Ethereum Gets Moved from Several Exchanges – Increase Experienced in ETH 2.0 Deposits

Ethereum is still having a blast in the market as its bullish trajectory continues as at the time of putting this piece together, the globally valuable asset was trading in the very green, lush zones at $3,125.

Rapid Increase in ETH 2.0 Deposits

A leading crypto analytics company has said that Ethereum has been moved at an alarming rate from a number of exchanges as observed since February. Santiment, via a recent blog publication, pointed out that it is expected to help the reduction of sales pressure for Ethereum which recently broke through the $3,000 mark.

The publication said that Ethereum witnessed a speed in supply on exchanges in the early days of February 2022, which turned out to be a reflection of its selling pressure through the month of February. Nevertheless, since late February, exchanges have been seeing a continued outflow of Ethereum from their platforms, which is still on. It is expected to help reduce the sell pressure.

Furthermore, Santiment made it noteworthy that the amount of Ethereum that has been staked in THE ETH 2.0 contracts has equally risen sporadically in recent times as the days go by to the Ethereum merger. This is expected to be concluded in the course of the second quarter of the year.

It should be recalled that ETH 2.0 was set up to solve problems with network scalability, and it is meant to achieve this by moving over from a PoW to PoS consensus machinery.

The Daily Hodl, another web publication, said that the platform offering smart contract services is expected to eventually be capable of running up to 100,000 crypto transactions per second through second-layer solutions, as stated by the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

Bullish Prediction for Ethereum Rock the Crypto Market

A little while ago, there was a nearly general revelation that there exist all manner of bullish ETH predictions. According to recent reports and speculations, a popular crypto trader and investor has said he sees a level of sustained rallies for Ethereum, Cosmos, and Bitcoin.

Equally keeping a very close watch on Ethereum, especially in its pairing with Bitcoin, is Inmortal. This trader has recently stated that the ETH/BTC pair has marginally tried to break the bearish market structure over it and it is now positioned to create its first high points in more than three months. 

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