CTproz is a regulated firm. This means there are some standard policies which this platform has to meet. KYC or Know Your Customer policy and AML or Anti Money Laundering policy have been those standard policies for years.

These policies are designed by financial regulatory authorities to make platforms more secure. If we talk about the KYC policy, this policy requires traders to provide proof of their identity. You may have noticed. Whenever you register with a regulated platform like CTproz, you will be asked to provide some legal documents. An ID card or driver’s license can be provided to prove your identity.

Other than that, you also have to provide some proof for your residence as well. This means that whenever you are registering yourself with CTproz, you have to provide a valid utility bill or credit card bill, proving your residence.

The regulatory authorities make these proofs compulsory because when a scammer is registering himself on a platform. He is never going to reveal his identity because it can become a way to catch the scammer. Instead, he will try everything to hide, and with the help of this policy, he can’t get into the platform.

Another policy that has been made a part of regulated platforms is AML. This policy was initiated after there were cases reported regarding money laundering. Traders used to launder their black money through platforms that took the attention of financial regulatory authorities, and they made this policy compulsory for every platform to have. This policy helps platforms stop any illegal activity from happening on the platform, including money laundering.

Till now, we have discussed scammers, but what about the computer experts who can hack into your account and steal your data? For that purpose, CTproz is offering the latest SSL technology to keep its platform safe from hackers. Every trader should keep in mind that two things are at stake when working with a platform.

The first one is the money you have kept in the platform to trade; the second is your personal and financial information while registering yourself. Both of these things must be kept secure, and this is why CTproz has taken these steps to provide the best trading experience to the customers without having to worry about anything.

Eiro-group security

Many Accounts To Choose From

Are you the type of trader that looks for versatile accounts? Or one that can provide you with the features you need for a great trading experience? Because with CTproz you will get the chance to choose a trading account that suits your needs.

Why are more account options a must? For those who trade, it is important to choose a trading account that provides the services and features that a user would want. Now, when you look into the market, you will never find two brokers that are the same.

Why is this? Because every broker has something different to offer. Similarly, no two traders are the same. Every trader has a different objective for why they want to do exchanges. They have different career goals and varying needs too. To cater to a trader’s needs and preferences, you need more account options. Otherwise, the trader gets forced to choose an account that will not be helpful for trade at all.

That is why CTproz is a broker that many users consider and love to work with. This broker presents six trading accounts, and each one of them varies. It is a feature that assists traders because they can choose the account that would cater to their needs. Let’s see what the options are.

The first account that you will come across in CTproz is the Basic account. This account is meant for traders that are very new to the field and have little understanding of the market. To access the account, you have to deposit an amount ranging from 500 to 9,999 Euros.

With this account, you will also get the chance to receive trading alerts and daily market reviews. These two features are great for staying up to date and improving your knowledge about the market.

The second account type offered by CTproz is called “Silver account.” This account is designed for intermediate traders and can be opened with a minimum deposit limit of 10,000 to 99,999 Euros. Through this account, you can access the previous features, advanced charts, and a savings account.

Next, we have the Gold account. If you are a trader with more experience, then this account will be very suitable for you. By depositing an amount that starts from 100,000 and can go up to 249,000 Euros, you can unlock the Gold Account. The previous features will be available, and you will get exclusive updates, access to an account manager 24/7, and a group of analysts.

The next account in line is the Platinum Account which can be unlocked if you deposit 250,000 to 499,999 Euros. Once again, all the previous features would be available but you will get an extra one too. That is money management, and through this feature, you can learn how to monitor and manage your funds.

The last two accounts are the Diamond account and Millionaire Club, and these are for traders that are professional at trading or even experts. You have to deposit money for the Diamond account ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 Euros and 1,000,000 Euros for the Millionaire Club. Because the fund is extremely high, it is important to join only to afford the risk.


As you have gone through everything that CTproz offers, I hope that you will be better positioned to decide what is best for you. If you want to learn more about CTproz, then you can head out to its platform. You can find many other features that CTproz offers, and you can register yourself to start making money for yourself.

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