Media Reports Claim That Afghanistan’s Locals Are Turning To Cryptocurrencies

As the Taliban are constantly strengthening their control over Afghanistan, the financial aspect of the country undergoes a grand crisis. Cryptocurrency is generally described as a regular means for tackling the rising economic turmoil, and a recent instance is Venezuela seeing a dynamic effect of this method. Although reports suggest that Afghan locals are progressively … Read more

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Says Binance Is Now Compliant With Requirements

Binance Markets Limited, the England-based associate of the largest exchange of cryptocurrency all across the world, is currently following the requirements that the United Kingdom’s authority of financial conduct implemented on the firm in June, as stated by FCA on Wednesday. A warning has been issued by FCA against the company as well as its … Read more

deVere Group CEO Expects Ethereum To Outshine BTC In Next Five Years

The CEO of deVere Group, one of the largest independent financial advisory firms in the world, Nigel Green is one among the few investors in the crypto space that are bullish on Ethereum over BTC. He, however, share similar optimistic sentiments with other Ether enthusiasts on the ETH takeover. Ether enthusiasts believe that the new … Read more

Monetary Authority Of Singapore Approves DBS Vickers To Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Services

DBS Vickers, a brokerage firm regarding the derivatives and securities under the umbrella of DBS (a Singapore-based bank), also runs a crypto exchange named DDEx (DBS Digital Exchange). It intends to straightforwardly support the companies and asset managers involved in the trade of digital tokens via DDEx. DBS stated that the firm is making the … Read more

CipherTrace Introduces A Set Of Monero Tracing Tools

CipherTrace, a firm for analyzing blockchain statistics, has made an announcement saying that it is going to issue a tracing toolset to be used with Monero (a privacy coin). Nonetheless, the community of Monero coin is still unconvinced about the toolset’s effectiveness. The Monero toolset of the firm has been reported to make the customers … Read more

Marathon Digital Buys 30k More Bitcoin Miners From Bitmain

Bitmain, China’s biggest maker of crypto mining devices, has traded 30,000 miners to Marathon Digital (a publicly-traded firm providing the technology of digital assets to the crypto miners) in return for $120.7M, as pronounced in a Monday’s press release. Bitman (a firm based in Beijing) is not much powerful in selling mining apparatus. Inside the … Read more

CME Group Publishes Its Quarterly Report For Q2 2021

The quarterly report about its Q2 of 2021 has been published by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), which states that the company has acquired a slight increase in profit due to the latest products, including Bitcoin futures contracts. The report further mentions revenue of nearly $1.2B as well as an average progression of 5% … Read more

TikTok Has Banned Ads Related To Cryptocurrencies

This week, TikTok has incorporated some new updates into its policy about the branded content, and it is placing a block on the crypto influencers. The implications of the policy include the developers whose content revolves around the broader financial spaces such as cryptocurrency. The policy update Although there are some exceptions, the latest prohibited … Read more

Is Bitcoin (BTC) Bullish Run Over?

The continuous fluctuation in the Bitcoin market has forced many analysts to frequently change their viewpoint with the bullish to bearish trend and vice versa. In this type of situation, different market indicators, analyses, and metrics predict the different types of upcoming situations, which as a result, intensify the fear, doubt, and uncertainty among traders. … Read more

Australian Cryptocurrency Fund Apollo Capital Reports 119% YTD Returns Without DOGE And DeFi

A $75 million Australian cryptocurrency managing hedge fund recently made headlines thanks to its post about the massive spike in returns experienced on a year-to-date (YTD) basis, with the increase being recorded at just about 120%. What is even more interesting, however, is the fact that this fund, which goes by the name of Apollo … Read more

Christopher Wood Says Cryptocurrency Crackdown Imposed By China Will Clear The Way For Its Digital Yuan

Chinese officials, according to financial analyst and Jefferies Global Head of Equity Strategy Christopher Wood, want no competition for their digital yuan. That is why they have recently imposed a ban on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. China is more concerned with its CBDC than with its carbon footprint. Christopher Wood, a well-known financial expert specializing … Read more

Portugal And Japan Have Approved New Digital Currency Exchanges

Portugal and Japan have approved the establishment of new bitcoin exchanges in their respective countries. So far, Portugal has endorsed two exchanges, and Japan granted Coinbase permission to operate within the country. Coinbase is approved in Japan Coinbase can now begin operations in the Japanese territory, as the country’s leading financial regulatory agency has given … Read more