FIS and Fireblocks Collaborates to Provide Institutional Access to BTC and Other Cryptos

People who work for FIS can now buy BTC and other cryptos for a fee. Fireblocks has worked with FIS to make this possible. With the help of FIS and Fireblocks, the two companies will be able to deliver enterprise-level asset management services for BTC and other digital currencies.

According to a survey referenced in the FIS news report, 69 percent of institutional investors desire to use BTC or other cryptos to handle their assets. 6K enterprise-grade clients would access a complete financial suite, including self-custodial wallets and continuous access to a safe transfer system.

Fireblocks and FIS’ Collaboration

Financial technology company FIS has teamed up with NY-based cryptocurrency system corporation Fireblocks to give its more than 6K capital markets clients access to a complete range of financial services for BTC and other cryptos, based on a news statement on13th April. FIS, which is publicly traded, is the world’s largest processor and payment provider of BTC and other cryptos.

As cryptos become way more widespread, capital markets organizations will profit immensely from a single location that allows them to handle numerous different cryptos, FIS’s Nasser Khodri stated. This fantastic new arrangement demonstrates our commitment to investing in expanding our cryptocurrency capabilities for our worldwide clientele, says the company.

Starting today, 6K FIS customers would have entry to Fireblocks’ product solutions, which include a network of about 1K partners that enables low-cost, rapid, and secure transactions around the world, with no set working hours, ensuring constant availability.

According to Michael Shaulov, the strategic agreement with FIS will deliver the Fireblocks technology to practically every form of buy-side, sell-side, and institutional institution in real currencies. We’ll work together to make it easy for current and potential FIS clients to get started with their cryptocurrency activities and tap into these rapidly-growing sectors.

Benefits of the Collaboration

According to the news report, 69 percent of corporate investors in the United States wish to include BTC and other cryptos in their investment plan. FIS clients may now transport and store BTC and other cryptos and receive access to a transaction channel, self-custodied wallets, and other complex types of digital assets administration, thanks to this relationship.

Last month, Worldpay from FIS teamed up with Shyft Network to make it easier for its vendor customers to stay updated with new and changing regulations in the new environment. According to FIS, 4 out of the top 5 bitcoin exchanges use Worldpay’s products and services.

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