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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Supreme Capital review for your reading pleasure.

Supreme Capital Review

Supreme Capital logoMoney, the medium by which exchange of value is possible, can bring a reasonable level of comfort into a person’s life when set to proper use. The world, its economy, and innovations are all dependent on the value of money. A nation’s economy thrives when the value of its currency thrives, and when the economy of a country thrives, the people of the nation thrive as well.

Money on its own carries no worth, and its value depends on the worth of the goods/services attached to a numeric value of the currency. For example, the importance attached to a barrel of crude oil in the market is about $50 (fifty dollars) per barrel. Fifty dollars will maintain its value regardless of time, but the price per barrel of crude oil may fluctuate with time.

If the price of crude oil increases, the US dollars would have lost value. At that point, one would need more money to buy what one usually buys with a lesser amount of money, as a result of inflation. Hence, if the price of crude oil reduces, the US dollar would have gained value because it would buy more than it usually would (at this point, there would have been a deflation). Money is the strongest pillar of any economy, but a lot of factors cause its value to fluctuate.

Many opportunities exist in the world of financial markets. The mere fact that money increases and loses value over time have remained put to the advantage of investors who engage in assets trade by buying a currency when it loses value and selling off when it gains considerable value. Investment opportunities are numerous in the monetary world, and a single profitable investment can put smiles on the face of the investor for quite a long time. Investment opportunities cut across several sectors of the economy: oil and gas; stock market; cryptocurrency; company shares; gold and precious stones; et cetera.

Investing in the financial sector of an economy is equal to investing in the very pillar of that economy. Forex trading; cryptocurrency trade; CFD (Contract For Difference) trade are some aspects of the financial world that provide investment opportunities for all who are interested.

An investment broker is an organization that follows market trends to determine prospectively profitable investments and engage in those investments for their clients, depending on the investment goals of the client.

Investment brokers are there to help guide the trading choices of their customers by providing excellent up-to-date analysis and leave the clients to make their choice depending on the level of their investment.

Choosing an investment broker for your financial investments requires in-depth background research into the history and the prospects of such an investor. A terrible investor will make an unfortunate investment, and a bad investment will make a lousy investor, who will make a terrible mess of his/her money.

Bright finance is one investment broker one should consider investing with, because of a series of factors that surround their company and trade conditions.

Supreme Capital online broker review

Supreme Capital Scam – Is Supreme Capital a Scam?

No. Supreme Capital is a legit broker.

Follow along as we review the Supreme Capital platform together.


BrokerSupreme Capital
Trading accountsExplorer account, Basic account, Silver account, Gold account, and  Platinum account
Trading platformWeb-based
Assets coverageCryptocurrencies, commodities, Forex pairs, indices, and Stocks
DepositsCredit card ($100 / JPY10,000 minimum), Debit card, Wire transfer ($500 & above), Carte Bleue, PayPal.
Education and TrainingYes – a personal analyst, private sessions, market reviews, and management plans.
Security PoliciesAML (Anti Money Laundering), and

KYC (Know Your Customer)

LocationLeeds, United Kingdom
Parent companyCapital Letter GmbH
Language optionsEnglish Language, Arabic Language, German Language, Spanish Language, French Language, Italian Language, polish Language, Russian Language, and Chinese Language

Supreme Capital is an investment brokerage company located in Leeds, the United Kingdom. The broker offers investment opportunities that cut across a wide range of products in the financial market. The company is primarily known for its low commission transactions. The creation of Supreme Capital was with the intent of offering trade services free of charge, so one can be sure the Supreme Capital platform has some of the best commission rates. The broker has five different levels of trading account, and each level has its unique advantages. The five account types cut across all levels of investors irrespective of their experience or capital; there is just something for everyone on Supreme Capital.

At Supreme Capital, the brokerage team has simplified complex trading, and the organization provides the investor with excellent market analysis to produce such fantastic profit margins. The Supreme Capital platform is managed by an extensively experienced team, who understands the complexities of the trading environment.

Supreme Capital, in the bid to maximize the potential of its customers, provides a personal bookkeeper for the investors and traders. These bookkeepers offer real-time analysis of the trade market data and simplify the process for the clients of the company. The broker also guides its clients on trading strategies that would help them achieve their financial goals in the best possible time. This single factor helps inform an investor of the prospects his/her choices hold and guide such towards making the best of trading decisions.

Security is a paramount concern of the Supreme Capital trading team, and the compliance of the company with the AML (Anti Money Laundering) and the KYC (Know Your Customer) international policies show that the broker understands the importance of security of clients’ assets. Every customer of this broker has to undergo a verification process in the course of opening a trading account. This verification process is to ascertain their identity and determine if it’s a human or a robot. Furthermore, the Supreme Capital team also keeps the identity of its traders anonymous on its platform. The information and data communication between the clients and the server is protected with secure encryptions.

In addition to these unique features, the broker provides several trading tools for its clients to enjoy a pleasant trading experience in the market. Moreover, resource materials are equally offered to clients to fine-tune their trading skills and learn new market tactics to perfect their trading deals, and consequently, make a considerable profit from the financial market.


Wide Range of Trading Assets

Supreme Capital offers investment opportunities in the Forex trade market, the crypto market, the stock market, indices, commodities, as well as the options market. Understanding the entirety of each one of these trade investment options makes an excellent investment broker, let alone having the potential to trade in all of these markets. The possibilities that each one of these trade markets holds is enough to make any disciplined investor successful, with the right tools and trade decisions, of course.

The Supreme Capital team has provided such a range of products to minimize the possibilities of trade failure among its investors. This provision is because there will always be something profitable available in the financial market for investors to make a considerable profit. Hence, the investors on the platform of this broker are empowered to invest right there on the Supreme Capital platform.

Available on the Supreme Capital platform is a market of over two hundred (200) crypto assets.

The establishment of Supreme Capital was to help the financial investors make the best out of their investments; the availability of this range of trade assets makes trade success prospects considerably shoot up.

Supreme Capital trading assets

Flexible Account Options

The design of the Supreme Capital platform aims to accommodate and help every kind of investor to make the best of their investments. For this reason, the broker has provided five different trading account options based on the worth of each trader’s investment. Not everyone has a lot of money to put into financial assets investments, and not everyone wants to engage in low capital investments; hence, there is something for every trader and investor on the Supreme Capital exchange platform.

Whatever the case may be, Supreme Capital has an account level that can accommodate everyone and help them achieve their goals.

Find below the review of the account levels provided on the Supreme Capital platform:

  • The Explorer Account: The explorer account is Supreme Capital’s provision to accommodate low capital investors. This account level is the least available trading account on the Supreme Capital platform. Assets covered in this account range from a value of $250 minimum deposit to $2,000 maximum deposit (two hundred and fifty US dollars to two thousand US dollars). There are 24 hours and seven days a week of customer service support provision for investors in this account class. Professional charts are also made available for the use of the investor. This account level is an excellent way to start trading assets because it involves a low capital startup, and the Supreme Capital team is ready to provide charts with which the investor can learn and perfect the art of trading. This account level allows a beginner trader to familiarize with the trading environment, the terms, and even a little of the technicalities.
  • The Basic Account: The basic account follows after the explorer trading account level on the Supreme Capital platform. Assets covered in this account level range in value from $2,000 minimum deposit, and up to $10,000 maximum investment (two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars). This account level is a step up the ladder of the assets trading business, as any trader whose investments fall within this range would most probably no longer be a newbie in the trading environment. Accompanying this account level is a personal analyst who provides in-depth analysis to help the investor make properly informed trade decisions. Investors that fall within this class of asset investment on the Supreme Capital platform are provided with an introductory private session with an analyst. This factor helps the investor keep up to date with ongoing trends and technicalities which he/she may not usually know.
  • The Silver Account: The Silver trading account is the account level that follows immediately after the basic account on the Supreme Capital platform. Assets covered within this account class range in value from $10,000 minimum deposit and up to $25,000 maximum investment (ten thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars). Just as it is in the case of the basic account, a personal analyst is provided for investors of this class of asset range on the Supreme Capital platform. Monthly private sessions with an analyst is also another provision made available by the Supreme Capital team to aid the trade process of their investors. This factor helps the investor ask questions to which he/she would not usually find answers commonly. Furthermore, the Supreme Capital platform has made arrangements to provide a weekly market review as well as financial research materials for the use of investors in this class of asset range. The financial assets market is very volatile. Assets increase or decrease in value with time and circumstances, the provision of weekly market review and economic research materials help the investor keep up to date with ongoing trends in the financial assets trade market, and that can help their trade decisions to a large extent.
  •  The Gold Account: The Gold trading account is one of the high capital assets investment classes available on the Supreme Capital platform. The range of assets covered within this account class range in value from $25,000 minimum investment and up to $100,000 maximum deposit (twenty-five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars). Investors within this range of assets value are most likely to be gurus in the assets trade market. For this account level, Supreme Capital provides a personal analyst, weekly private sessions with an analyst, weekly market reviews, and financial research materials. The broker also offers all the benefits that accrue to silver account investors; the only difference is that investors in this class of assets investment are provided with a weekly meeting with an analyst, instead of the monthly meeting as it is with the silver trading account investors. The Supreme Capital team has also made a provision for a Smart Money Management Plan for account holders within this class of investment.
  • The Platinum Account: The platinum trading account is the highest level of account assets provided on the Supreme Capital platform. The range of assets found within this account level span in value from $100,000 minimum deposit and up to $500,000 investment value (one hundred thousand US dollars to five hundred thousand US dollars). Supreme Capital commits the best of resources to this class of investors because of the assets within this investment class. The benefits that accrue to this investment class are:
    • Direct line to the investor’s account analyst,
    • Long term financial plan by senior account analyst,
    • Weekly private session with an analyst,
    • Monthly market reviews and business research,
    • Up to 5 (five) protected trades from an account analyst.

The Supreme Capital platform has just what you need to achieve your investment goals irrespective of your financial capacities.

Amazing Trade Security Provisions

As a result of the sensitive nature and dynamics of money, investors are usually very sceptical before they commit their funds to any broker. Trade security is one issue every serious investment broker tries to invest heavily in, to ensure the safety, both of the capital, as well as the profits of their investors.

 No matter how attractive a broker’s offer is, traders and investors are critical of the security provisions before finally deciding to plunge into the investment platform of the broker.

Supreme Capital is compliant with both the AML (Anti Money Laundering) as well as the KYC (Know Your Customer) international security policies. These policies hold a broker to an uncontroversial level of investor security.

 The broker has to confirm and verify the client’s identity at registration. This confirmation is to keep fraudsters away from its platform.

 Other security provisions by Supreme Capital include:

  • Full data encryption;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Protection against DDoS attacks;
  • PCI DSS standards-compliant.

The Supreme Capital platform is a safe trading platform.

Low Trading Commissions

The Supreme Capital platform charges are as low as 0.87% (less than one per cent) as the fee for every approved position. This broker is one of the lowest charging brokers available in the financial assets trade market today.

The low trading commissions is because the design of their platform was optimized to produce the highest prospects of profit for their clients.

Amazing Customer Service

Clients and traders on the Supreme Capital platform, enjoy a direct link with the customer support team of the broker. There are 24 hours and seven days a week customer service available to attend to the needs and queries of the clients, in different languages.

You can reach the customer support agents via the telephone, email, or through the live chat on the website.

Multiple Language Options

The Supreme Capital platform provides its services in nine major languages of the world:

  • Arabic Language,
  • German Language,
  • Spanish Language,
  • French Language,
  • Italian Language,
  • Polish Language,
  • Russian Language,
  • Mandarin/Chinese Language, and
  • The English Language


The Supreme Capital platform holds one of the most prospective conditions of the assets trade market. You should consider choosing the broker for your investment options, and you can be sure they have something that suits you perfectly. In addition to all the above features and unique services, it is important to note that this broker provides its services to clients across the globe.

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