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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Prime-Coin review for your reading pleasure.

Prime-Coin Review 

Prime-Coin logoPrime-Coin, in my opinion, is one of the best brokers operating in the online trading industry nowadays. I understand that things might be difficult for novice traders who don’t know where to begin. I had been in your shoes once, and it was tough for me to identify a beginning place.

So, I will make certain that you do not have to suffer a similar fate and spend months searching for the proper platform. Today, I’m going to try to provide you with some information on the best platform via our Prime-Coin review. I’m not here to provide a broker’s sales pitch. All that I have planned is to provide you with all of the details that I believe must be important to you during the registration process.

Are you looking for a platform that is simple to grasp? Will you be able to progress from a novice to an expert-level trader as a result of the trading conditions? Will the brokerage provide you with any high-tech tools that allow you to automate a large portion of the trading procedure to make the whole process more efficient?

I am convinced you to have all these doubts in your mind, and finding solutions to almost all of them will be difficult. Let it be my responsibility to provide you with all of the information about this firm so that you may discover answers to your queries.

If nothing else, I am certain that I will be able to assist you in making the first-time signup choice as simple as possible. So, before you open your trading account for the first time, please read this entire review.

Prime-Coin website

Fees and commissions must be avoided

In my review, I’d like to draw your attention to certain topics that I believe are essential but aren’t given enough emphasis. The trouble with this is that you wind up joining up with a firm and never obtaining the results you wanted. There are several more reviews that will discuss all of the common aspects.

But, here, I will inform you about things that new traders seldom know when they sign up the first time. In simple words, I will keep you from going down the incorrect path and overpaying for a brokerage that will not provide you with many benefits.

The first problem that will irritate you about trading platforms would be that they ask you a variety of service charges, fees, and commissions under a variety of different titles. As soon as you initiate a transaction, you must give them a commission.

After you deposit funds into your account, you must pay the service fees. You will also have to pay them money when you withdraw your earnings from your trading account. How do you make a profit as a trader if your partner is continuously demanding you money for even the most little of actions? So lets me Introduce myself to Prime-Coin.

This is the firm that will get you rid of all your strange and needless service charges, commissions, and fees. When trading, you just need to be concerned with the spread that is plainly shown on the trading platform. Furthermore, when you deposit cash into your account, you will not be charged any commissions.

All of your withdrawals will also be free of service fees and commissions. The firm has already managed all these things for you, allowing you to concentrate on trading and profiting from your successful transactions. That is the sort of platform you are looking for.

Start Trading at a Low Cost

Do you realize that if you are a novice trader, you may be the millionth man today who is considering signing up with an internet firm and opening a trading account? The fact is that an increasing number of people have recognized the hidden worth of trading online as it can improve their financial situation as well.

If nothing else, you can generate a consistent monthly income from trading and preserve that money for retirement. Of course, in order to benefit from your trades, you must be successful. Don’t ever think that you’ll establish a trade account and make money right away.

The only thing that stands in the way of many new traders opening their very first brokerage account is the registration fee. I’m curious why many online brokerage service providers maintain their enrollment fees so high. They are fully aware that a large portion of the online trading community is now made up of individuals who are trading for the first time.

These individuals don’t have enough money to trade with. Most of them are on a tight budget and are searching for a simple method to get started without spending a fortune. Is it possible for them to do so using Prime-Coin? Yes, if you are among these folks, I can guarantee you that opening an account with this firm would be a breeze.

I’ll explain the various account kinds soon, but for now, I’d like you to learn that your initial investment with this firm may be as low as $250. This is not anything the corporation is concealing from you. You will surely learn about it when you visit the company’s website.

Other companies may conceal this information from you in order to entice you to join up for a large sum. In the matter of Prime-Coin, however, the firm is clearly apparent about its policy on enabling its traders to start with as little as $250.

Trusted on and Relied Upon

What is the most important factor to consider while going for an interview? The experience you have is more essential than your dress, the responses you provide, and also your CV. Similarly, when you join up with a broker, the first thing to look at is the numbers.

You must ensure that the firm can prove its legitimacy and trustworthiness using numbers. If it doesn’t have any data to display, you can conclude it’s just making misleading promises.

When it comes to large corporations with outstanding figures, they don’t have anything to hide. I can tell you that the figures for Prime-Coin are remarkable. They will educate you that you must register with this firm without hesitation.

So, first and foremost, let me inform you of the number of accounts that have been created on this platform as of today. There are over one million active accounts that have already selected this site as their trading platform. You can discover how many individuals have already placed their faith in the firm.

They must have discovered something wonderful about its features and services to feel compelled to register with it. Second, you’ll be pleased to learn that almost all traders who join this firm receive a 14.2 percent return on their transactions.

When you calculate the sum of money when your trading career is ending, it is a significant return. If you save money, it is lost due to inflation. If you trade your money, however, you raise them by such percentages, thus eliminating the impact of inflation on the stored funds.

You can trade everything you like

IGC Markets trading opportunities

Why just confine yourself to a certain market where you began? You are not probably taking enough risks as a trader if you’re not even experimenting. You will not be rewarded if you do not take any chances. That is something I want to advise people as a mentor or anyone who has been in this field for a long time.

It is more than simply trading. I have to inform you that risks are rewarded regardless of the sort of business in which you put your time, money, and efforts. So, in a manner, I’m saying that you must experiment and test your trading talents in other financial markets.

Will you be able to do that when you join Prime-Coin? This firm, in my opinion, is one of the few that makes it incredibly simple for you to begin trading with your preferred assets. One can start trading the assets that make sense to them and avoid the ones that don’t.

Meanwhile, At the same time, you won’t have to be concerned about which assets you will be able to trade or not. I am confident that if you look at this company’s asset index, you would agree that almost any sort of asset that you may request is offered here on this trading platform.

IGC Marketplaces gives you access to some of the greatest and largest financial markets in the world. Do you wish to join cryptocurrency trading in order to get on the bandwagon? Do you want to trade small, exotic, and significant currency pairs? Do you believe you like trading stocks?

Perhaps you prefer the security that indices provide over stock trading. Or perhaps you need a category that provides a wide range of trade assets. If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to hear that you may trade commodities, fiat currencies, equities, crypto assets, and indices with this firm.

Seven Different Account Types

I’m aware of some online brokerage firms that provide up to five distinct account kinds. If you do some research, I am pretty sure you will be shocked to find firms that offer as many as six or seven distinct trading accounts you can go for. This is something they do to make your life easier.

However, in most situations, I believe it makes it harder for the user to select an account. When you’re new to trading, having so many options might be overwhelming. I am confident that if you join up with this broker named Prime-Coin, you will not be perplexed.

Accounts at Prime-Coin

The firm has made things easier for you by giving you seven accounts. They have several extremely distinct characteristics. The benefit of three trading accounts would be that you won’t have a hard time deciding which one to open.

If you are a first-time trader just getting started in the trading world, I am confident that the basic standard account is suitable for you. I’ve previously said that you may begin trading with this firm with a minimal investment of $250. Despite the short initial payment, I am pleased that the firm provides you with the most of its excellent services even at their basic account.

So, if you check at the basic account, you will notice that all of the assets accessible to an expensive account user are also available to you as well with the regular account. When you register with this firm, you may trade in whatever market you choose.

You’ll also be glad knowing that you won’t have to pay additional charges regardless of whatever account you use. Just remember that you will not be receiving regular reports based on fundamental and technical assessments. If you believe you are no longer a basic trader, you can choose any of the other six accounts.

Everyone is cordially invited

Whatever trading account you choose, the firm is capable of making it a fantastic adventure for you from the start. Did you know you will get a welcome bonus when you establish the account with Prime-Coin? It’s something that you’ll never find in any other broker.

They have other amazing features, but nothing compares to Prime-Coin as this firm has them all. Aside from those benefits, this company is willing to take your trading experience to another level with a welcome incentive.

Yes, you will receive a bonus as soon as you open your account with the broker. No, you don’t even have to make your first transaction to qualify for this incredible incentive. It will be sent to you as soon as you make your first deposit into your trading account.

I must clarify that you will receive this bonus regardless of the account you register with. The bonus percentage also grows as you move up the account list. Sign up for a basic account, and the firm will greet you with a 100 percent bonus after your first deposit.

Prime-Coin bonuses

If you choose the second account, which the firm refers to as a premium account, the bonus will increase by 5%, giving you an overall bonus of 25%. You will also receive a 30% bonus when you join up for the most sophisticated trading account. As you can see, this firm puts a lot of effort into making you feel welcome. I wish other brokers were as enthusiastic about new traders as this one is.

Optimal Trading Conditions

At this stage, I must address the most common source of misery for most traders. When you join up for online trading services, you must cope with the trading terms that they have set up for you. These trading circumstances will either allow you to flourish or force you to fall flat on your face.

Yes, I’m using harsh terms because I know what occurs when a broker is unable to build a solid trading platform with excellent trading circumstances. The goal is to create an atmosphere in which traders can deal easily without any pressure and grow with time.

What is the reason for this? The spread that you should always pay on your transactions is the first factor you should be conscious of. The spread is the price differential between purchasing assets through a broker and purchasing them in the market.

There’ll always be a differential, and it is this difference that allows brokerage firms to make a profit. Now it is up to the brokerage firm to determine how much charge or spread you will be charged on your trades. In the case of Prime-Coin, one must commend the firm’s choice to employ various spreads for multiple accounts.

In other words, this company knows its target marketplace and how it may make their life easier in the long run. The spreads on the basic account could be as low as 0.1 pips. Yes, you may argue that the broker costs you nothing compared to what other companies charge their customers. You also have bargaining power. This business will provide you with numerous leverages based on the sort of accounts you have.

If you just utilize the basic account, you have leveraged of up to 1:100. For any inexperienced trader, it is already a substantial profit margin. This means that the company will contribute 100 USD for every 1 USD you are willing to handle and spend on a transaction. When you sign up for the premium trading account, though, this business will take things a step further by providing you with leveraging of up to 1:600 on your trades.

Customer Service and Deposit Methods

Choose a way of depositing funds into your account with which you are comfortable. If you want to transfer money via a credit card, you’ll appreciate the fact that this firm provides three different cards. You have the option of using the all-time favorite Visa or the next greatest MasterCard.

There is also the option of using a Maestro card. A Bank wire transfer option is also available, and you may utilize it whenever you want. Aside from that, there is also a customer support staff to aid you on working days throughout working hours.

Last Thoughts

I’ve looked at a number of internet brokerages, and I can say that from personal experience that you’ll have difficulties finding a broker as reliable as this one. It is a comprehensive trading platform over the internet that does not require you to install anything on your devices.

Its leverages are excellent, the trading environment is great, and also three trading accounts simplify the signup procedure. Finally, it’s on you to make a decision. My goal was to inform you about Prime-Coin and then let you make your own decision.

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