NFT Firm To Assist Women In Afghanistan Get Access To Education

An NFT company,, has partnered with an NGO company in New York, Women for Afghan Women, to further the cause of education for women in Afghanistan.

Under the new government run by the Taliban, the rights of Education of Afghan women have been restricted by the fundamentalist militants. Afghan women took to the streets to stage protests since the development. About a dozen women protested outside the premises of the then Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan, which is now used for the Department of Virtue Propagation and Vice Prevention by the Taliban.

The Non-Fungible Token

The NFT project revealed in an announcement that it would be releasing a new NFT on the 5th of October, and the whole proceeds from the sales will be donated to WAW – Women for Afghan Women. WAW is a civil society organization created specifically for the protection of the rights of the disenfranchised Afghan girls and women in New York and Afghanistan.

Based on the company’s announcement, the NFT inspiration is from May Alcott, who is a pioneer for women’s rights. Her famous writing did not only lift women in the society, but she is known as an abolitionist, women’s suffrage supporter, and an ardent feminist. With her portfolio, it is only right that she is selected as an inspiration for our charity focus for September, which will be dedicated to pursuing equality in all ramifications of life for girls and women in Afghanistan.

The NFT to be sold is a portrait of May Alcott having two different butterfly wings. This is to signify an emergence of hope for girls and women in Afghanistan who have had their freedom restricted. Each of the NFT has different background colours representing the diversity that exist among Afghan girls and women that the WAW is serving. There are other illustration versions up to four that represent the 40% of children in Afghanistan suffering from malnutrition.

The company also announced that 2200 copies of the NFT will be minted to represent the 2.2 million girls that are out of school in Afghanistan. Last month, the founder of Visualize Value, Jack Butcher, launched a series of NFT called “care packages”, which is targeted at covering the emergency needs of one family in Afghanistan. The Care package, however, will be accepting donations through The Giving Block.

Other companies are also accepting crypto donations via The Giving Block to ensure Afghan Humanitarian aid. This includes International Medical Corps, Code to Inspire, Direct Relief, and Save the Children.

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