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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a FinuTrade review for your reading pleasure.

FinuTrade Review

FinuTrade logoFinuTrade is at the centre of the attention of online traders. It has achieved a good status in the financial markets by offering wholesome services and a motivating environment combining to create an overall positive vibe for traders. This FinuTrade review will uncover all the essential traits of this trading platform.

Selection of the right trading platform is an exhaustive process. It is mandatory for traders. Traders must become a part of any trading platform if they want to perform trading activities online. Traders put their investment amount into the trading account at a platform and use it to purchase assets of their choice. Once trading assets are in hand, traders can sell or exchange them for making profits. Traders can also hold their assets and wait for the right time to make a smart move that gives them profit. Hence, choosing the right platform is the base that dramatically influences the trading process and strengthens or weakens it.

Experts from financial markets cannot emphasize the importance of selecting the right platform. In order to choose the right one, traders invest their time and energy, explore many options from the available platforms on the internet, speak with their fellow traders so that they can put their foot down and start their trading activities. Landing at the right platform is no less than a blessing, as the entire trading experience influences this decision. Today, in this review, we are unfolding all the essential aspects of FinuTrade that can help traders in making the right decision.

FinuTrade website

An Introduction To FinuTrade

FinuTrade Holdings Ltd is a parent company that looks after the operations at FinuTrade. FinuTrade is a platform connecting traders to financial markets by providing services over the internet. They are located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Although their office is physically located in the United Kingdom, traders around the world can avail services from them. They accept requests from people with varied ethnicities and cultural backgrounds and offer unified services for everyone. It is a technological platform coined by successful investment managers and traders who have vast experience dealing with the investment and financial markets.

FinuTrade is an empowering platform where financial experts meet technical experts to bring innovations to trading processes. They have summed up all the facilities under one roof to give an opportunity to traders where they can trade while feeling safe and supported at every step.

Along with providing all the advancements, and multiple options of selecting account type and trading instruments as per the choice, they have assured that this trading platform offers convenience for every trader. The extent of comfort they provide for traders is unmatchable. Collaborative efforts of experts leading FinuTrade and multiple options present on this platform have made this platform heaven for traders.

Reasons To Choose FinuTrade

Here, we are not talking about the services or facilities offered by FinuTrade. This section of the article will discuss how FinuTrade stands apart in other aspects that bring customers closer to this trading platform. The team at FinuTrade marvels in the field, and they know what traders require. So, they focus and assure that traders get appropriate answers and solutions for every query they put forward towards their trading platform.

The Professional EnvironmentFinuTrade is a comprehensive platform focused on giving traders a professional experience. Online trading is a profitable business, and it requires proper knowledge, skill utilization, and analysis of market trends. FinuTrade motivates traders to give a better performance in this sphere. Their approach is very professional, and all the operation processes are carefully designed to cater to traders’ needs.

Their professionalism has brought a significant change in trading procedures. From careful selection of trading instruments, availability or spreads, leverage, and bonuses had increased the profitability of trading manifolds. They have also offered many trading tools such as market signals, calculators, calendars, and more to boost the trading experience.

Trusted and Reliable

FinuTrade has earned an irreplaceable position in the financial market and among traders in a short time. The core reason for this rapid growth is that they have offered services while keeping their approach crystal clear and favouring traders only. For example, there are no registration fees or deductions while making deposits or requesting withdrawals. The interface FinuTrade provides is simple, allows traders to take charge of their trading activities, provides live updates from financial markets, hence empowering for traders.

All these gestures and transparency in operations from a trading platform have positively impacted the general perception of FinuTrade. Traders regard FinuTrade as one of the most trusted and reliable trading platforms that offer transparency, firmness, ethical practices, and loyalty towards a traders’ success in this industry.

Customer Care Services

FinuTrade Customer care service

When associated with FinuTrade, traders can feel themselves at ease as their trading platform takes charge of bringing the best for them. FinuTrade appreciates traders who have put their trust in FinuTrade and value them for choosing it among hundreds of other platforms. FinuTrade gives value to traders on its platform by offering a 24 x 7 operating customer care centre that traders can contact without any hesitation and any service charges.

Having a call centre to connect with at any time is satisfying for traders. They know they can consult their experts at the time of need. If they face any malfunctioning in the system, they can complain and resolve it within no time. The representatives are friendly, dutiful, and responsive. It is a part of their job to attend to traders’ calls, check the emails coming to them, and direct them toward experts who will resolve the issue. All in all, customer care services are must to have in any trading platform, and FinuTrade has ensured to provide the best.


Traders are always attracted to a trading platform when they observe a client-centric approach from their trading platform. It is worth saying that FinuTrade has marked its name on the highest position for being client-centric and inclusive. Each service, feature, policy, trading platform, educational resource are all directed to support traders with their mission of earning profits from trading markets.

The professionals at FinuTrade have devised a system of continuously improving their platform. Firstly, they keep track of technical innovations and include them wherever there is room for improvement in their platform. Secondly, they like to hear from their customers. That is, they work on a feedback system to improvise their operations. When traders feel that they are listened to and valued, they consider themself as a part of the environment that FinuTrade is offering for them. It further impacts their willingness to explore financial markets with spirit and energy.


One of the most empowering feelings that traders attain after being part of FinuTrade is that they are never under pressure to follow brokers’ commands, choose from limited options, bring in more investment, or travel to any office. Here, each trader is his leader working of his own will. Experts have strived to make this a genuinely fulfilling platform where traders access financial markets from their office, home, or travelling.

They get numerous options of the world’s greatest trading assets, and each asset offers a long list of products to choose from. Traders are free to choose the trading account as per their likeness, invest the amount of their choice, and are never bombarded with the demand of adding more investment into the trading account. Instead, FinuTrade offers leverage that is a key to enhancing profitability.

Services Offered At FinuTrade

Now let us look at the prime offerings of FinuTrade. Despite resolving the most significant issue of connecting traders with trading markets, FinuTrade has abundant services to facilitate their customers. Traders can get a hold of them by registering at the FinuTrade platform. Although these services are similar to those offered at other trading platforms, they are unique with a blend of professionalism and customer-centeredness from FinuTrade.

Advanced Trading Platform

Advancement in technology has allowed trading to be commenced over the internet. The trading process requires integration of bank account, connection with the financial market, and availability of specific trading tools essential to trading activities. FinuTrade ensures that the trading platform they have for their customers is technically updated and simple to use. The company has contracted financial and technical experts to effectively promote and run this trading platform.

FinuTrade offers connection through a web app where traders get customized interfaces offering comprehensiveness and integration. This web app runs smoothly on all the leading browsers without excluding any operating system. It is a high-performing app, takes no time to load, and offers a great user experience for everyone.

With the aim of bridging the distance between traders and trading markets, FinuTrade has introduced this web-based cross-platform multifunctional application. The app offers a more personalized experience for traders who prefer being connected to trading markets. Traders do not need to download this app or install any software to run it on their browser.

The trading platform receives a cutting edge for providing an advanced interface with all the essential tools and lives market news crucial for providing an overall yet growing atmosphere.

Multiple Account Types

FinuTrade enables traders to invest in the financial markets at their convenience. There are a total of five live accounts and a demo account enlisted on their website. The demo account enables traders to take an insight into the FinuTrade platform, understand the operating procedure, and get know-how about working in financial markets without risking their investment amount. Once traders are satisfied with the trading platform, they can sign up for a live account.

The primary account at FinuTrade is the micro account. Traders can access this trading account by depositing a minimum of ₮ 5000. In this trading account, traders get daily value analysis, Desktop and mobile trader, access to customer service, and video tutorials.

The next is a bronze account. Traders need to deposit a minimum of ₮ 25000 to grab this trading account. Along with the facilities offered in the micro account, this account also issues access to a dedicated account manager, webinars, and seminars.

The silver account adds more facilities to the list of facilities. The silver trading account provides premium daily analysis along with all other facilities. The minimum amount needed to access this account is ₮75000.

The Gold trading account is accessible at the deposit of ₮150000. It offers the nine most essential facilities that traders require to lead a successful trading career.

The most lucrative account at FinuTrade is the platinum account. Traders have to invest ₮ 150000 to access this account. The facilities offered in this account are disclosed to those interested in having this account. Traders can contact the account manager to have further details.

Various Trading Assets 

Availability of various trading assets on a trading platform is the key to the success of traders. Traders mustn’t be limited in options to select their trading instrument as it greatly halts their chances of growth. FinuTrade is one of the few trading platforms that offer a bucket full of the world’s most prominent and promising trading assets that can multiply the investment amount. These assets are precious. Traders use these assets to earn profits and explore the benefits financial markets have to offer for traders.

FinuYtade enlists hundreds of trading assets on its platform. These include options from stocks, indices commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies. FinuTrade provides a long list of stocks and indices (groups of indices) from blue-chip companies that ensure big profit is retrieved on purchasing the fractions of these companies. The trading platform also offers a chance to invest in commodities of various types. FinuTrade also gives an opportunity to invest in a number of fiat and digital currencies. Nonetheless, this trading platform allows traders to trade using multiple trading assets in one place.

FinuTrade also allows inter-asset trading. This feature is exceptionally beneficial as traders can switch from one trading asset and use another for trading without the need to create a new trading account. Traders can take benefits of different trading markets and use multiple assets to make more profits and grow their portfolios.


To run a trading platform successfully, it is integral that its operations are highly regulated and follow the decided policies and terms and conditions. Compliances with the regulations are primary to build trust and reliance. All the guidelines are present on the website of FinuTrade. They are accessible for all customers so they can give it a read prior to joining the FinuTrade trading platform.

On the website, the company has clearly stated its bonus and award policy, refund, and cancellation policy, privacy policy, a risk disclosure statement in detail. Traders have to accept all these terms and conditions. If a trader wants to perform any action, it must comply with these pre-decided and agreed terms and conditions. The experts ensure that all policies are rightfully employed, and the need for updating policies is always under consideration.

Security of Information and Assets

Security is an important issue, especially when managing finances and information. FinuTrade has covered the security aspects comprehensively, so traders remain at ease. In order to provide complete security, they have built an infrastructure based on strict policies and the use of modern technology.

Using the international policies of KMC (Know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering policy), and internal privacy policy, FinuTrade ensures that they have legitimate information, genuine customers on their trading platform.

The platform uses cache protection and data encryption technology to protect the data present in the FinuTrade database. The website is further secured using secured codes that are constantly upgraded to extend the security they can offer for traders.

Lastly, traders are requested to protect their trading account by keeping a strong password. Traders should try to avoid public devices, and if in case they have to use them, they must remember to sign out of their trading account.

My Final Verdict 

Among hundreds of trading platforms offering multiple services, it is crucial to choose a trading platform that puts a check on all requirements of traders. Before signing in to any trading platform, traders must perform in-depth research and evaluate all the features and market reputation to stay at a safe end. The selection of the right trading platform significantly impacts traders’ trading careers.

Given the invaluable importance of trading platforms, FinuTrade is one of the most trusted platforms traders join in kicking start their trading journey and keep growing successfully. It’s on the dot varied services allow traders to take calculated risks, make profits, perform trading activities without facing any hurdle, learn the trading process, choose trading accounts and trading instruments as per their feasibility and utilize state of the art trading tactics to grow their income seamlessly.

The facilities that FinuTrade offers are exemplary, one of a kind, and grant traders peace of mind and feelings of accomplishment. Nonetheless, it is a great trading platform, and traders must check it out while they are hunting to join a trading platform.

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