Miami to Hold Enormous Bitcoin Conference in June 2021

After the ongoing long-term COVID 19 interruption, the biggest gathering of Bitcoin is going to be held in the coming month, June 2021. In Miami, Bitcoin 2021 session will take place in the coming month, in which notable speakers, celebrities, regulators, Bitcoin supporters, and investors around the crypto production are going to take part. Initially, the program was planned to take place in Los Angeles on the 30th and 1st of April and May, respectively. But COVID 19’s subsequent wave and the entrance of vaccines shifted the date and venue of the meeting. Now, as per the proposed plan, the Bitcoin Conference 2021 will be held on the 3rd and 5th of June 2021 in Miami.

It has been declared that the Wynwood Mana Convention Center of Miami will be the venue for the ceremony. Bitcoin conference could not take place in the recent year because of the corona pandemic, but this year it will be conducted abiding by the limitations imposed due to the pandemic. The range of participants was shortened to 21,000. Even then, this event will be the biggest as compared to the previous sessions because the management is hoping for 12,000 members that will be more than former sittings.

Rearrangement from Los Angeles to Miami

The organizers stated that due to the unbearable situation after COVID 19, they could not conduct the session in Los Angeles, even after struggling hard. Miami was selected as the suitable place for the ceremony as it is considered to be the center of technological advancement. Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, agreed and suggested the management should conduct a session of 3 days because he is a pro-Bitcoin. Suarez validated that Bitcoin is supported by the people of Miami city as an admissible digital currency. The Mayor exclaimed in March that it would support controlling the nuclear energy magnitude of Miami if it becomes the mining hub of Bitcoin.

This conference is being conducted to raise awareness and educating people about the biggest decentralized cryptocurrency in the world. It will focus on the technical evolution of Bitcoin and its contributions towards the transparent and secure regulation of digital currency. Another purpose of the convocation is to promote the prevalence of Bitcoin among the common masses.

The Speakers of the Event

The leading speakers of the conference include Francis Suarez (Mayor of Miami), Michael Saylor (CEO of MicroStrategy), Ron Paul (an ex-congressman), Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO). Other notable spokesmen involve the Winklevoss twins, Warren Davidson, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Max Keiser.

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