Bank De France, CBN Among Eight New Hyperledger Members

In recent reports, there has been an addition to the list of users of the central blockchain systems and application developer, Hyperledger. These new members include the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), Casperlabs, DSR corporation, and five others. As the result of the recent impressive progress made on the study of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), a number of central banks in countries have decided to leverage the capabilities of Hyperledger by involving its free-source innovative tech in the study schemes to produce a way out of banking issues.

The Cambodian central bank and several other banking systems in Asian countries make use of Hyperldger Iroha. At the same time, the CBN employs a different program of Hyperledger blockchain solutions, which is the Hyperledger Fabric.

Why Join the Hyperledger Forum?

Linux foundation manager, head of the identity, healthcare, and blockchain sector, who is also the Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation, Daniela Barbosa, said in her statement that the tech and enterprise landscape for free-source commercial blockchain would continue to become even more potent as it will be seen on the podium at the global forum of Hyperledger.

She also added that hyperledger innovative tech could do a great job at restructuring and improving the current enterprise landscape and can help develop new ones. Furthermore, she stated that the recent additions to their forum are contributing various transformations to their community, helping to speed up the building of free, decentralized tech that may develop into a framework for subsequent apps and services.

September 12, 2022 is the beginning of the Hyperledger forum, an online meeting platform that involves a Central Bank Digital Currency Session with the central bank of France in attendance. Other newly joining members include Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) group, Realto groups, CapserLabs, INATBA, and the DSR corporation.

What is Hyperledger Foundation?

Hyperledger was Established in 2015 with the aim of helping to run transparent and effective services in the commercial sector with the use of free-source blockchain software tech. Hyperledger is a project that belongs to the Linux Foundation, and it hosts a community of both non-member and member organizations, software engineers, and contributors that employ distributed ledgers, blockchain, and other techs to develop commercial-level mediums, solutions, tools, and libraries for systems that can accommodate multiple parties.

The reason different organizations join the forum is to display, interact, communicate and connect with others, make their moves in the blockchain community known, and also display their leadership in the commercial blockchain world. Its member sectors typically include organizations in tech production, distribution chains, medical and healthcare, finance, banking, and so on.

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