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Stonewall Capital
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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Stonewall Capital review for your reading pleasure.

Stonewall Capital Review

Stonewall Capital logoStonewall Capital is a brokerage firm offering its services to traders who are willing to trade assets online. Other platforms provide the same benefits as well, but in this Stonewall Capital review, we will see what this platform offers us and how it is better than any other platforms available in the market.

Trading is not an easy job, especially for people who are not aware of how trading works. Many people think that trading is much easier and more fun than regular 9 to 5 jobs, but it is much more than that. When a person is doing a job, he or she is just required to give his best during his or her office timings.

After you reach home, your tensions are left back in the office, and you feel relaxed. But in trading, it is not the case. A trader will always be worried about his business and will always fear losing his money. But with advancements in technology, trading has become much easier and more convenient than before.

Online trading is an excellent example of how easy it has become to trade and earn extra money. But in online trading, you need a lot of experience and the best tools available in the market to enhance your trading experience. For young traders who have recently joined the world of online trading, it is tough to gain experience and knowledge about the market quickly.

It takes time to become a professional trader, along with hard work and devotion. But this hard work and time can be reduced for young traders. Do you want to know how? This is why brokers are an essential part of online trading. Brokers offer you a platform where you can trade your preferred assets easily and help you make suitable investments at the right time, which can earn you profits.

But choosing a broker is not an easy job. There are a lot of scammers and fraudsters out there as well who don’t have good intentions. The cases of scams and frauds are increasing day by day as more and more traders join this venture of online trading. And there is no promised way to stop this rate except for just being cautious.

This is why articles like this come in really handy to help traders get to know about a platform and its legitimacy. In this article, we will talk about one of the best brokerage firms known as Stonewall Capital. You may have noticed that in the world of online trading, most traders prefer choosing already popular platforms, and there are some big names for it as well.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid using new opportunities, especially when these new platforms offer you the same services at a much lower price point.

This is the main reason for writing this article so that you know all the options you have and why you should consider Stonewall Capital as your broker. But before we get into the context, let me clarify why it is so important to choose your broker wisely? Experienced traders have been trading for years and know everything about online trading.

Still, even professional traders can sometimes face losses because they don’t have the right tools and platform to use their abilities. On the other hand, there have been many cases in which inexperienced traders have made big money, and that is because they manage to find a good broker like Stonewall Capital to help them earn some profits. So it all depends on the platform and how you use it.

Talking about Stonewall Capital, this platform is offering all of the latest tools and technology to help young and experienced traders earn profits. There is confusion in most traders’ minds about whether this is a legitimate platform or just another scam. Let me tell you that Stonewall Capital is a regulated platform which means that it meets the eligibility criteria to service in this market, and that makes a huge deal for this platform.

Many financial regulatory authorities are constantly looking for scammers and fraudsters like police and other agencies lookout for criminals in real life. So being approved by such monetary authorities is undoubtedly going to help you clear this confusion out. Other than this, there are many reviews and testimonials, which proves the legitimacy of this platform and shows us that it is not a scam.

With all of that being said, now is the time to dive deep into the platform and see what it has to offer. Some of the significant features are listed below:

Stonewall Capital online trading platform review

Wide Variety Of Trading Instruments

Stonewall Capital is catering for millions of customers, and as human beings, we all have different preferences and choices. Some are willing to invest in forex, while some are excited to test the potential of the stock market.

To help every trader trade according to his preference, Stonewall Capital offers a wide variety of trading instruments for traders to choose from. With the help of this variety of options, almost every trader will find his preferred assets on this platform. If someone wants to invest his capital in multiple platforms, that is possible with Stonewall Capital.

  • Forex trading

The first instrument that is offered by Stonewall Capital is a forex, and there is the highest number of customers who trade forex with Stonewall Capital. This is because this market is vast and has a lot of potentials. Many traders have been selling this instrument for years and having a platform to trade forex easily with all of the currency pairs. Then indeed, it is one of the best choices that traders have at the moment.

For those who don’t know about forex trading, it is trading famous currency pairs of different countries, such as USD/EUR, and more. This trading works with the fluctuations in the price of a currency like if the cost of USD increases, it can benefit the traders who bought it at a lower price.

Stonewall Capital offers you a very professional and transparent working environment. You can trade forex and take help from the experienced team of this platform just if you are new to this market or want to enhance your skills.

  • Commodities 

Many traders are not aware of this instrument. If you are one of those traders, then let me tell you a little about this market. Commodities are the trading of financial goods which can be traded like Gold, Silver, Sugar, Wheat, etc. this is an instrument that has been traded even before the introduction of online trading.

Traders used to move to different towns and countries to sell their goods and earn profits. But with the advancement in technology, this instrument has been added to the online market. Stonewall Capital offers this instrument on its platform, and traders who are willing to trade this instrument can trade it very quickly.

  • Stock market 

The stock market is one of the most popular markets in the world of trading. In this market, traders invest a small amount of their money in the stock market and withdraw a significant profit from it. But this can be done only if you have the experience and know where to invest your money. Stonewall Capital allows you to support your cash in your favourite company by buying its stocks and earning profits.

Customer support service

For any online platform, customer support is a significant point to consider. As in the online world, platforms are not physically serving the customers. Instead, they are working through an online channel, and it makes it difficult for traders to trust anyone behind the computer screen.

There can be many errors and bugs in the platform faced by traders that need to be overcome by the platform. For that matter, customer support service comes into play.

Many platforms offering the same services as Stonewall Capital neglect this point because they think offering more and more features is better than giving support to the customers. Platforms are overconfident about their tools and platforms that they believe there won’t be any error or problem, and if there is any, they will cater it accordingly.

But the fact is that there can be thousands of other queries of traders which they need to ask from platforms. And having a good and robust customer support system is a must for every professional broker.

Stonewall Capital is offering you a very robust customer support service, which is available 24/5. This service consists of a dedicated team working day and night every day to give you any support you may need during your experience with the firm. There is an option of live chat as well, which you can use to get instant reply from the team of Stonewall Capital.

Group500 customer support service

No Compromise On The Security

Trading online can be risky sometimes. There have been many cases reported where inexperienced traders can get scammed by many scammers. If you want to stop scammers, then the platform must provide a secure trading platform. Stonewall Capital is doing its job very professionally; it meets all of the eligibility criteria to offer the traders the most secure and regulated platform.

Stonewall Capital has infused two different privacy policies, KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering). KYC policy is responsible for avoiding any scammer from entering the platform. When you register with the forum, you will notice that you have to provide proof of your identity through an ID card or any other official document and proof of residence with the help of a utility bill or credit card bill.

These proofs can be constructive to make this platform secure. As you know, scammers would never reveal their identity, hence with the help of this policy, platforms can restrict any scammer from making an account on the forum, and in case anyone does, then the firm will have all the data about its customer.

The second type of policy, known as AML policy, is responsible for preventing illegal activity like money laundering from happening on the platform. This policy is beneficial and is compulsory for every regulated platform to have.

This is why Stonewall Capital is fulfilling all the basic requirements along with its encryption technology. Stonewall Capital leaves no way for scammers or hackers to get a hold on the accounts of its respected customers. This is why Stonewall Capital has integrated SSL encryption technology that keeps the data and the money of the trader safe.

Trade From Anywhere

Stonewall Capital is offering one of the most versatile trading platforms. There are multiple types of traders. Some are willing to trade on their computers or laptops, while others prefer trading on more handy devices like mobile phones and tablets. Stonewall Capital caters to every trader and offers a platform for every device.

For computers and laptops, Stonewall Capital has designed software for computers which are very well optimised and provide the best performance to the computer users. This software consists of the latest interface, which offers a seamless experience for its users. The traders who have been using this platform have rated this platform as one of the best ways to trade.

If you don’t like to trade on computers, or you prefer trading on convenient devices like mobiles and tablets, then Stonewall Capital has something for you as well. It is offering mobile phone applications that are designed in a way that you won’t lose anything. Many traders think that trading on mobile phones is not an intelligent choice.

They believe that you will have to compromise on certain features and overall experience and ease of trading on computers when you trade on the phone. But it is not valid. It depends on the platform to offer software where you can trade easily without even sacrificing anything.

Multiple Account Types Offered By Stonewall Capital

There are different types of accounts offered by Stonewall Capital. Here is a list of varying trading accounts provided by this platform from which you can choose your preferred type according to the experience and investment you want to put in this market.

  • Silver account

The first account offered by Stonewall Capital is a silver account. This account type is designed for traders who have recently joined the world of online trading and are still in the learning phase. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 10,000 or more, which is relatively high for an entry-level trader.

But this account is offering much more than any ordinary account provided by other platforms. The features include 24/5 customer support for the traders who face any type of issue during their trades. This platform also has one on one basic training to enhance the skills of traders. 2 signals per month is also a part of this account.

  • Gold account 

This is the second account you will find at Stonewall Capital, and it is meant for those traders who have a little more understanding of the trading world and the market. If you are interested in opening this account, then you will have to deposit a total amount of 25,000. You will also get the chance to have personal training sessions, and you can access the education centre to learn more.

You can also use trading signals and enjoy the unlimited trading dashboard. Other than that, users can reach out to the customer support team 24/7 or reach out to the account manager. This account manager will be personal, meaning you can reach out to it individually without any issue. Lastly, you can enjoy ten signals monthly and regular trading news from the market.

  • Platinum account

This is the third account on the list, and it starts from a minimum deposit of 50,000. The features included in this account type are pretty fascinating. The most exciting part of this account is that there are no withdrawal fees if you wish to withdraw your funds from the store. There is a credit line for premium trading events, which makes it a pretty big deal for experienced traders.

  • Signature account

This is the fourth account offered by Stonewall Capital and can be opened by a minimum deposit of 250,000 or more. By now, you can guess that this account is designed for the most experienced traders, and they are given some extra advantages. Features of this account include a personal session with a market analyst, private banking, leverage up to 1:300, and many more.

  • VIP account

As the name says, this account is for unique traders only and requires 1,000,000 or more to open this account. The features of this account are customisable and open a new opportunity for the most experienced traders.

Final Verdict

As you have gone through everything that is offered by Stonewall Capital, now it is up to you to decide whether this platform is good enough for you or not. For more information on Stonewall Capital, visit its platform.

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