OmikoTrade Review – Is OmikoTrade A Recommended Forex Broker?

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a OmikoTrade review for your reading pleasure.

OmikoTrade Review

OmikoTrade logoOnline trading is a great way to earn money, but you have to make sure that your broker is supporting you in your journey; OmikoTrade is a broker who has supported many traders and helped them to make fortunes. If you want to earn money with this broker, this OmikoTrade review will help you get familiar with this broker before you sign up with it.

Everyone wants to make money and fulfill their dreams. Some say that they want a nice house, while others urge for luxurious cars. Everyone has his own goals and objectives set in mind, which he wants to achieve. But the lucky are those who can accomplish their dreams.

According to a survey, the majority of the people who are doing a job are not happy with it and want to switch it. But due to financial restrictions, they can’t do that. These people are just trying to make up for their living and their family. But you can imagine how frustrating that would be to work under someone even when you don’t want to.

This has been the case with many people, so they decided to quit their jobs and start online trading. The people who were earning a few thousand dollars every year are now making millions of dollars, which is all because of online trading.

The best thing about this market is that it doesn’t require you to start a new setup, just like any other average trading that you may have seen, where traders have to set up their shops or offices to provide their services to others.

Online trading doesn’t work like that; it only requires traders to put in their investments and sell their assets at the right time. No, you don’t have to go to the buyers and ask them to purchase assets from you. You can do that with just one click on your device. Isn’t it fast and straightforward?

You may be thinking of quitting your job and starting trading, but hold on. I won’t recommend you quit your job right now because before you get into the trading world, you have to be a bit experienced. Instead, I would suggest continuing your jobs and starting part-time online trading for the people who are doing jobs right now.

What this will do is it will give you the experience and exposure to the market, which you don’t have right now, but at the same time, you will have a certain amount of money coming into your bank account every month. And once you think that you have enough experience, then you can switch to online trading completely.

Many young traders make this mistake while doing their jobs. They quit the job in a fury, and then they regret it because online trading requires some experience for a trader to be good at it. But the real question is; how would you get that experience when you are taking online trading as a secondary income and can’t give your full time?

This is when a broker comes in handy. These brokers have been working in the market for years and know everything about the market. Different trends come and go, and these brokers are aware of them. They can guide you better with how to invest your money and where you would get profits from.

So while you are not available to the market, your broker is still keeping an eye on the market and is keeping you updated with the latest investment opportunity that can help you earn money. All of this sounds difficult? Well, it is accurate, and traders have done this to start making money. But there is one thing that comes in the way of traders.

To make all of this possible, you will have to make sure that you are registering with a professional broker who can predict the market in a better way. This prediction is not based on some fictional superstitions; instead, it is based on the graphs and figures of the latest market trends. For example, if a market is going down or up, a broker can tell you at what point you should buy the asset and when you should sell it.

Your broker needs to be aware of the market trends. This was for inexperienced traders who wanted to take help from the brokers. But there are some experienced traders as well who have been trading in the market for years, and now they are fully experienced to start trading.

For such traders, OmikoTrade has equipped the latest trading tools and advanced graphs that can help experienced traders trade efficiently. Their skills can be tested on these graphs, which is how they earn millions of dollars from online trading. So why should you stay behind?

It is your right to be aware of what you are registering with. If you know everything about a broker before you join it, then it becomes easier for you to decide what is suitable for you. But if you are registering with a broker without knowing anything about it, then chances are that you will regret your decision in the future.

I don’t want you guys ever to regret your decision, but for that, you have to research before you sign up with a broker. But I know that most of you would be busy with your life and jobs, so I have taken the responsibility of researching and finding out some of the best features offered by this broker named OmikoTrade. I will tell you all of these features one by one. You have to go through the list and then decide what is best for yourself.

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A Complete Trading Platform

Everything in the trading world is done through a platform. For example, if you want to buy or sell your assets, where would you do it from? You can’t go directly to the seller and purchase it from him. The online trading market has some perks and restrictions at the same time, where you can trade with the help of your laptop or mobile phone, but there are some restrictions as well.

Like you have to trade through a trading platform. It is a must for the traders, and they can’t trade in the online trading market without a trading platform. So what is this trading platform? It is the software that is designed by a broker through which everything is handled.

Traders can perform any task that they want to through this platform. For example, if you wish to register yourself to a broker, you will have to go through the process of registration, which will be available on this trading platform.

I hope you would have understood what a trading platform is. If this is the case, then you would probably know the importance of the trading platform. All of your trading experience is based on this one point, and that is the trading platform. When you ask experienced traders, the biggest regret is the trading platform.

Many traders don’t realize the importance of this point and don’t give attention to it before joining a broker. And after entering, they are just regretting their decisions. I don’t want the same for you; I want you to have a trading platform that is reliable and professional and can help you with your trades and earn money in the online trading market.

Let me introduce the trading platform of OmikoTrade to you guys. I can tell you many things about this platform, but let me assure you that nothing can match up to the efforts put in to design this platform. The layout of this trading platform is the perfect balance for experienced and inexperienced traders.

Let me explain this to you. If you are a professional trader, then I had told you before that you would have to test your skills, and you can do it through advanced tools and graphs. All of these tools and charts are present in the trading platform of OmikoTrade, but you won’t see them just roaming around and interfering with your other activities.

If you want to use those tools, you can head out to them and start using them, but they won’t interfere with your everyday trade if you don’t want to use them.

But what about the inexperienced traders who want to use those trading tools? It is evident that these tools are not that easy to use. You need some education before you can start using them effectively. But OmikoTrade has taken care of this point as well.

It has designed its trading tools to help inexperienced traders get used to them pretty quickly, and it has also included a separate education center where traders can learn how to trade.

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Why Choose OmikoTrade?

When you are in search of a broker, this question may arise in your mind: why should you choose this broker? There are many other options available in the market as well, which can be useful for traders. Your point is valid, there are many options in the market, but those brokers are not worth spending your money with.

They have recently started working in this market and focusing on making money. Their core objective is not to make the customers satisfied, but instead, they want to make as much money as possible. But OmikoTrade is a reliable broker. It has been serving for years now in 26 different countries.

This number may sound nothing, but if you think about it, more than 26 countries are preferring this broker over any other, which makes it a huge deal for the traders. And talking about the awards. You would probably know that different awards are given to the best brokerage firms every year.

It depends on the services and customer satisfaction of a broker. You may be surprised by hearing that OmikoTrade has won more than three awards which is definitely not something you can ignore about this broker.

Legal Policies Of OmikoTrade

Every trader must focus on this point while he is choosing his broker, but unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, most traders ignore this point, and they regret their decision. But I don’t want you guys to regret your decision. This is why I have made sure that you know everything about this broker before joining this broker.

And the security department is the one which I have focused on very much because I don’t want you guys to worry about the security while you are trading. OmikoTrade has adopted two different policies to provide the most secure trading platform. The first one is the KYC policy.

This policy is responsible for allowing only legitimate traders to register. If you wonder why does OmikoTrade asks you to give your legal documents, then it is because of the KYC policy. Traders have to prove their identity, and the best way to do it is through national ID cards and utility bills. Another policy that I told you about is the AML policy.

This policy is responsible for keeping any illegal activity from happening on the platform. Brokers keep an eye on the transaction made by the traders so that they can avoid any money laundering.

These policies are to keep the platform only for legitimate traders, but OmikoTrade has also thought about the security of the data and assets of the trader. Have you heard about encryption technology? This technology keeps the data under layers of protection and keeps it safe from unauthorized access. So now, when you are trading, you would know that your assets and data are safe with OmikoTrade.

Customer Support Service

Besides all the features, OmikoTrade has not overlooked the backbone of a trading platform. You can provide thousands of features, but if you don’t have robust backup support to your trading platform, then it is of no use. OmikoTrade has made sure that its traders never face any issue, but even if they face any error, you can contact the customer support service of the platform.

The team is available 24/5, which means if you face any error at any time, you don’t have to worry. It is not like the rest of the brokers who keep you waiting with your problem. OmikoTrade knows that the trader’s time is very important, which is why it has designed a separate department whose work is to cater to any queries from the trader.

Account Types Offered By OmikoTrade

To accompany the different needs of the traders, OmikoTrade has designed five different types of accounts, allowing traders to choose the account that fulfills their needs. The accounts are as follows:

  • Basic account

This account is the first base for any inexperienced traders. If you have just joined the trading market and don’t have a lot of investment to make, then OmikoTrade has designed a basic account for you. This account can be opened with as low as 250 Euros, and the limit can go up to 4,999 Euros.

This is suitable for the traders who are on a mature level and are still learning the basics of trading. But don’t think that this account won’t have many features. It includes 1:50 leverage, 10% no-interest loan, 24/5 customer support service, and much more to help young traders.

  • Silver account

The next type of account is a Silver trading account which is an upgrade for the basic account holders. If you think that you have learned the basics of online trading and want to step up your trading game, then OmikoTrade has designed a silver account for you.

It is not for professional traders because they require much more features than this account. But for the intermediate level traders, it is suitable because it starts from the minimum deposit of 5,000 Euros and it goes up to 24,999 Euros. The features of this account include 1:100 if leverage along with a 20% no-interest loan on deposit and much more.

  • Gold account

This account is suitable for experienced traders. If you think that you have learned the basics of online trading and have become an experienced trader, then I would suggest you open a gold account because it offers 1:200 of leverage, daily market reviews to help traders to get familiar with the latest market trends, free monthly webinars, and much more.

You can tell by the features of this account that the gold account is for professional traders. This is why the minimum deposit limit of this account is 25,000 Euros and the maximum limit of 100,000 Euros which is not less for inexperienced traders.

  • Platinum And Diamond accounts

These accounts are designed for experienced traders. Professional traders require much more than just average traders. For such traders, OmikoTrade has designed these two accounts, which unlocks every feature that is offered by this broker. The leverage of 1:400 is offered in platinum accounts and 1:800 for the diamond account holders, which is a lot for the traders.

The difference between these two accounts is that the diamond account offers free NFP trading signals, which are not included in platinum accounts. Other than this feature, these two accounts will give you access to all of the amazing features of OmikoTrade.


If you are looking for a reliable broker, then OmikoTrade is surely one of the best options available for you. You can learn more about this broker by visiting its trading platform.

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