Cardano Officially Enters Its Smart Contract Rollout’s Alonzo White Stage

Cardano (ADA) supporters will be beyond ecstatic to know that a huge leap forward has been made for Charles Hoskinson’s project. As of now, the project has finally reached the ‘Alonzo White’ phase of its plan regarding the rollout of smart contracts after being in the ‘Alonzo Blue’ stage for a while.

With this move, Cardano has taken a big step towards reaching its ultimate goal of complete smart contract implementation.

Alonzo White is here

Earlier on, IOHK had made the announcement via Twitter, wherein the team stated that it is with great joy that, as of today, the Alonzo testnet fork has been successful, and we are now officially in the Alonzo White phase of Cardano. Not long afterward, it had been revealed that this new network was at work creating blocks already.

Furthermore, during this stage, the overall amount of testnets shall be drastically increased, and more functionalities will also be added. Before this point, Cardano had previously launched Alonzo Blue, which was the initial testnet introduced back towards the end of May. The project had received plenty of praise and support for Alonzo Blue, and so we would not be remiss to assume that the same will happen with Alonzo White.

What comes next?

While this is certainly bullish news for Cardano, it has nonetheless left many to ask what will happen next now that we have reached Alonzo White. Well, following the success of this stage, Alonzo is expected to go completely public in the ‘Alonzo Purple’ phase, during which it will be possible for the project to be made available for every pioneer and SPO (stake pool operator).

Numerous investors and analysts expect the Alonzo hard fork to be fully deployed this upcoming September upon the mainnet. If it is as successful as its founder, Charles Hoskinson, claims it to be, then smart contracts shall finally be added to the PoS blockchain, which will also simultaneously signify the Goguen era’s end.

If all goes according to plan, then Cardano shall establish a further firm foothold within both the crypto market and the entire DeFi industry as one of the top projects and investments. It is currently ranked as the 5th highest crypto by market cap, and it is safe to assume that should Alonzo go as well as we hope it to, then Cardano could provide some serious competition to its rival Ethereum (ETH), as well as Solana (SOL) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

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