deVere Group CEO Expects Ethereum To Outshine BTC In Next Five Years

The CEO of deVere Group, one of the largest independent financial advisory firms in the world, Nigel Green is one among the few investors in the crypto space that are bullish on Ethereum over BTC. He, however, share similar optimistic sentiments with other Ether enthusiasts on the ETH takeover.

Ether enthusiasts believe that the new price levels of the digital asset will make it the leading asset in the crypto space. Green, however, affirms that that ETH is positioning itself to achieve this, and it will happen in less than five years.

Green Gave the ETH-BTC Takeover Analysis

The CEO analyzed the possibility of the takeover and how it will happen. As reported by CityAM, the CEO believes that the token is doing much better than Bitcoin, and the trend will continue at least for the rest of the year.

More than the competition with Bitcoin, Green noted further that Ethereum had outperformed its peers while he was reflecting on the asset performance this year.

He said, “Ethereum gained 240% this year, and the increase in BTC’s price is just 38%. Ethereum did more than other crypto benchmark assets in the first six months of the year.”

Green is Still Long On BTC, Sure of the Bull Run Again

Despite the market drawbacks, the CEO is very confident of the Ethereum takeover, but he is not bearish on BTC. There is huge confidence that BTC will rise to its previous ATH and even surpass.

Green said, “First of all, the applicability potential of Ether is as high as the platform on which it is set up, Ethereum. Ethereum became the most demanded platform for smart contracts and eventually became so valuable globally – not only for developers as a platform but to the global space as a financial utility.”

The main driver for the price surge is the announcement of the ETH 2.0 as the upgrade is underway. The interest in the network for investment has increased, and it is envisaged to keep increasing in the coming years. Nigel Green stated this observation is a statement referencing the arrival of sustainability, scalability, and security as the main gamechanger for the network.

In conclusion, Green said, “These upgrades are not just a boost to the Ethereum network alone but the entire blockchain technology. With all these, finally, the value of the network’s native token, Ether, will soon exceed that of Bitcoin in less than five years.”

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