Should You Buy Oracle Shares After Increased Quarterly Dividend?


  • Oracle announced solid Q4 results.
  • The company increased its quarterly dividend.
  • Oracle should keep growing.

19 Meanwhile, Oracle introduced an 18.5% increase in the quarterly dividend, and CEO Safra Catz revealed the firm anticipated Q1 revenue to present a 20% – 22% growth YTD.

Oracle Increased Quarterly Dividend

Oracle Corporation is a computer technology multinational company based in America. It sells enterprise software products, cloud-engineered systems, and software.

Moreover, the firm announced its fourth-quarter results last Monday. Total revenue saw a 5.4% Y/Y increase to $11.84 billion. Meanwhile, the non-GAAP returns per share stood at $1.54 ($0.16 beat).

Oracle Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz said that the Q4 earnings demonstrate an accelerating business. He added that new clients are choosing services and products by Oracle due to related benefits.

Total license support and cloud services revenues saw a 3% Y/Y surge to $7.61B, accounting for 64% of overall company revenue. Moreover, on-premise and Cloud licensing revenue saw a 16% increase to $2.54 billion, whereas sales hit $856 million, following a 3% decline.

The quarter had the gross margin for license support and cloud services at 82%, while the gross return dollars surged by 4%. Oracles will keep investing in growth, continuing to return value to its stockholders via dividends, technical innovation, stock repurchases, and strategic acquisitions.

Oracle repurchased 8M shares during the Q4, worth $660 million, and it’s crucial to highlight that the firm paid $3.5 billion in dividends within the past twelve months. The positive news is directors revealed a $0.32 (quarterly) share dividend, representing an 18.5% increase from the previous $0.27 dividend.

Steady Support at $60

Reliable foothold stood at $60, whereas the initial resistance hovered at $75. Falling beneath $60 would present a sell sign, opening the path towards $55 and possibly below. Meanwhile, an uptick past $75 can propel ORCL to $80.

Final Thought

Oracle Corporation announced impressive Q4 results and revealed plans to increase quarterly dividends. The company will keep investing in growth, and CEO Catz expects Q1 revenue to increase by 20 – 22% from one year ago.

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