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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Plus500 review for your reading pleasure.

Plus500 Review

Plus500 logoWhen new traders or investors choose to trade online in the vast financial market, one problem that they usually encounter in the financial market is finding a trustworthy brokerage firm like Plus500 that could come upon their demands or requirements that they have outlined for themselves. The aim of my Plus500 review is also the same that is to introduce beginner investors or traders to a broker that is reliable and has proven its worth with the passage of time.

I completely agree with the stance that traders have been finding themselves in a difficult situation when they come to the stage of picking a broker for them. Let me tell you where this stage of selecting a broker turns into a difficult situation for them. You see the online trading is now at the peak of its popularity, and therefore, many people from across the entire world are aware of this concept of trading online in the financial market.

Obviously, when the trend of online trading has spread quickly, it has also arisen the need for more and more brokers. The more brokerage firms are there, the more they will be able to cover a wide variety of people from across the entire globe. So, now, there are a plethora of brokerage firms that are working online and are offering services to people so that they could execute their trading in the financial market.

So, here is where they find themselves in a difficult situation. As there are numerous brokers, and all of them have the same task that is to provide traders with trading services, therefore, traders do not exactly know which broker they should go with. They also fear the fact that they might get scammed by a broker. Therefore, they want to make sure that they are handing themselves into the right hands. It is true that there exist such kinds of brokers whose only intention is to scam traders and investors and get all of their hard-earned money.

So, traders should be careful at this stage as I personally believe that this is the most crucial phase of online trading. If someone fails to cross this stage rightfully, then he or she may encounter problems. So, I advise all of the new traders to be cautious while picking a broker and check out all of the aspects of that particular broker they want to go with.

A broker should be secured and have all sort of trading services that are helpful for traders, such as Plus500, which has taken it seriously to come upon the needs of traders and investors, and it is also one of the most secured brokerages that people have come to know in the past few years.

Plus500 website

Once you go through all of the details that I am going to provide you with about this broker, you will surely want to trade with it. So, let me start my review of Plus500, which includes an in-depth analysis of this broker.

About Plus500

As a trustworthy broker, Plus500 offers all of the traders and investors that come from across the entire world to trade in the financial market, a trading marketplace where they can get access to the world’s top-traded assets. There is a wide variety of assets for trading, and they come from different trading instruments such as Forex (FX), Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, etc. Yes, you have heard it right. You will find all of these famous trading products on this major trading marketplace if you are trading with Plus500.

It has a trading platform that has got everything embedded in it; either they are intuitive trading tools or the top-class trading technology that you need for executing your trades in an effective and profitable manner. Trading conditions are suitable for you, and you are provided with a secure environment for trading which removes any kind of worry you have in your mind regarding the safety of your assets or funds or personal information.

The thing is, this is the broker you have been looking for all day long, and I think you have now reached your destiny. Let me shed light on the features of Plus500, which may assist you in clearing your stance further regarding this broker.

Plus500 Makes Sure You Complete Your Sign-Up Process Within A Few Minutes

Convenience is what traders or investors usually want; either it is a newbie trader or an experienced one. If traders do not feel convenient while trading with a broker, it may lead them to leave the platform of that very brokerage firm. If a broker is unable to keep its clients convenient in each and every matter, then why would traders want to sign up with it? Here is the thing for all of the brokers out there, provide all sorts of convenience to traders when it comes to trading if they want to increase their user base; otherwise, they will have nothing.

While on the other hand, providing trading convenience to all of the traders (including professionals/skillful and beginners) is actually the mission or aim of the Plus500 broker. It starts with the sign-up process. You usually have seen that a lot of time is wasted simply when you sign up with a broker and the prominent reason behind this very fact is the very long sign-up process.

You surely wouldn’t desire to waste your precious time only on the creation of your account with the broker. So, you should try brokers like Plus500, where you won’t have to face this issue as these brokers have made their sign-up procedures very short and comfortable for traders.

Plus500 makes sure that you don’t have to waste your time at this stage and that you complete your sign-up process within the time span of a few minutes only. And that is true. When you create your account with Plus500, you can finish the process within no time. Believe me. You will find it a piece of cake for you.

It has been designed in a way that it could prove straightforward and simple to handle for traders. In this process, you only have to give your personal credentials to the broker. These personal credentials include your first name, last name, email, contact number, and the country of your residence. And you have to provide this information to the broker through a form that is available on the official website of the company under the Sign-up section. You can find it there and complete this process.

Plus500 Has A Trading Platform Which Is User-friendly And Easy-to-Navigate

Another area where the Plus500 broker has taken care of the convenience of its customers and that particular area is the trading platform which is one of the key needs of traders, and it should be fulfilled efficiently. Plus500 knows that traders would not want to trade on a trading platform where they can’t access beneficial trading tools and advanced trading technology. It would not be wrong to call these two particular things, including tools and trading technology, the primary needs of online trading.

These are the only two things that have made the process of online trading a lot easier for traders in the past decade since the emerging technological advancements in the world. So, only that trading platform will be considered as a good one by traders who are enriched with these two things. Those brokers that do not focus on making their trading platforms efficient with the advanced technology and trading tools usually end up losing the trust of customers.

Well, Plus500 would never want to lose the trust and confidence of its customers and traders; instead, it has worked hard to gain their trust. It has made sure that traders do not have to undergo not even a single issue when they trade on its trading platform. If you simply have a glance at Plus500’s trading platform, you will find out soon that it already has all of the modern trading tools along with the technology that is pretty advanced.

What else you need? And every single trading tool present on the broker’s trading platform has a proper task in trading. You just need to learn which trading tool you need to use for trading, and as a result, you will be able to enjoy good profits.

Not only the trading platform of Plus500 is advanced and intuitive rather it is easy-to-navigate and user-friendly for traders as well, which is another distinctive quality of it. The user-friendly interface accommodates traders resulting in easy navigation. All of these distinctive qualities and benefits of the trading platform of the broker make traders sign up with it.

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Plus500 Offers Different Trading Products

One of the things that all of the traders, either new ones or the experienced ones, see in the list of broker’s offering are trading products. They want as many assets as they can get in the asset index of a brokerage firm. The reason is they want to diversify their portfolio to make it more lucrative, and this is only possible if there is a diverse list of trading products available in the index. The advantage of going for diversification is that it leads traders and investors to earn a lot of money. Therefore, they choose to diversify asset portfolio and add as much lucrative asset as they can. If a broker is unable to expand its asset index and limit it to only a few assets, then this might not attract traders and investors. So, all of the brokers who want to win the interest of traders should keep this important factor in mind and should make this offering available to them.

The Plus500 broker has already kept this factor in mind, and therefore, it chose to strengthen its asset index and included a large number of assets. There are several trading products that we can find in Plus500’s asset index. These include Forex, Cryptocurrencies, stocks, and some others. All of the famous, top-traded, and top-rated assets from these different asset classes are available on the glorious trading platform of this brokerage firm. So you can assure yourself that you can find each and every popular asset on this platform.

Trading Tools Are Intuitive And Pricing Is Competitive

If you are not aware of the importance of trading tools in the world of online trading, then you should get to know them right away, as they are really helpful when it comes to executing trades in an effective and successful way. Mostly, beginner traders lack knowledge about trading tools, and they do not even know how to utilize them in the right spot. Well, for those traders, one of the best choices that could be is Plus500. The reason is that they can find all of the advanced and up-to-date trading tools on the single trading platform of this brokerage company.

All of these tools for trading are intuitive, and they can be really helpful in the completion of the process of trading. Any investor or trader, either long-term or active, is provided full access to these trading tools. Moreover, they are provided with downloadable and web-based platforms where it becomes extremely easy for them to use these amazing tools. You have everything on these platforms, which is helpful for placing your trades.

You have live-streaming access, experts and professionals who have got a pretty good experience of the trading market, and real-time quotes. Through these services, you can conveniently manage your investment portfolio. In addition to this, there are charting tools and indicators as well. The thing is, all of the trading tools offered by this broker are intuitive. Moreover, the pricing of the broker is also competitive. You won’t find any concealed commissions and charges. Everything will be imminent to you as by charging hidden fees, the broker does not want to lose the trust of the broker.

Algorithmic Trading: A Unique Feature Of Plus500

There is likely a chance that all of the features or services provided by this broker that I have described above could also be found on the platform of some other brokerage firms too, but there is one other feature, or you can say the special one that makes this brokerage one of the top brokers in the industry, and that very remarkable feature is Algo or Algorithmic trading.

Yes, you can find this feature on Plus500’s trading marketplace and use it confidently to increase your profits. Are you aware of this feature? Even if you are not, I can elaborate this term for you to make you understand what this actually is. This feature, known as Algo trading, is basically a feature that allows you to use algorithms and computing codes to execute your trades. There are a lot of traders in the financial market that utilizes this feature for doubling their profits, and each day, the number of users using this feature is growing.

The benefit of Algo trading is that it ensures a brilliant success rate. Another benefit of it is that you can save your time as the process of trading gets completed within no time. If you also want to leverage the benefits of this feature, then you can create an account with the Plus500 broker and start trading as it is one of those brokers who have made this feature available on their trading platforms.

Your Personal Information And Funds Are Very Well Secured

I know some traders who decided to enter the trading field but couldn’t proceed. And the major reason behind their loss of interest in online trading was the matter of security. They came across some brokers who couldn’t satisfy them with their security. So, this led them to exit this field. However, later, I was able to know that they didn’t carry out enough research on the internet and got into the trap of scam brokers.

I believe this was their fault as they should have conducted proper research before proceeding in the online trading industry. I will not suggest any of the traders who are reading this review step straight into the trading field without exploring the field properly. You need to explore each and every broker by analyzing all of their aspects until you find a good brokerage.

For instance, you can trade with the Plus500 broker as it has proven to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy brokers with the passage of time. So, investors can have a look at this broker. I won’t even ask them to sign up with this broker too directly. Rather they need to analyze the different aspects and features of this broker also. And it is the right of every trader to go through each and everything of a broker in order to satisfy themselves. What I found in my research is that the security system of this broker is pretty good enough to provide safety and security to your funds and personal information.

Customer Support Service

Plus500 has a good and professional team whose only task is to resolve queries and problems of traders that they face while executing their trades. When it comes to the support service of customers, the broker shows strictness. You can contact them through email and phone number if you want a solution to your queries.

Final Words

In the past few years, Plus500 has helped a lot of traders and investors to transform their lives and make them good financially. If you think that your financial life is not as good as it should be, then you can also enter the trading industry, begin trading and start making profits. In my opinion, the Plus500 broker could be a good choice for you for this purpose. Rest is up to you.

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