Citi Collaborates With EBAX to Help Latin American Institutional Clients

EBANX, a worldwide payment gateway that serves the banking industry, has signed a deal to deliver an end-to-end electronic collection platform (eCommerce) for Citi’s corporate customers in the Latin American area, the company announced yesterday.

Thanks to the partnership, Citi customers will be able to acknowledge more than 100 types of online payouts from people in eleven nations. Both merchants and customers would benefit from the EBANX platform. For business and financial customers in important Latin American markets, including Brazil and Mexico, Citi currently provides a wide range of products.

Profit from London’s Most Important Financial Event

As we work to extend our e-commerce presence in today’s more complicated payments ecosystem, our objective is to provide digitized solutions that meet the changing demands of our varied organizational clientele, particularly our D2C customers, stated Steve Donovan, Head of TTS at Citi Latin America.

Based on an EBANX report, Latin America’s e-commerce business is quickly expanding. The development for this year is expected to be over 30 percent. EBANX’s partnership with Citi will allow Citi’s institutional customers to increase payments receipt and streamline local card processing.

Payments for Consumers

Gabriel Kirestian remarked that a complete customer payment system is vital to accommodate the expanding local demand. We’re excited to join forces with them in this partnership to expand our local services expertise for their Latin American merchants. We have taken a significant step ahead in providing an improved solution for each global technology firm looking to expand into Latin America’s important markets and better connect with their target customers there.

About Citi and EBANX

Citibank, the world’s largest bank, has over 200M client accounts and operates in over 160 countries and territories. In addition to customer banking and credit, Citi offers a wide range of business banking and investment payment systems and securities brokerage and transactional solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Over 35,000 worldwide and regional enterprises are linked to Latin American clients through EBANX, the region’s main payments platform. The company was started in 2012 to make it easier for people in Latin America to buy things from e-commerce stores in countries like the United States and Europe. 

EBANX connects businesses with domestic or international activities to several payment options in several countries through sophisticated proprietary technologies and infrastructure. EBANX is more than just a payment system; it helps businesses and customers by boosting sales and streamlining the purchasing process.

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