ActivTrades Review – Is ActivTrades a Recommended Forex Broker?

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a ActivTrades review for your reading pleasure.

ActivTrades Review

ActivTrades logoHave you always wanted to have a career in trading? A few years ago, doing so was easier said than done because you had to venture in the market itself to look for a broker and then get started. Things have changed significantly in the last couple of years and starting a trading career has become immensely easy due to the internet and technological advancement.

It has now become possible for people to go online and find a broker for signing up and launching their trading career. Today, there are hundreds of online brokers who are offering their services to aspiring traders.

But, the real challenge is finding the right broker who can facilitate trading and not make it difficult for you. There are brokers in the market who can do this. As a matter of fact, the market has various scam brokers as well who are only in it to take advantage of their clients and to exploit them as much as possible.

You have to be cautious when choosing a broker and do your homework for making the right choice. Among the brokerages operating in the market, one is ActivTrades. Even though it is definitely not the only broker or even the oldest one, it has managed to develop a strong reputation.

This is due to the fact that ActivTrades is certainly doing some things right and not many brokers are providing the services that it is capable of. This has helped ActivTrades in gaining international exposure and has attracted a number of traders to its platform for fulfilling their needs and starting their trading career. As mentioned earlier, you should always do your homework before you choose a broker and this also applies to ActivTrades. Before you sign up with it, it is recommended that you view its various aspects to determine if it is the right fit for you.

ActivTrades website

Let’s check out some of its prominent features and offerings in detail:

ActivTrades Offers Impressive Trading Products

Most traders have one priority; finding a broker that enables them to trade multiple assets from a single platform. While some traders want to focus on a single instrument, most are aware that diversification is the best way to maximize your returns in a trading career. Signing up with different brokers for trading different instruments is a big hassle and will only make it difficult to manage your portfolio. The key is to find one broker that offers you all trading instruments in one place and this is where ActivTrades fits the bill perfectly. It understands that portfolio diversification is a priority for many because everyone wants to keep their risks at a minimum.

ActivTrades offers its traders the opportunity of partaking in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading, which means people don’t trade assets in their real form. Instead, they trade contracts in the name of these assets and this means that you will not be given ownership of the actual asset. For instance, if you trade gold with ActivTrades, it doesn’t mean that you actually own gold; you just own a contract that predicts the price of the precious metal. The best thing about CFD trading is that it allows you to invest in a wide variety of assets.

Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that ActivTrades has more than 5,000 trading products to offer to its clientele for trading. These products are spread out all over the financial markets and this gives you the freedom to invest in whatever instrument you like. With ActivTrades, you can invest in the stock market and the broker gives you access to some of the leading companies in the US and elsewhere. The brokerage has also added numerous forex currency pairs to its asset index, including major, minor and exotic pairs.

You can also trade indices of your choice or if you are looking for a safer and less volatile option, ActivTrades has added commodities to the mix. These include metals, energies and crops, amongst others. However, the most prominent offering of the brokerage is the addition of cryptocurrencies to their asset index. It is still a relatively new trading product, but has gained a lot of attention due to its potential. Keeping that in mind, ActivTrades has added various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, to their list, making the broker a comprehensive choice for everyone.

ActivTrades Offers an Advanced and User-Friendly Platform

A trading platform plays a very important role in a trader’s success and trading experience. If the trading platform doesn’t function properly, there is a good chance that you will end up losing money even if you make the right decisions.

The problem with a subpar trading platform is that it has tons of security vulnerabilities, lacks trading tools that can help in accurate decision making, doesn’t provide up to date information and executes trades very slowly, resulting in various missed opportunities. If you don’t want to face these risks, you have to ensure that the broker you select is offering you the best trading platform for your trading needs.

ActivTrades has done an excellent job in this regard because the broker has incorporated the top trading platform that currently exists in the market; MetaTrader 4. With ActivTrades, you can access trading platform and if you have any knowledge of any trading, then you will know exactly how important this platform is.

However, the most appealing fact about the broker is that they have given their clients’ access to the MT4 in several forms and they can opt for one as per their convenience. First and foremost, the broker lets you use the traditional and most popular option i.e. the desktop MT4 client.

The platform can be downloaded easily on your device and it enables you to trade the asset of your choice. It is available for Windows and MacOS as well, which further adds to its conveniences. If you don’t want to download the trading platform on your device, you can choose to use the WebTrader version of the MT4.

This particular version can be accessed via the web browser, which means you can use it on any device that supports a web browser. It can be accessed in the same way as any other website. This saves you from having to worry about any compatibility issues and the performance of the trading platform doesn’t depend on the device either.

Another important feature of the web-based trading platform is that it is maintained by the broker and clients don’t have to install any updates for keeping it running. It can provide a uniform experience, no matter what device you access it on. Apart from these two options, ActivTrades has also catered to the modern trader by offering them access to the MT4 mobile trading apps. This allows traders to benefit from trading on the go, no matter where they are. The app is available for both Android and iOS ecosystems, which enables you to download on your device easily.

ActivTrades trading platform

The app is also equipped with the necessary trading tools and features and can deliver an equally smooth trading experience for the users.

ActivTrades Offers a Range of Account Choices

Any good and trustworthy broker makes an effort to provide all its clients with everything they need to trade profitably, whether they are newbies or experienced traders. This also includes coming up with various account choices that are designed for different types of traders with varying levels of investment. Not everyone can spend the same amount or may not be comfortable in doing so. ActivTrades is fully aware of this and so the broker has come up with a range of account choices to give every trader the opportunity of trading in the financial market in order to reap high profits. This gives everyone the freedom to choose an account that meets their needs.

When you check out ActivTrades, you will come across unique account options that allow you to lay the foundation of your trading career. The most important account offering is the demo account, which has been primarily developed to assist newbie traders in understanding the system and mastering the art of trading. Even if you are an experienced broker, it is recommended that you first try out the demo account to get a feel of the trading environment at ActivTrades. This account mimics the conditions of the market and gives you virtual currency that you can use for making traders.

Beginners and newbies can use this opportunity to practice traders and perfect their trading strategies whereas experienced traders are able to eliminate their mistakes and try out new moves without putting their investment at risk. Once you have gotten familiar with trading and the market, ActivTrades gives you the Real account option. As the name indicates, this account gives you access to the real financial market in which you can trade more than 5,000 assets. You can engage in a live trading environment and use your funds for making trades.

The next account option that you will find at ActivTrades is the Islamic account and this is one that not many brokers will offer. This is exactly like the real trading account, but there are no rollover or swap charges for holding positions overnight. This is due to the fact that this account option is for Muslim traders who cannot indulge in any activity involving interest. Under the Islamic account, no swap is applied, but they can still trade all instruments, hedge positions, use leverage and deposit funds and withdraw them in a convenient way.

ActivTrades Implements KYC and AML Policy

As mentioned earlier, the financial markets have plenty of brokers that are only scams and just want to take advantage of traders. Not all brokers are scam, but not all are regulated either. The problem with unregulated brokers is that they are shady and do not follow set rules and regulations.

This makes it risky to sign up with them because they do not have any check and balances in place and allow everyone to create an account with them. It is an open invitation to scammers and other cybercriminals to sign up with them and gain access to their platform, from where they can compromise their network and security.

You need to steer clear of such brokers and should look for one who has proper policies in place for verifying the identity of every individual who signs up with them. ActivTrades is one broker that has ensured that its customers don’t have to worry about such issues. They are a properly regulated broker and they have implemented the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for verification purposes. What does this mean? The KYC policy is designed to get proof of identity and proof of address from everyone signing up on their platform to ensure they are legitimate and not some cybercriminal or hacker.

Proof of identity can be given by submitting any government-issued ID, such as national ID card, passport or driver’s license. Proof of address can be given in the form of bank statement, utility bill or any similar document that’s not more than three months old. Next, the AML policy is designed to ensure that the broker’s platform cannot be used for any illegal activity or financial crime like money laundering.

Documents are required to show your source of income and traders can only use accounts in their own name. No third-party accounts can be used for depositing or withdrawing funds. The same deposit and withdrawal method has to be used to ensure there is no transfer of funds between entities and to ensure everything remains authentic and transparent.

With the help of these policies, ActivTrades is able to ensure that authentic accounts are created on their platform that are only interested in trading and cannot be used for any illegal activity.

ActivTrades Has a Robust Security Infrastructure

If you do some research, you will come across numerous incidents about brokers who were hacked and customer funds or information was stolen by hackers. This can lead to a lot of problems for traders and brokerages alike. It is also one of the top reasons why many traders hesitate in opting for online trading because they are worried about having their hard-earned money or identity stolen. How can you protect yourself from this risk? The key is to look for a brokerage that has a strong security infrastructure for keeping your money and your personal information safe.

Every legitimate brokerage that cares about its clients will take this step because they want to provide them with peace of mind during the trading process. ActivTrades has also done the same and has gone to great lengths to provide a robust security infrastructure to its clients. In order to protect the personal details that traders have to share with the brokerage, the best encryption protocols are implemented. All information that’s entered on the broker’s website is immediately encrypted and will appear as unintelligible symbols and letters to outsiders.

Without a decryption key, no one will be able to make sense of the information, which ensures that your confidential information cannot be used without your permission. Even if criminals are able to gain access, they will not be able to decipher the encrypted data. Along with security of information, ActivTrades has also taken measures to ensure safety of funds. As it is a regulated broker, they have chosen to keep segregated accounts for their clients. What does this mean? This means that all customer accounts are kept separate from the brokerage’s own account.

Traders can have access to their funds whenever they want and they can rest assured that no one else will be able to use their money for any purpose, including the purpose. Keeping segregated accounts ensures that the brokerage cannot use the traders’ funds for their own activities. Accounts are separate so there can be no mix up. The greatest benefit of this feature is that in case the brokerage goes bankrupt, the money that you have deposited with them stays safe. They will not be able to use your funds for paying any of their debts or obligations.

All the deposited funds will be returned to you, except for the money that you may lose during the trading process.

ActivTrades Makes Deposits Easy

It is understood that in order to trade, you have to make an investment. This means that you have to deposit money in your account with ActivTrades to get started. The broker has collaborated with some of the leading and secure payment providers to help clients in making deposits in a convenient manner. Safety of funds and is a major concern for ActivTrades due to which they have developed a personal and sophisticated clients’ portal. This portal enables all their traders to enjoy a great deal of flexibility and comfort for depositing their funds or withdrawing them. In order to deposit money into your trading account with ActivTrades, you have to follow a very simple and straightforward process.

First, you need to log into your account with ActivTrades, go to the Client Portal and click the deposit option. You will be asked to choose a method for depositing funds, such as bank wire transfer, debit or credit card including both Visa and MasterCard. Online deposit methods are also available. As long as your request fulfills all requirements outlined under the AML policy, you will be able to complete the deposit process without any hassle.

ActivTrades Offers Quick Withdrawals

When it comes to withdrawal of funds and profits, ActivTrades has ensured it is extremely quick and comfortable. For the convenience and ease of their users, the broker approves all withdrawal requests within 24 hours of their submission. But, bear in mind that withdrawal requests will only be processed if your account is verified under the KYC and AML policies. Furthermore, you should select the same method for withdrawal that was used for depositing the funds. The withdrawal process itself is very similar to the deposit process.

Go to the client portal, choose the option of withdrawal and then follow the instructions as they appear on screen. Your withdrawal request will be processed as quickly as possible, depending on the method you have chosen.

ActivTrades Provides Round the Clock Customer Support

During the course of trading, you might have questions or problems. Where do you get your answers? This is where a brokerage’s customer support comes in. The purpose of customer support is to assist customers when they need, but only a handful of brokers are able to deliver the right kind of service. Since people trade round the clock, they can have a problem at any time due to which support should be available round the clock. Therefore, ActivTrades offers 24/7 customer support to their clientele in order to satisfy their needs.

The brokerage has put together a team that’s not only available round the clock, but also has experience and knowledge in the trading industry. This empowers them to provide the right kind of assistance to traders. You can get in touch with them via various channels, as per your convenience. ActivTrades has provided an email address on their website, along with a phone number that can be used. The website also has a live chat option for responding to queries.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, ActivTrades is an excellent online broker, which offers all features, ranging from the basic to the most advanced. It has done a great job of making traders feel safe while using its trading platform and has gone to great lengths to accommodate traders from different backgrounds. Their website is also easy to navigate and they come with top notch customer support and security measures. They also have a partnership program for offering additional means of income to their traders.

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